Environment Committee

A Greener BlSl

At BISI we have an Environment Committee, established in 2012,  comprising teachers, parents and students.  The Committee meets monthly to further environmetal action and awareness on the Zekeriyakoy Campus. 

Environmental strategies used at BISI. 


Paper: We encourage using paper on both sides, and classrooms have boxes for reusable paper. Printing on both sides of the sheet and in reduced size is also encouraged. Paper/Metal/Plastic recycling bins are available in all classes. The cleaners collect the blue recyling bags which are stored in a specially dedicated storage area for collection by the Sariyer Belediyesi.

The introduction of whiteboards, projectors and interactive whiteboards has considerably decreased the amount of paper used.

British Students

Food: Used oil is collected and stored in the Kitchen and also collected by the Sariyer Belediyesi.

Waste food is collected by vet Alp Yilmaz and his assistants Fahri and Burcuk of Provet Veteriner Klinigi in Zekeriyakoy daily to be distributed to street animals in the area. At special events such as International Day and the Winter Bazaar, students and guests are encouraged to use the recycling bins.


Glass: Glass items are collected in specific bins in the Canteen and taken by staff to recyling bins in Sariyer.


Batteries: Specific battery bins are located at the school and are also collected by the Sariyer Belediyesi.


Water bottles: Students and staff are encouraged to use re-useable waterbottles rather than single-use plastic bottled water or cups. Reusable bottle are available for purchase at reception.


Uniforms: The PTA wash and resell used uniforms.


Education: In the Primary School, environmental learning objectives have been incorporated into every year level by the Curriculum Co-Ordinator and teachers. Assemblies are dedicated to raising the level of environmental awareness. Art events are also held to raise awareness.


Heating: Teachers can adjust radiators in every classroom to save overheating and waste.


Electricity: Teachers are reminded to conserve electricity during the day and turn off lights, projectors and computers at the end of the day.


We are always working to further  improve  the impact our school has on the environment. Over the years, by working together, we have made some progress; however, we are always looking for new strategies to improve further. 

Recycling of Cooking Oil