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The PTA is a volunteer organisation established to support the The BIS community - students, families, and staff.
Our goals are

  • to welcome all families in the school community, helping them stay connected to each other and to the school;
  • to create a communication ground for parents, students, teachers, and the school;
  • and to add some fun to the school year for the The BIS community.

The PTA is led by a PTA Committee, made up of dedicated, volunteering parents, and Senior Leadership Team members. Together, all the The BIS Community help make the events and activities happen, and they won’t happen without everyone’s support.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to support the PTA.

Join the PTA Committee Meetings.

These take place on the first Monday of each month and everyone who wants to be a part of planning the events of the school year is welcome.

Volunteer at Events.

Volunteer at school and PTA events. Whether it be to sort through donated clothes, sell cakes or welcome new parents, we always need volunteers. The more volunteers we have the better – and faster!, we can be, and the more fun we have. Volunteering at events is also a great way to get to know other parents. We may not whistle while we work, but we do chat and laugh! PTA volunteering is great fun and helps build our sense of community.

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings are held monthly at the school. They have a specific topic each week. Members of the SLT make an informative presentation and there is always a Q&A. These sessions are useful for events coming up in the school calendar, and learning what is in store for your child/ren in the coming years

Of course the coffee, tea and cakes are also greatly enjoyed.

Come to events.

Bring your family members and friends – the more the merrier! A great opportunity to get to know our school, make new friends and be an active part of our community.

Be A Class Parent

Each class in Pre-Primary and Primary have a parent assigned to be  the “Class Parent”. These parents are the link between the teachers,

the PTA and the parents in the class.

Be a Country Representative.

Meeting people from different cultures and nationalities is part of the fun of moving around. However, sometimes it can be helpful, fun or just comfortable to get in touch with others from your home country. Ask for a copy of our Country Reps via the PTA email Please feel free to become a representative of your own country.


Informal Gatherings

We have just started organizing monthly “get togethers”. These are informal, and held on different days and times, so that everyone should be able to come sometimes. We hold these around different locations in the community, it’s a great way to learn about where you live and find new places to enjoy. It can be for general conversation, meeting new friends, asking information about our community. It’s a great time, and everybody is welcome.


PTA Fundraising

Zek PTA holds fundraisers throughout the year, collecting donations of clothing, toys, school supplies, etc. These are distributed amongst the community, and to our designated charities

One of the PTA’s goals is “to create a communication ground for parents, students, teachers and the school”. To achieve this, we have different communication tools, with different purposes.

One of these tools is the PTA Facebook group (Zek Campus PTA). This is a closed group, only available to The BIS parents. It is intended as a means to spread important school and PTA information. It is also a forum for parents to ask other parents for advice, or to post information relevant to the parent body.

PTA also puts out a monthly “newsflash” which has concise information about what’s happening at school for the coming month… certainly one to put on the fridge!!!

Please feel free to contact the PTA via our email address: with any queries you may have about our school, its community, and our surrounds. We will email you back, or have the person who knows the most about your enquiry contact you directly.

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