The British International School Istanbul Admissions Policy


The British International School Istanbul has an inclusive admissions policy. Students are not required to sit entrance tests and examinations but there is a Cognitive Aptitude Test (CAT3) to establish a baseline for target setting, and progress tracking purposes before students are admitted to the Secondary School. The school welcomes students of all nationalities and students for whom English is an additional language. The school accepts students regardless of their intended length of stay, from those children of parents working in Turkey on short-term contracts to families who have chosen to relocate to the Turkey on a more permanent basis.

Students are accepted into the school between the ages of 2½ and 18 years and are placed in a class according to their age (subject to the level of English allowing them full access to our curriculum). In the first EYFS class, the students will stay half day for at least the first term. We do not accept any student into Year Eleven and Year Thirteen regardless of what curriculum they are following in their current school. The ages of students in any one class are according to the academic year and are measured from 1st September. Note that students may be moved back one year at the discretion of the Director/Deputy Director of Schools. Students will not be placed in a year group beyond their chronological age. New admissions are accepted throughout the year on the basis of the above criteria.

Turkish Students

Turkish students are not admitted to the British International School Istanbul in accordance with Turkish Ministry of Education regulations.

Equal treatment

We welcome students from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and beliefs. All students for admission will be treated equally. All students attending BISI will be expected and required to attend all lessons without exception.

Special Educational Needs

The School needs to be made aware of any known disability or special educational need which may affect a student’s ability to take full advantage of the education provided at the school and there is space on the registration form for parents to inform the school of this. Should special educational need or disability become apparent after admission, the school will consult with parents about reasonable adjustment that may allow the student to continue at the school.

Process for Admissions

Initial Enquiry Parent makes contact with the School and requests an appointment to visit the school. This is done by either by using the contact form on the website or by telephoning the admissions department.

Preliminary Visit

The prospective parent confirms the appointment to visit the School and is given a contact name. During the visit the parent is given a tour of the school and meets the Director/Deputy Director.

Completion of the Application

Once the parent decides that the British International School Istanbul is the School of their choice, he/she is required to complete an application for each student. 

The Director of Admissions must receive the following documents. These are legally required by the Ministry of Education.

  • Four passport size photographs of your child
  • Two photographs of each parent
  • Photocopy of child’s passport
  • Parents' passport copy
  • BISI Medical Form
  • BISI Family Contract
  • Financial Policy + Invoice Information form

Parents are requested to complete all sections of the application form in as much detail as possible. Parents are also requested to provide recent, sealed, original reports from the previous school, (unless it is the first year of school).


90 day's notice of intention should be given in writing in order to withdraw a student from the school in order to obtain a refund of fees.

Registration Forms

The prospective parents should download and type the below forms before submitting them into the Admissions Office.

BISI Medical Report Form 2019-2020

Family Contract 2019-2020

Financial Policy 2019-2020

Head Teacher Recommendation Form

Invoice Information 2019-2020

Registration Form

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