Most Recent Successes

Most Recent Success Stories of BISI

"In January 2018 Stefanie - Year 7 - competed in the Istanbul schools individual rhythmic gymnastics competition coming 6th out of 78 participants in her age group. She has qualified to take part in the Turkish Championships later this year. Stefanie and Elisa - Year 8 - also travelled to Vienna to compete in the Young Talent Cup competition. Stefanie - far left of the photograph with the Turkish flag - represented Turkey and Elisa the UK. Elisa achieved first place in her category and Stefanie third place. Their coach, Yana Orlakis, is the EYFS PE teacher at the BISI Zekeriyakoy Campus."

We are very pleased to announce the success of our graduating Class of 2017. Some of the best universities in the world have accepted our students for next year. The University of California at Berkeley, San Diego, Los Angeles, Davis and Santa Barbara, Georgetown University, Northwestern and Northeastern Universities, University of Miami and Brown University in the USA, University College London, several campuses of the University of London, King’s College London and several provincial universities in the UK, the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia in Canada and several other prestigious universities around the world have all offered places to our students.

For the 5th consecutive year BISI students have broken all previous records in their Full IB Diploma Programme Grades!

100% Pass Rate for the third consecutive year compared with a world average pass rate of 80.8%

Our highest ever average points score with 33.4 compared with a world average points score of 30.2

Special congratulations to Chiara Vivaldi who gained the best ever BISI points score with 44 points, one of only 422 people worldwide to achieve this level

Congratulations also to Anne Blanken and Hannah Watson who both scored 41 points, a feat achieved by only 1.8% of candidates across the world

And special congratulations are due to Hannah Watson who became the first BISI Graduate to earn a place at Cambridge University


The following students at our school received a 'Cambridge Top in the World award':
Sophie Schmitz – June 2014 – Top of the World Award for German Foreign Language
Lieke Blanken – June 2015 – Top of the World Award for Sociology
Cary Thomas – June 2016 – Top of the World Award for Sociology