EYFS & Primary Newsletter

January 2022

Director's Note


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Welcome back to Term 2 at BISI Primary School. In this new year edition of our newsletter we would like to share the various activities and events which took place in December and 

Thank you to those of you who completed the survey which was sent out to everyone. We will endeavour to improve upon the areas that were highlighted from your responses. You should all have received a copy of the survey results. If not, please let your child’s class teacher know and we will send it out to you. 

We have many exciting activities planned for this term. We are also busy planning for the next academic year. You will receive full information shortly. 

If you have any questions or you would like to meet me, please arrange an appointment through Ms Lüset 
l.milas@bisistanbul.org for Zek campus and Ms Rumeysa 
r.utku@bisistanbul.org for City campus. 

I very much look forward to meeting you.

Natalia Ambridge

Special Announcement!

Congratulations to our Turkish language teacher, Ms. Hatice, on the arrival of her beautiful baby boy, Uzay Efe Gül. Uzay was born on December 24 at 3.105kg. Both baby and mother are doing well! 


Our EYFS 1 National students are busy learning their letters and numbers with Ms. Şevval. Here, children work on the number 6 and letter O. Children have been painting, tracing, and drawing to practise proper shape formation and develop fine motor skills. 

EYFS 1 National students made beautiful homes using crayon and coloured paper. The word home begins with E in Turkish.

The children also created ferocious looking dinosaurs with the number 7! 

Ms. Julie's EYFS 1 class have created festive snowmen as part of their Winter Wonderland topic. The children made different types of snowmen using a variety of materials. Here, students made snowmen that were soft, white, round, and fluffy. The children worked with cotton, glitter paper, pompoms, and ribbon for this project.  

Students also made tall, slender snowmen using a paper rolls, white paint, buttons, and feathers. The children enjoyed discussing the similarities and differences they noticed among their snowmen!

EYFS 1 Students in the Honeybee class are living up to their name-they are busy as bees! This second term, Ms. Lija's students have been focusing on identifying and counting objects. Here, the children are engaged in a variety of fine motor and literacy activities. 

EYFS students enjoying outdoor playtime with friends.

Ms. Lizzie led students in a combined Art and Maths lesson based on the artwork of Paul Klee. The children experimented mixing paint to create various colours for their background. Then, the children traced round 2D shapes, cut them out, and used them to make tall towers. 

Ms. Neslihan led students from the Fish class in painting shapes. 

Year One

Arden and Aksel from Ms. Reed's class enjoy exploring the botanical garden. 

Ipek, Vera, and Nehir busy outdoors. 

Mrs. Robbins' Y1 class engaged in a literacy lesson. Here, students wrote about one thing they did over the winter holiday. Students are working on sounding out words when spelling. The children enjoyed hearing what their peers were busy with while away from school.


It's beautiful in our Botanical Garden all year long! Here, Kaya enjoys some sunshine...

while Junwoo, Woojin, and Hawon play in the treehouse. 

Y1 National students spent time writing postcards to friends about people they saw, food they ate, and activities they enjoyed doing over the winter holiday. Here, Emir writes about spending time in the woods while Ipek describes the beautiful Christmas tree she saw.

Y1 students in Mrs. Robbins' class were proud to show off their completed Design Technology project this month! Students worked together to plan and construct a house made from boxes, paper, fabric, and recycled materials. Some of the skills practised throughout the unit included demonstrating a range of cutting and shaping techniques (tearing, cutting, folding) demonstrating a range of joining techniques (gluing, combining materials to strengthen), using knowledge of existing story houses to come up with their own ideas, drawing a picture of how they want their project to look, and speaking confidently about materials and texture. 

In Y1 Science, the children investigated how penguins stay dry and warm in the freezing winter. After learning the meaning of the words absorbent and non-absorbent, students created their own penguins using oil pastels and paper. They then made predictions about how the oil pastels might protect the paper from water, much like the oil from a penguin's skin would protect it form wet wintery weather. Students sprayed their penguins with water and were excited to observe bubbles of water appear on their penguins. The children were able to conclude that the oil pastels created a barrier between the water and paper, making their paper penguins non-absorbent. 

Y1 students are beginning to develop an appreciation for poetry! After reading the poem Snowman by Nicolette Lennert, students discussed what they liked about the poem. They described thoughts  or feelings the poem evoked. Some students said sad the snowman melts in spring, while other said happy and cheerful because building snowmen in the winter is such fun! 

Students then drew a picture of a snowman, writing what they imagine their snowman does at night. Here, Deyan writes about his snowman throwing snowballs while Ada enjoys reading in her classroom library. 


After reading a poem about hot chocolate, Y1 students discussed different adjectives that can be used to describe the way hot chocolate looks, tastes, and feels. Some adjectives students came up with included sweet, hot, delicious, tasty, brown, wet, and smooth.  

Students were delighted to have a cup of hot chocolate with their class!

Toprak from Y1 National works on a literacy game where students match present and past tense verbs. Students have learned that adding "ed" to the end of an action word "puts it in the past".

Callista from 1R selects a book from the Primary Library. 

Y1 Students bundled up and enjoying some fresh air with friends! 

Y1 students learned about primary colours this month. Here, students use their fingers and paper rolls to experiment with paint. 

Students in Y1 are learning about story elements with the book The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Here, the children proudly display whale crowns they made! 

Year Two


Çinar from Y2 National is busy writing descriptive captions to winter pictures during a literacy lesson with Ms. Alexis. Students are paying close attention to their spelling, capitalisation, and punctuation.

Maths Summary by Ms. Frigeri
From money to division, from online friends to material detective hunts up and down the primary, our Year 2 International have had a fantastic start back after our winter break. Students enjoyed exploring money, looking at different currencies and the different coins and notes. Then the children used their adding skills to find the value of 1 TL in words. Students are making their own class catalogue so they can buy things they need and want with their class allowance!

We used out financial literacy skills to design and create our own imaginary stores. We had to design the shops, create the products, and determine their prices. Next, we were given some money to get our cash registers ready-and then it was time to shop! Needless to say, we were all sold-out by the end. Finally, it was time to count how much money we had at the end of our business day-it was tricky but using our place value really helped.

We loved learning about division-creating monsters to share 20 toes, investigating animals gathering groups in a story, and even using cubes and straws to investigate different possibilities all really helped make division a snap. 

 Here, Dilbar and Anzhelika work together to solve word problems involving money.

Students even had the opportunity to create their own notes and coins using clay,  paper, and aluminum foil.  

Y2 National students pose for a photo while enjoying time outdoors!

Students in Ms. Verralls' class have been studying the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to learning about the beautiful ecosystem and creatures found there, students are also investigating the the problems facing the Great Barrier Reef. These include pollution from oil spills, plastic bags, and other rubbish.  Students worked collaboratively to create posters of the creatures found in the Great Barrier Reef. 


Y2 students enjoy caring for various plants in Ms. Figeri's class. Here, David holds a Mother of Thousands plant, also known as a Mexican Hat Plant. 

Y2 students Anzkelika, Dilbar, and Matilda were delighted to discover icicles while playing outdoors on a cold day. 

Material Detective Hunt by Ms. Frigeri
After learning about some different types of materials and sharing ideas about what we might use them for, we formed hypotheses as to which we thought we would find the most of in the school. Armed with our magnifying glasses and clipboards, we investigated carefully, recording our findings in columns. Can you guess which material there was the most of in Primary? 

Y2 Students work with Ms. Gamze and Ms. Frigeri on a delicious literacy activity! After discussing past, present, and future tense, the children worked collaboratively to write fortunes on strips of paper about things that will happen in the future. They then baked fortune cookies, where mathematical skills such as adding, comparing, and measuring came in handy. Finally, the children enjoyed a fortune cookie, complete with their handwritten messages inside.

Y2 Students experiment with watercolours in Art. Here, Robine, Subeen, Malekreza, Hami, David, and Isabella proudly show off their paintings. 

Year Three

Science in 3A

by Ms. Adesanya

In science, we have been studying light and shadows. However, the children investigated how shadows are f
ormed and they investigated how various distances between the torch and the object changes the size of the shadow.

In addition, they had fun making shadows with their fingers, hands and other objects.

Class Visitor by Ms. Bibi
Students in 3A and 3B are visited by Secondary Dean of Students and PE Teacher
Sandra Scotland to discuss nutrition and health. Year 3 is ready to take on making a healthy snack this unit in Design! 

Exploring texture in Art in 3A
by Ms. Aycan
In Art class we explored creating texture when painting. We investigated the effects of mixing sand, washing powder and white glue with acrylic paints. The results were very interesting.

Year Four

January Overview by Ms. Lincoln

We have had a busy start to 2022 in Year 4L. There is always so much to do and never seems to be enough time to do it all in. Science has got off to a good start. Children have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. Testing to see which fizzy drinks have the most fizz. Amazingly Sprite was the winner. We have also tested liquids to see which melts first. Hand sanitiser did not melt at all and yogurt was also not a good freezer. We have learnt so much about the Ancient Greeks. Acting out the Battle of Marathon daily life of 
Spartans and Athenians in order to fully understand life of the past. And many other things pictured below, compass making, perimeter measuring, dice games always to investigate number and much, much more.

Y4 Students participate in a liquid investigation with Ms. Lincoln. 

Fizzy drink investigation!

Students participating in compass making, Maths dice game, and perimeter measurement. 

Y4 National Students enjoyed a storytelling activity with Ms. Çelik. After reading "King of the Colourless Land" and discussing elements of the story together, the children crafted crowns. 

January in Year 4S
by Mr. Scarff


In Year 4S in the City we are looking at ways to present our work to our peers. This is not just for lovely presentations but ways to teach our peers what we have learnt.  For example, after learning about The Battle of Marathon, Harry and Isaiah did a skit highlighting all the main parts of the battle and informed us that this was the origin of the sport of running a marathon. They performed as Greek generals dealing with the threat of a battle, sending out a runner for support from Sparta etc. Their performance was very informative and entertaining at the same time. 

Since returning from holiday we have been focusing on perfecting our GoogleSlide presentations, searching for information, adding pictures and animations, changing font colours, size and styles. We learnt how to create bibliographies in order to list our sources. In the photograph to the right, you will see Duda and Edin pretending to be reporters on a news programme explaining The Water Cycle. We watched an interview by Freddie Sayers and NHS Doctor Steve James discussing vaccine mandates and how the stimulus for that interview was a clip of the Health Minister receiving an unexpected response from one of the doctors at a hospital that he was visiting. So Duda and Edin started with a video-song to kick off the interview and had diagrams as well. 

In the coming weeks we hope to focus on what makes an informative and attractive poster rather than a pretty poster. We will also look at developing chants/raps, and even creating blogs that will be located on our class website as legitimate ways of presenting our inquiry discoveries. The students are finding out that it's fun to investigate and even more fun to share understandings with their classmates. The aim is to have a large arsenal of presenting methods to choose from when they are deciding after an investigation how best to teach our peers about what they have learnt.

Students in Ms. Lincoln's Y4 class created gorgeous artwork of the Bosporus, complete with colourful and creative collage fish! Students enjoyed experimenting with various mediums for this project, including acrylic paints, yarn, textured paper, beads, sequins, straws, and fabric. 

Year Five

Students in 5F have started their new Design Technology  (DT) module which is to make a Rube Goldberg machine. Here they are creating their first simple machine 'the inclined plane' in the style of a marble run.

Humanities Summary by Ms. Lloyd

In our Humanities unit, and in understanding more about volcanoes, Year 5 students created erupting paper mache volcanoes. We watched the bicarbonate of soda react with the vinegar and in us adding some red food colouring- it made it look even more realistic!!!! Great fun was had by everyone!


Y5 Students in Ms. Lloyd's class made their own Natural Beauty Art after studying the works of Yellena James and Elizabeth Blackwell. 

Using what they have learned during this unit, the children created a piece of artwork showing use of: colour, lines, tone, texture, and mood. 

Y5 Students Mehlab and Melody conducting a thermal insulator science experiment.

Experiment Summary by Mr. Boardman

The students were working to determine which material would be best to use in a lunchbox to keep their food cool during the day. Students had 5 different materials in cups with an ice cube in each. They checked on how much the ice cube had melted every 5 minutes and recorded what they saw. 

Year 5 National Literacy by Ms. Battye

Y5 Students have been making the ordinary extraordinary in literacy lessons this month. Here, students used thesauruses to collect creative words and phrases to describe the ever changing sky. Next they'll be bringing an everyday item to life in their very own extraordinary poems!

Year 6


Marble Run Challenge
by Mr. McCann


The children in Y6 took on the Dyson Foundation marble run challenge. The children had to design a marble run that would last exactly 30 seconds. In this engineering challenge, they had to consider which materials would increase friction. The challenge required a great deal of resilience and patience, and involved lots of trial and error.

The children cooperated well and worked brilliantly together to produce a variety of devices and structures in order to accomplish their aim.

Well done Year 6!

The children in Mr. Durrant's Y6 class recently had the opportunity to create a pair of slippers during their Design and Technology (DT) topic. They worked their way through the four stages of the DT process by carefully researching, designing, making and then evaluating their product. 

Additionally, they were able to refine and build upon their sewing skills from previous years by practising different stitch types. Overall, it was a successful project with outstanding results. 


Slipper Making

The children in 6C & 6M worked extremely hard before the winter break to create a festive treat for friends and family. 

After researching existing products, they got creative designing their very own slippers. They then put their sewing skills to the test to bring their designs to life. 

What better way to keep the cold at bay than with a pair of custom made slippers! 

STEAM Overview by Ms. Meltem

Y5 & Y6 students have been engaging in various STEAM activities. Here, students used paper cups, straws, popsicle sticks, paper clips, tape, string and pipe cleaners to construct freestanding cranes. 
Students determined criteria for success and then planned and built a freestanding crane that was able to lift weight. Students explored the effects of gravity on the potential and kinetic energy of objects being moved by the crane. They also tested to determine the weakness and strengths of their prototype and redesigned it. They also remembered how these simple machines work;  crank, lever, pulley.

KS2 students enjoy time outdoors!

Branson - BISI Production (Primary and Secondary)

by Ms. Cosnett

This year’s school production: ‘Branson’, was a story very much in the great tradition of the Hollywood Western, a story that took influence from movies like ‘True Grit', ‘Pale Rider’, and ‘How the West was Won’. The story took place in the town of Branson (named after the founding forefather Sheldon Branson - a figure with his dark history) and centered on the good-natured Jim Ross and his family who end up getting caught up in a dispute with developers, descendants of Sheldon Branson, politicians and the wider town when he refuses to sell his land to the railway. To make matters worse, Jim also falls foul of the infamous Jessie Isaacs who is not known for her forgivin’ side. The dedicated cast worked tirelessly, and with the burden of restrictions brought about by covid, to create a powerful and strangely poignant piece about corruption, big business, and the loss of traditional values as a result of greed. 


I'm sure that you'll all join me in offering a huge congratulations to the sixteen talented year 6 children who took part: Aabya, Ali, Alice, Diya, Eda, Jhea, Kash, Liza, Malik, Mara, Martyna, Maya, Mojo, Nick, Sofia & Tyler.

Student Council


Helping the Street Cats:
A Student Council Led Project

by Mr. Durrant

As a school, we are keen for community action to be student-led and guided. Therefore, the City Campus Student Council recognised the need to help and support the street cats. Using the money raised during our November Kindness Day, the councillors decided to buy a cat shelter which we have placed on the street outside of school for a family of kittens that have made our school home. 

Modern Foreign Language

After learning about vocabulary for parts of the body and the plural forms in French, Y4 students designed their own monsters and wrote a descriptive paragraph about their creatures!


National and International Y3 students have been learning about seasonal clothing in French with Mr. Vincent. Students drew themselves dressed for various types of weather, labelling each item in French. 

Y1 National students have been using adjectives to describe people, places, and objects in English. Here, Emir, Ahmet, and Kemal show monsters they have drawn and adjectives they have written to describe their creative creatures! 

Y2 National students are working on writing sentences using descriptive adjectives. Here, Bade and Çinar look at animals and build sentences together. 

ESL KS2 in Zekeriaköy by Mrs. Gwillim
Everyone is happy to be back at school full time this year. The children enjoy playing games to practice language. They are working hard and making great progress! 

Y5 Students using their plans for writing. 

Y3 Students play a memory game and sequence events from a story in ESL. 

Y5 Students work on a vocabulary puzzle. 

Y5 Students proudly show off their picture plans in ESL with Mrs. Gwillim. 

Our Y2 International Students are learning the names of fruits and vegetables in Turkish with Ms. Derya. The children participated in several different food activities, working to use sentences with the phrases "I like" and "I don't like". Here, students "dig" up food from delicious cocoa "dirt" and play a memory game.


Y5 students are working with Mr. Dennison to identify notes and read music. Students are also learning about the musical style of Carl Orff, a well-known German composer and music teacher. Here, students play beautiful new xylophones recently purchased by the school. 

Students in 5L practicing their music literacy skills by reading the melody and accompaniment to a blues song called "The BAGE Blues". 

Y3 students reading music and playing percussion instruments. Students are also learning to write music of their own!

Students playing a game that reinforces the steady beat while they get to take turns with a new, special instrument called the Vibraslap.

KS1 Music by Mr. Alper
During music with KS1 for the month of January, we started with body and vocal warm ups. We worked on our breathing. We did body percussion. We repeated some songs we sing. We tried to recognise the note values. We made a combo to some African music with metallophone, tambourine and tomtom with a solo dancer improvising.

EYFS Music by Mr. Alper
During music classes with EYFS, we started with body and vocal warm ups. We worked on our breathing. We did body percussion. We repeated some songs we sing and danced. We played some percussion instruments. We practiced on hearing hi and low sounds. We tried to recognise the musical instruments by hearing them.

Friday Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

Students from the KS1 Magic Club preform a trick for Ms. Ambridge.

After examining photographs of various landscapes found in Istanbul, students in the Arts and Crafts club created landscapes of their own. The children learned about perspective and horizon to create their artwork. 

Y1 & Y2 students had a wonderful time participating in Science experiments with Ms. Verralls and Ms. Derya.

Y3 & Y4 students show off their creations from the Paper Crafts ECA led by
Ms. Newman and Ms. Aycan.

Y1 & Y2 students creating paper mosaics with Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Vaccaro.

Y3 & Y4 students showed a great deal of patience and determination while learning to knit with Ms. Lincoln.

KS2 students enjoy learning to play table tennis on the City Campus.


KS2 students on the City Campus participating in Yoga. 

Y6 members of the the Plastic Recycling Projects (PRP) group work together create artwork from discarded plastic with Ms. Cosnett and Mr. Dennison. 

Y5 & Y6 students participate in Mother Tongue Drama with Ms. Lloyd and Mrs. Gwillim. The children did a marvellous job collaboratively writing scripts and preforming for their peers. 

Y1 Students Chan and Kiana enjoy painting a scene for animals found in the Artic with
Ms. Kubra and Ms. Gamze in Painting Club. 

Reminders & Upcoming Dates:


Friday, February 4: Global Community Day

Monday, February 14-Friday, February 18: Mid-term Break, No School


Monday, February 21: Return to School 


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