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Volume 2 Number 2
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to our weekly newsletter for parents and students, to share with you the events happening in and out of school here at BISI. 

Now we're a few weeks in to the new term, our students are starting to get in to the flow of their new timetables and routines and school is back to full speed. Mr Bradley has shared an article with you this week on the new school academic system, ManageBac. Some of you may have experienced the system in previous schools, but for those who have been with BISI for a while now, this will be something new for you. Students and parents have their own access to the system, but for those of you who may have struggled to login so far, Mr Bradley gives a detailed explanation below to help you solve the issues. 

Only one more school week to go before our students head off on their year group trips to several locations in Turkey. We're very excited for our students to experience a new city in Turkey and to develop friendships among their year groups. Here's to a brilliant week of exploring and fun!

Happy reading...

In the Secondary School, we are now using ManageBac as our student academic information solution.  The vast majority of our students are now accessing ManageBac on a daily basis and many parents have accessed ManageBac in the past week.  Most parents should have received a ManageBac welcome email in the past week telling them how to log onto the system.  If you didn't receive one there could be several reasons for that:
  1. You are already using ManageBac and don't need a welcome email.
  2. The email went into your spam box or bin - please do check.
  3. We have an incorrect email for you, perhaps we have made a mistake entering your email address into our system.  We should be able to put this right reasonably easily.
  4. Perhaps you have never given us your email address.
Our teachers are putting a large amount of information on ManageBac, this includes:
  1. Homework - with full details of each task that has been set
  2. Tests and other assessments
  3. Grades for their assessed tasks
  4. The year outline for every course they are teaching
  5. Their long term plans (which ManageBac doesn't allow us to share with parents)
  6. Messages to individual students, individual parents or to a group of students or entire class.
You are able to access a calendar for your child which shows everything which is coming up in the next two weeks along with a complete list of tasks set for them along with grades for those tasks which have been completed and graded.

If you haven't started using ManageBac yet, this really is a tool which will keep you in touch with how well your son or daughter is performing and what they are expected to do.  We urge you to start using this valuable tool as soon as possible.

If you have tried signing into ManageBac but for whatever reason are unable to do so, please send us an email at and we will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.  Your email should contain all of the following:
  1. Your first name
  2. Your surname
  3. Your email address
  4. The same three items for your spouse if relevant
  5. The name of all of your secondary school children.
  6. A brief description of the problem

Mr William Bradley - Director of Secondary 
Environmental Awareness Mufti
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
In support of the Global Climate Strike on Friday, BISI chose to wear green in aid of Environmental Awareness, whilst students made their donations to support this important cause. 

Students gathered in the secondary corridor over break to purchase baked goods, water bottles and to make their pledges for the planet.

The BISI Environmental Committee is made up of students, staff and parents and is open for all to join. If your child is interested in being actively involved with the committee, please ask them to speak with Mr Muller (BISI English Faculty) to discuss the opportunities. 

Have a look at our green gallery below for the day's events...
All pictures by David Mayer

Trips Week

Next week BISI will continue with its yearly tradition of sending Year 7 - 10 students on a trip with their entire year group. Students will travel to some of Turkey's most beautiful coastlines and enjoy a week filled with activities, which we're certain will enrich their learning experience at BISI. 

Year 7   -  Köprülü Canyon National Park in Antalya
Year 8   -  Edremit, Balıkesir (Kazdağları Parkı, Pergamon & Cunda Island)
Year 9   -  Dalyan and Marmaris.
Year 10 -  Lycia and Fethiye

Our Year 12 students will travel to Krakow in Poland on Sunday, along with CAS Coordinator, Ms Fieraru & Key Stage 5 Coordinator, Mr Marsden. 

We'll be sharing updates with you upon their return so stay tuned...

We hope all of our students have a fantastic week away!

And that brings us to the end of our second installment of the academic year. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes