Cambridge IGCSE

Years 10 and 11

In Key Stage 4 students take on the demanding two-year Cambridge IGCSE course

In Year 10, students embark on the two year IGCSE courses. Typically, students take 8 or more subjects: all students must take Mathematics and English as well as a Modern Foreign Language (or English as Second Language if more support is needed). As well as these subjects, students then opt for one scientific subject, one humanity subject and one creative arts subject and a further two subjects from humanities, science or creative arts and there is also IGCSE PE as an option. Students are also encouraged to take mother tongue language examinations. In Year 10 and 11, students also take non-examined courses in Physical Education and personal, social and health education (PSHE) and participate in sporting, creative or academic activities on a Friday afternoon.

BISI Option Subjects

English 1st Language





English Literature





English 2ndLanguage



Business Studies







Additional Mathematics





Mother tongue language exams: German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Malay and many more.

The modern world makes enormous demands of our young people. At BISI students have the opportunity to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the global community, by being given a breadth of learning and the range of skills they need through our curriculum, PSHE and mini CAS programmes.

Information about the syllabus content of subjects for the Cambridge IGCSE programme can be found at the CIE website and in our IGCSE Options Booklet.

IGCSE Options Booklet 2021-2022

IGCSE Parent & Student Booklet 2023

Academic Success for students in Key Stage 4

Our students have consistently achieved excellent results in the IGCSE examinations and the achievements of BISI students has been recognised by COBIS, the Council of British International Schools, with Student Achievement Awards for outstanding success.

Our students consistently achieve 80 to 90% A* - C grades.

High levels of Literacy are achieved in Key Stage 4 and around 80% of our students take IGCSE English as a First Language alongside First Language exams in Spanish, German, French and Turkish.

Many BISI students achieve 5 or more A* & A grades gaining distinction in the ICE Award. In two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016, A BISI student won the Top of the World award in Sociology.

British International School IGCSE High Honour Roll

Ashutosh Bhadouria 12 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Chris Schmitz 12 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2012

Anne Blanken 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2013

Julia Hubo 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2013

Lieke Blanken 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Marius Mueller 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2014

Rishibh Prakash with 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2018

So Hee Park 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Sophie Schmitz 11 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Aral Denis De Moor with 10 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2018

Ji Won Min 10 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2014

Mare Blanken 10 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Vishwesh Shah 10 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2012

Muzna Shanahjanan 10 A*/A  Class of 2020

Amina Karimova with 10 A*/A Class of 2020

Berke Turkay 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Carys Thomas 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2016

Eren Goknil I’Anson with 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2019

Eren Seçkin with 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2019

Gina Panaino 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2009

Hannah Watson 9 A*/ A grades IGCSE Class of 2013

Mingyu Park 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2013

Yu Jin Bang 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Zayna Khan 9 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2010

Seungjune Min with 9 A*/A grades Class of 2020

Noah Roosevelt   with 9 A*/A  grades Class of 2020

Margherita Cusolito with 9 A*/ A grades Class of 2020

Serra Peker 8 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Alok Herath 8 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2013

Jemma Ateş 8A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2017

Nadia Klomp 8A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2017

Serra Peker 8 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2015

Yoojin Lee 8 A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2019

Deekshita Deep with 8 A*/A grades Class of 2020

Alice Mereyde with 7 A*/A Class of 2020

Emily Holdcroft 7A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2017

Pablo Estela 7A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2019

Selin Cetin 6A*/A grades IGCSE Class of 2017

Giulia Renzi 10 A*/A grades class of 2021

Zeynep Başkaya 10 A*/A grades class of 2021

Andriana Lymperopoulou 9 A*/A grades class of 2021

Nike Hugel 9 A*/A grades class of 2021

Flóra Lea Grenczer with 8 A*/A grades class of 2021

Ridaa Khawar 8 A*/A grades class of 2021

Adil Tauseef 7A*/A class of 2021

Sam Dvorak 7A*/A class of 2021

Statistical analysis of BISI results:

2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019, 2020, 2021

After weeks of waiting, the June 2021 results were finally published for our year 11 students and some of our year 10 students on the morning of August 12th.  Again, this year full of anxiety still given the strange and difficult turn of events shaking the world in 2020. Our cohort faced uncertainty caused by COVID19 given that the exams were cancelled only with a couple of weeks to go before they were due to start.

Despite this adversity, and having to endure over a year of on-line learning, students have done well: consistent hard work and focus over the last two years has paid off with some excellent grades being awarded. Many congratulations to the IGCSE Class of 2020- 2021 (and to the year 10 students who took early exams) on their results and for their resilience in coping with such unusual circumstances.

We are very proud of all of our students in the IGCSE Class of 2021. Some of our students will move on to different countries to complete the final stage of their secondary education and for those leaving, they leave with our very best wishes for the future. Those who are staying will be joining our IB Diploma Programme and have two years of hard work in front of them before they finally graduate.

It has been a collaborative effort between our students, their parents and our teachers.  BISI would like to thank all of our parents whose support has been invaluable throughout the course.  We would also like, especially, to thank our teachers for the excellent job they have done in preparing our students and encouraging them at all times to achieve their full academic potential.

The progress of all students is closely monitored by the class teachers, the form teacher and the Key Stage coordinator. When you have questions or concerns about your child please email the Key Stage coordinator: Katya Skoudy

Options meeting and sessions for year 9 students

Choosing options needs careful consideration. It really needs to be an informed choice. With that view, an option meeting is given for parents and students in November to better understand the choices and options on offer. Heads of Departments are available for more in depth information about the IGCSE subjects available.

Then each year, in January/February, year 9 students have the opportunity to participate in an IGCSE taster day where students so that they can experience a lesson in subjects new to them such as Business Studies, Economics or Sociology for example. These are an opportunity to start reflecting about the subjects they would like to continue for their IGCSE examinations and/or the subjects required for a particular career or university course.

The school also has a Careers and University counsellor available for students and parents to give some advice and guidance about further education and university choices. The University Counsellor will meet with parents and Year 9 students one day in January or February to have a group talk about IGCSE choices.

BISI Curriculum Plan 2021-22

IGCSE Awards Ceremony

In November, the achievements and successes of the graduating class of the previous academic year, are celebrated in an Awards Ceremony which has now become part of the school’s tradition. Family, friends, teachers and peers join in in a celebration after the ceremony when the IGCSE Certificates are presented to the students.
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Social and Emotional wellbeing of students in Key Stage 4

In addition to high academic achievement we encourage students to develop personal and social skills through our
PSHE programme which covers the topics of:

Earthquake Safety

Target setting

Study Skills and ATL

Social networks and Safety

Addiction (videos, social networks)

Mental Health

Addiction: Drugs and  Alcohol


CAS and CAS reflections

Habits of the mind



Peer Pressure

Dealing with Stress

The Environment


Goals and Target setting

Sexuality and Relationships


Self-identity and  Cultural Awareness

Prejudice and Respect

Human Rights

Further Education and Careers

Life Skills: money management

Health and Physical wellbeing of students in Key Stage 4

PSHE Aims and Objectives

All Key Stage 4 students take part in our Physical Education Programme to foster health, fitness and well-being and our school sports teams compete in Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-country, Badminton, Swimming and Chess tournaments around Istanbul



We have many inter-house sporting competitions and a Secondary Sports Day is held in October to challenge the students in Athletics.

Physical Education programme

Friday afternoon activity time also gives our students the opportunity to develop their sporting skills, creativity and community spirit with clubs running in Animal Welfare, Poetry analysis, photography, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Model United Nations, International Award, Indian cookery, choir and many more.



BISI have also introduced a community service (CAS) programme into KS4 where students work in form classes to organise charity events or service activities to help the local and school community, giving our students the opportunity to develop responsibility as world citizens

Service Booklet for CAS KS4

Preparing for the future in KS4





During Key Stage 4 we help our students to prepare for their educational future with PSHE dedicated lessons, and also running a whole day Careers Fair every two years and providing guidance on Further Education courses. We encourage them to attend seminars from visiting universities and offer the services of our University and Careers counsellor which includes interviews, advice on university application, and personal statements amongst other services.

Careers Fair 2012

Careers Fair 2016

Careers Fair 2018

Induction days in June for year 11 students

We run an induction programme into the IB for our year 11 students for a smooth transition into the IB diploma programme and give them an idea of what lies ahead. Once the IGCSE examinations are over, they come back for three days and take part in a variety of activities ranging from team building exercises to taster lessons in new subjects, including a presentation about TOK and the Extended Essay, a university visit and a CAS project.

Challenging students competitively in Key Stage 4

When a student is naturally gifted in a subject such as Mathematics, we want to make sure we stretch and challenge them. So alongside our accelerated Mathematics classes we offer academic challenges such as the Maths Olympiad to develop and advance higher-level thinking skills.



We encourage students to extend their ability to understand, explain and contextualise any given stimulus through organised debate and discussion with participation in MUN conferences both locally and abroad. These challenging conferences offer our students the opportunity to shine, winning many best delegate awards for their debating skills.

Meeting all of our student’s needs in Key Stage 4

We want to give all our students the skills they need to achieve their full potential and we have the following systems in place to enable this.

  • ESL support for literacy needs, including a full withdrawal programme of intense English tuition for students joining us with little or no English.
  • Accelerated Mathematics classes for gifted mathematics students; leading to students taking early entry IGCSE mathematics in Year 10 followed by the advanced level Additional mathematics IGCSE in year 11.
  • Support for students with learning difficulties from our qualified SEN staff
  • Differentiated activities within classes to provide fully for each student’s needs
  • Emotional and social development support and a dedicated school counsellor.
  • Study skills support from subject specialist teachers
  • Enthusiastic, highly qualified and experienced teaching staff who appreciate the needs and requirements of international students

Learning support for students in Key Stage 4

At BISI it is recognised that all students learn differently and that some may need more support and guidance to make the most of the curriculum we offer and achieve their full potential.

Our SEN department can give short-term or long-term support, depending on the needs of the student. Progress is continually monitored and the programme adapted as necessary to make sure it develops along with the student’s needs.