TEDx Event @BISI

Our Goal, What We Did and the Purpose of the Event

Our overarching goal for the event 'TEDxYouth@BISI' was to provide a talented group of students with the opportunity to speak about topics that they are passionate about. Giving students a platform to deliver a talk is not only empowering for the individual, but is also inspiring for the audience.

Over the course of around 8 months, we have been planning, drafting, writing, editing, rehearsing and planning our talks. Our talks covered a range of diverse ideas, discussing topics such as the destruction of the Universe, gender inequality in football and video game addiction; these diverse talks were selected to ensure that our audience were exposed to as wide a range of thought provoking ideas as possible.

The Talks

Soovin Jang: Our Host for the Event

Soovin is a remarkably talented and hardworking student whose relentless pursuit of excellence made the event possible. She was our host for the event, acquainting our audience with TEDx as an organisation, introducing our speakers and encouraging our audience to reflect on how the talks may have resonated with them.

Sorina Lloyd: Gender Inequality in Football. 

Sorina focused on the unfair imbalances found in professional football between the men and women's game, revealing some significant information relating to pay, media coverage and opportunities in schools for girls to play football.

Harry Yoon: Video Game Addiction

Harry's talk revealed the ease with which young people can become addicted to video games and the detrimental impacts that it can have in relation to academics, social skills and mental & physical wellbeing. 

Aabya Yasir: Animal Testing

Aabya focused on the controversial nature of animal testing and how she hopes that it is a practice which could eventually be replaced thanks to developments in science and technology.

Cennet Eken: Developmental Psychology

Cennet exposed the potential impacts of childhood experiences on adult life, explaining how neglect and abuse, as well as overprotective parenting, can contribute and shape a person's mindset and tendencies.

Lucas Groenfeldt: Communication

Lucas's talk explored the complex and multifaceted nature of communication and how it is one of the most powerful tools that humans have at their disposal whether we know it or not.

Alyssa Fortune: Memory

Alyssa discussed the topic of memory, focusing specifically on: 'perfect memory' and the different ways in which this can be manifested; false memory, and the ways in which false memories can be implanted onto our minds; and memory loss and its causes.

Azka Qureshi: Sexual Violence Against Women

Azka's talk explored the injustice that many women in society face due to sexual harrassment and assault, as well as the harmful stereotypes towards men and women that are engrained into society.

James Chen: The End of the Universe

James discussed three possible theories for how our universe will end: the Big Freeze, the Big Rip and the Big Crunch, all of which present inevitable doomsdays for humankind.

Mouna Mahrousa: Procrastination and Social Media

Mouna's talk uncovered some uncomfortable truths surrounding the impact of social media on our levels of procrastination, while also providing some possible solutions to the problem.


Overall, the event was a success for a number of reasons. Firstly, the speakers developed a strong sense of maturity and confidence by taking part in the event, while also learning about the importance of hardwork, organisation and planning. Secondly, the event will hopefully have inspired others to change the way that they think about certain aspects of society and the world around them. Finally, and most importantly of all, the entire journey from planning to hosting the event 'TEDxYouth@BISI' has been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding for all of us involved, creating memories which will be cherished forever.

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