The following newsletter highlights the activities and events that took place during the last month at BISI. We hope you enjoy the selection of our students' work on the 40th edition of what's been happening.
Students and staff enjoyed our Halloween theme dressing up on Friday. A perfect start to a well deserved break.
CAS Team Building Activity with Outdoorturk

Students in Year 13 completed an outdoor team building activity with a group from the Outdoorturk training group. The students were involved in team building, problem solving tasks divided in two sessions in order to jump start a CAS mural project this year.

Microscopic Photography
Year 9 used microscopes to look at and draw prepared specimens of leaves, stems and roots. Here are some of the photographs Nehal, Sara and Harry took, through their microscopes:
Inshirah Colective
The Year 9 students are using experiential learning to learn about Fast Fashion and the effects on the environment as well as how refugee women in Istanbul are using remnants of Textiles to support their families through the organisation Inshirah Collective. 
This project is about creating an advert for Inshirah Collective which is an organisation where refugee women can work and earn money for themselves and their families as well as raising awareness about the sustainability issues surrounding ‘Fast Fashion’; which is where clothing is mass produced to fit public needs and wants. Inshirah Collective uses the waste fabric discarded by fashion companies and stores to upcycle and make new products.

In groups the students have been deciding on what adverts would be suitable for Inshirah Collective to use at a later date,  where we will be presenting their ideas to Inshirah Collective who will choose the winning advertisement to use across their social media accounts. 
Black History Month
Artist Mika Sitter (@yatgraffiti on Instagram) created a mural for Black History Month as a joint project sponsored through CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) and the RIC (The Race and Inclusion Committee). Mika aka YAT is a graffiti artist focused on mural art, originally from Paris based in Berlin. He created a beautiful and inspiring original piece of art for the students to enjoy. Many students were able to help in the creation process by painting the blue background for the piece. Throughout this school year, more murals will be created as part of the CAS program at BISI.
It's a Rocky Start
Year 7 geography class have been exploring the topic, 'It's a rocky start'. Students have been learning about famous geologists such as James Hutton and Charles Lapworth using the documentary, "Men of Rock' with Professor Iain Stewart. Students then used sand and plasticine to carry out their experiments on rock formations, how to date rocks using fossils and why rocks appear to fold.
Trigonometric Graphs
Year 11 Additional Mathematics students have been studying the unit circle and the trigonometric graphs. Using raw spaghetti, they each created spaghetti graphs for the sine and cosine functions. Students used raw spaghetti strands to measure and mark on the lengths of the opposite and adjacent sides of the right-angled triangles from their unit circles. These lengths then formed their trigonometric graph(s).
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