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Helping your child choose the right university and career path can seem daunting and overwhelming, but good planning and research can simplify this. As the BIS University and Careers Counsellor, my role is to impart information, advice and guidance on what can sometimes be a confusing process! 

At the core of the BIS’ university counselling service is in-depth understanding and guidance for pupils from Year 9 through to Year 13, though the majority of work to support choices and applications occurs during Year 12 and Year 13. 

As University and Careers Counsellor, I work with pupils to motivate them to improve their academic performance in order to make the transition from school to life beyond (whether a gap year, the job market, university in a variety of countries) as smooth, successful, high-achieving and as stress-free as possible. Getting to know your child’s interests, academic performance and potential helps me to guide them towards their ‘best fit’ universities and/or careers. My ‘best fit’ guidance model advises them to apply to some Reach, Match and Safety universities.  This means selecting some universities that they would ideally like to go to should they manage to meet the demanding entry requirements. They should of course, be realistic (Reach); also selecting some universities with entry requirements that they currently meet (Match), and selecting some fail-safe universities that that they would be happy to attend should their grades fall below their expectations (Safety).

Information and help is available through private interviews, talks and presentations (via PSHE), in particular leading up to the IGCSE and IB Diploma course options process. Together we discuss the path ahead, which subject choices suit each child, and how decisions made at IGSCE and IB levels may affect university applications. The school also runs a biannual Careers Fair, which provides students with the opportunity to meet accomplished professionals from a range of professions and to find out more about the world of work. University admissions officers visit the school year-round to talk to the students, and parents are welcome to attend.

I work very closely with Year 12 and 13 pupils to assist them in preparing their strongest possible university application to a wide range of universities and colleges around the world. They receive advice on making informed choices that are right for them as individuals (‘best fit’), how to meet application deadlines, write effective personal statements/essays, navigate on-line application forms and collate supporting documents.

I also provide information and advice on summer schools, work experience, university fairs, choosing the right country and course and which external exams may be required to support applications (e.g. SAT, BMAT, LNAT). Please note that our school is not a test centre.

Your connection to The BIS doesn’t end when you leave! We want you to go out into the world with fond memories of your time here, and to become part of a supportive group of fellow-alumni. Via a dedicated Facebook alumni page, termly newsletters, organized class reunions and nostalgic school visits, you become an extension of the BIS community.

I very much looking forward to meeting you and to working with you and your child.

Dr Susan Wiltshire

. . . Remember, one does not simply just get into College.

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