Extra Curricular Activities

BISI Extra Curricular Activities

Pre and Primary Clubs

Many after school and lunch time clubs are offered each term across the school for the Early Years students to Key Stage Two.  These clubs range from sporting clubs to creative and interest based clubs.

There are two types of clubs: those organised by our teachers (included in the fees of the school) and those run by private teachers (paid clubs). We hold an Extra Curricular Activities Fair (ECAs) at the beginning of the school year where the private teachers introduce themselves to the parents. Children then sign up for their preferred options. Our bus service runs at 16:30 after the clubs have finished, from the Zekeriyakoy Campus only.

Primary Clubs Co-ordinator

Extra-curricular activities for the Secondary School Students

In secondary school there are varieties of Friday and after school activities on offer. 

The students have the opportunity to stay for after school activities Monday to Thursday. These can be academic catch up, sports teams, choir, school performance plus many more. 

On Friday afternoons the students have a choice of what activity they would like to partake in. Some popular examples of Friday afternoon choices are; Judo, football, paper modelling, magic club, ceramics, forest running, Gaelic football, badminton and again many more.

BISI Extra-Curricular Activities Team


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