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The Creative Arts at The BIS act as a powerful vehicle for exploration, for mistakes, for reflection, for improvement, for self improvement, for problem solving, for growing confidence, for social exchange and collaboration, and for achievement. The Creative Arts, in practice, require resilience, strong wills, risk-taking, perseverance and self-critique. These are the skills that form us as people; these are the life-skills that help us in all areas of adult life and which enhance achievement in all other areas of the educational curriculum and beyond. These are the skills that the Creative Arts Department seek to instil in students.

The Creative Arts Department at BIS is committed to providing structures and opportunities for students to find and explore their own abilities - to discover what they are capable of - perhaps beyond their wildest imaginations. Our Creative Arts teachers are devoted to ensuring that students are given positive experiences within their artistic experimentation and endeavours and that they grow a lasting appreciation for the Arts. The Arts are deeply ingrained into the culture of the school, firstly, through the wonderful curriculum programme, packed with cross-curricular links. All students undertake dedicated classes in the disciplines of Art, Drama, and Music at Key Stage 3. At Key Stages 4 and 5, students are given the chance to elect to continue their studies in areas of interest.  No less importantly, the Creative Arts permeate school life through the seemingly endless extra-curricular opportunities presented to students throughout the year.

Students are given many chances to participate in productions, showcases and recitals, talent shows, and exhibitions; in short, the Creative Arts department provides numerous opportunities to celebrate the artistic explorations of our talented students. 


Art is a dynamic discipline which encourages students to explore and experiment with a range of different media including: ceramics, sculptures, architectural design, textiles, painting, drawing, animation, photography and printmaking. Students of Art summon their problem-solving skills in order to deliver on briefs and create inspirational work for specified contexts and audiences. Wing design fashion shows, stop motion animations, 3D shop designs, lantern designs, armature development, and clay model making reside amongst the exciting endeavours that students undertake in their Art classes. 



Whilst Drama does see students undertake some scripted, page to stage work, this is a small element of the vast and vibrant discipline. Drama asks students to push their physicality and voices, and to take risks in order to create innovative, cutting edge Drama, often with a strong social voice. Emphasis is placed on collaboration, devising, and problem solving in the quest to construct meaning and elicit powerful responses from the audience. Students of Drama develop real life skills which grow confidence.  On their journey, they delve into the realms of Commedia Dell’arte, theatre inspired by Artaud and surrealism, physical theatre, melodrama, stage fighting, and immersive mystery experiences. 


Students of Music sample from a vast range of genres, instruments, and musicians. Students are afforded opportunities to experiment and create using instruments including: guitars, percussion, pianos and voice. Students create, often collaboratively, to briefs, undertaking projects like: creating original scores to accompany sections of film; creating leitmotif to bring theatre characters to life; creating music to enhance works of art; creating pop songs using Garageband. Students are also challenged to develop their notation skills. 

IB Film

Film is offered discretely only at IB level when students are afforded opportunities to take up specialised film production roles. Students get the chance to act as: cinematographer, director, editor, sound designer, and writer. Theory and analysis are also important factors to the course and underpin practical development.

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