Zekeriyakoy Campus

Zekeriyakoy Campus


The Zekeriyakoy Campus hosts students from the ages of 2 ½ to 18 years. It is a purpose built campus located on the outskirts of Istanbul, in the beautiful countryside close to the Belgrade Forest and about 4km from the Black Sea, on the European side of Istanbul. The Campus is about 50 minutes from the heart of Istanbul.

The campus comprises of four main teaching buildings, a well-equipped sports hall links the Preschool and Primary school buildings to that of the Secondary teaching faculty. Within the Administration Building there are two libraries, two computer suites and six science laboratories. Additionally, it houses our school reception area, kitchen and dining room.

The sports facilities include three indoor gymnasiums, an all-weather sports pitch, a basketball/ tennis court and a heated 25m covered swimming pool.

The play areas and activity playgrounds all have rubberised safety surfaces. A recreational facility stands adjacent to the campus name the ‘BISI Botanic Garden’.  This beautiful garden is a place for the students to enjoy nature and the facility also provides an amphitheatre for theatrical events and a tract for running activities.

Our modern school theatre seats 210 people and has the very latest audio- video facilities.

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