Little Pinecones Playgroup

Little Pinecones Playgroup

The Pre School & Primary School Director and Deputy Director organise Little Pine Cones Playgroups for children up to 2½ years old. Playgroups take place during term time. 

Zekeriyaköy Campus

Tuesday Mornings              09:00hrs – 11:00hrs

Tuesday Afternoons            13:00hrs – 15:00hrs


Thursday  Mornings            09:00hrs – 11:00hrs

Thursday Afternoons          13:00hrs – 15:00hrs



City Campus

Monday Mornings               09:00hrs – 11:00hrs

Wednesday Mornings          09:00hrs – 11:00hrs


Policies of the Little Pine Cones Playgroups:


* Parents or nannies must stay with the children. Please note the arrival and departure times.

* Children must be supervised at all times. Ensure your child is playing within the boundaries of the hall. Take care when your child is playing on the gym equipment inside or outside. Monitor your child when he/she is playing with other children.

* It is our policy that children must be seated during meal times, until they have completed eating their meal. There is a potential hazard of choking if the children are walking around the room while eating. We teach the children how to sit and eat properly and to enjoy eating together.



Come along to the Little Pine Cones Playgroups!

For more information please contact
Natalia Ambridge (City Campus) on
tel: +90 (0) 212 2575136 or