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Volume 2 Number 12
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

So we've made it to the final week of Term One and it feels as though it's passed us in a flash! A term packed full of hard work, fun and energy.

Following the brilliant school production, activities at school turned a little festive with our secondary students racing to finish their festive door entries before the official judging which took place on Tuesday. It's was all to play for with a prize for each key stage group and early lunch passes at stake for Term 2!...stay tuned for the final big 3 winners!

On Friday it was time for our big Winter Bazaar which we hold at BISI every year. Many thanks to our dedicated PTA, who worked alongside our Primary Staff, in particular, Ms Lynne & Ms Gamze, to ensure the Sports Hall was turned in to a Winter Wonderland. Santa came to visit and brought gifts for our students, the PTA kept our parents and staff warm with their delicious cafe of baked goods and hot beverages and we had many stalls with varying gifts and crafts to offer. It was a wonderful day full of festive cheer and our students in all key stages had the opportunity to visit and purchase gifts. Many thanks to all parents for the winter warmer contributions. All students in primary brought an item of warm clothing as an entry fee which will be donated to Tider charity.

Our final week of school has been filled with lots of activities and events. Staff Secret Santa on Tuesday, the traditional Christmas Lunch on Wednesday; Winter Showcase on Thursday and final day of school with the staff v students friendly football match in the morning followed by the final end of term assembly. 

Just a few things to keep our newsletter full, taking us nicely in to 2020. 

We hope you enjoy the last newsletter of 2019...

Happy reading!
Ms Sandra Scotland - Physical Education Teacher & Dean of Students

Swim Team 

On Monday 9th December 18 members of the swim team traveled to MEF school in Ulus to compete in the 'Bosphorus Cup'.

Other schools competing were: IICS, MEF International & BESA (British Embassy School, Ankara)

Our students received over 30 individual medals on the day including 13 GOLD. 

An outstanding performance by everyone. 

Congratulations 🎊

The Toolkit for the New Mathematics IB Course

Dr Taylan Çeltik - Head of Mathematics:

This year, along with all IB schools and BISI, we have started two new IB mathematics courses. These courses are Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL and Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL and HL. All of these  courses have one thing new and also in common. “The toolkit”. The use of technology is an integral part of DP mathematics courses. Developing an appreciation of how developments in technology and mathematics have influenced each other is one of the aims of the course.Using technology accurately, appropriately and efficiently, both to explore new ideas and to solve problems, is one of the assessment objectives. Learning how to use different forms of technology is an important skill in mathematics and time has been allowed in each topic of the syllabus and through the “toolkit” in order to do this. In this video, you can watch what toolkit is from IB’s official page:

Technology is a powerful tool in mathematics and in recent years increased student and teacher access to this technology has supported and advanced the teaching and learning of mathematics. Discerning use of technology can make more mathematics accessible and motivating to a greater number of students.

We use technology to support and enhance student understanding in many ways including:

• to bring out teaching points

• to address misconceptions

• to aid visualization

• to enhance understanding of concepts that would otherwise be restricted by lengthy numerical calculations or algebraic manipulation

• to support students in making conjectures and checking generalizations

• to explicitly make the links between different mathematical representations or approaches.

With our year 12 Maths AA SL students we worked on different forms of asymptotes for various functions. We searched for some functions with only horizontal, some with only vertical and some with only oblique asymptotes. 

Here are our results:

Last Horse Riding Activity of the Term

The last Friday afternoon activity of the term was completed last week and here are a few pictures of our students partaking in the horse riding lessons, with Ms Huegel. 

Pictured are our KS3 & 4 students: Nike, Asiye, Mohamed, Ana & Zilan.

Horse Riding will be back again from 10 January throughout term 2. 
Mrs Kelly's DP Music Class

Mrs Kelly - Creative Arts Teacher 

On Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 two IB DP music students gave a recital for the KS3 & KS4 students and staff in the BISI theatre.

First to perform was Hiroki Kawaguchi performing three Italian art songs for voice. Hiroki performed Sebben, crudele by Antonio Caldara, Vergin tutto amor by Francesco Durante and Caro mio ben by Giuseppe Giordani.  Hiroki was accompanied by Alara Çoban, Mr. Mark Stead and Tudor Dumitru. 
Second to perform was Rebecca Uys performing two pieces on cello.  Rebecca performed Piéta, Signor by Alessandro Stradella and Entr’acte from Carmen by Georges Bizet.  Rebecca was accompanied by Mrs. Desireé Uys.
Festive Door Competition

Ms Katya Skoudy - KS4 Coordinator

Here are this year's winners of the Festive Door Competition:

Key Stage 5 - 13 B  Mr Barnes' form with a present filled themed door
Key Stage 4 - 11I Ms Pilski's form with an exotic twist to the theme
Key Stage 3 - we have two winners as both doors were excellent, with a lot of creativity and work gone into them - Miss Howick's form 7B with a visit from the Grinch double -sided door and Miss Kapusuzoglu's form 7I with a classic take.

It was very difficult to decide the winning doors - some of the runner up doors:  Ms Vasquez in year 8 and Mr McCullough and Ms Gümüş in year 9.
Winter Bazaar

On Friday 13 December we held our annual Winter Bazaar, attended by all of our school, the BISI community and many local stalls and vendors selling crafts and gifts. 

Many thanks, especially to Ms Lynne & Ms Gamze, and to our PTA for helping to organise the event making it another wonderful success!

See the day below in pictures.
Christmas Lunch

As in previous years, the SLT (International & National School) and Communications Officers donned their merry aprons and festive regalia to dish out the traditional christmas lunch to all students and staff at Zek Campus. 

Roast turkey, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables were all on offer, followed by traditional trifle (minus the sherry). 

Thank you to Recep Bey (our school chef) and all of the catering team for preparing such a wonderful meal for us.
Secret Santa & Pot Luck Lunch

Our annual Staff Secret Santa, arranged by Ms Scotland, took place on Tuesday as BISI secondary staff gathered in the Sports Hall to exchange gifts and enjoy a pot luck lunch together. Gifts were distributed from the anonymous present givers to excited staff as each person unveiled their gift!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Secret Santa gifts; not an easy challenge with a strict budget!

Many thanks to Ms Scotland for orgaising everything and to everyone who brought food and snacks to share. 

Until next year!...
Year 7 3D Models
Mr Sunil Gusain - Economics & Geography Teacher

My Year 7 students designed some good models they wanted to live in, they built 3D models of the place they would love to live in. 

Each group member contributed their skills and cooperated brilliantly. Some created settlements with nature in mind, others made their cities a fun place to live.
Year 13 Visit to a Home for Retired Teachers 

Ms Irina Fieraru: CAS Coordinator & Physics Teacher 

It is that time of the year when joy fills our hearts and kindness appears more poignant in all of us. It is the time of the year when giving is more rewarding than receiving, when doing something good makes all of us happier than ever. 

I can say that the visit to the home for retired teachers (Ogretmen Evi) in Uskudar was a gift from some of our IB students to the old Turkish educators and what they have got in return was not only a CAS experience, but a LIFE experience.
The students were thinking of the idea for several weeks, they prepared what they wanted to do, some things made me smile as they thought of activities on mobile phones :),  but in the end they all agreed to go to the home and adapt to the situation.   

The meeting between people for whom the past is maybe their last holiday with people for whom the past is a whole life was something to be remembered by all.
The young people may seem detached most of the time but witnessing our students talking, listening, laughing and playing with the former teachers strengthened my personal opinion on how adaptable and empathetic they are. We were all very touched by the elderlies' positive comments; they receive visits from students from different schools but our students were highly commended for their genuine kindness and openness. 

Seeing Tai not only hugging but kissing one of the old teachers on both cheeks brought tears to my eyes.

As these events usually involve our extended school community, I want to specifically thank the PTA for their generosity. We managed to buy a lot of single fitted bed sheets, a contribution that was very much appreciated by the administration of the care home.

Last, but not least, I hope that everybody will follow the advice of the old educators, most probably the secret of a long life: stress less and live more, surround ourselves with love, kindness and joy!

Leen Mshasha - Year 13 Student

This past Wednesday, a small group of year 13 and year 12 students travelled to the Adile Sultan Kasrı Öğretmenevi in Üsküdar to spend the day with its residents. The retirement home offers accommodation for retired teachers who have dedicated their lives to educating Turkey's youth. As we entered the home, one of the last remnants of traditional Turkish construction in an increasingly gentrified Istanbul, the atmosphere was immediately inviting and casual. Surrounded by parks, greenery and even a palace, the trip was a break from the ordinary for our IB students, working busily as they prepare for their mock exams.

The residents of the home ranged from elementary teachers to high school mathematics teachers, each with their own interesting stories that we eagerly listened and laughed along to. One particularly inspiring tale was that of Ms. Köksal, a technical school teacher who used her one-on-one time with her students to teach them about childbirth and care. “I used to demonstrate on plastic dolls and it could be quite embarrassing” she explained, “but it was worth it when old students of mine came up to me and told me that they used the same skills I taught them to care for their own children”. These heart-warming stories remained with us as we competed in games of Backgammon and Okey. As we sat, talked, joked around and the day came to a close, a group of the residents spoke to us of the life that lay ahead of us, wishing us success in our endeavours in a touching and poetic sendoff that was the perfect end to a rewarding day.

Festive Eco Tip

From Ms Elemara: Environmental Committee Member & Mathematics Teacher:
Aids Awareness Mufti

Total monies raised for AIDs awareness last week was: 1347 TL

A huge thank you to everyone who donated!
Football - Staff V Students 

To finish off the term our students and teachers took to the field to battle it out over a few games of football. 

Students and staff turned out to support and cheer on their fellow peers as the air turned a little cooler over Zekeriyakoy this morning. 
Mock Exams

School will start again on Monday 06 January and Year 11 & 13 students (and some Year 10) will be taking their mock exams. 

Timetables have been shared with the relevant parents from our Key Stage 4 & 5 Coordinators and we wish our students good luck for the upcoming exams. 

Don't forget to fit in some revision over the holidays!
Coming up from the PTA

There will be a PTA meeting on Monday 13 January at the usual time of 09:00. 

All parents are welcome to join. The agenda will be shared with you the week before the meeting. 

Best wishes
And here we are at the end of another year. 2019 has brought us a lot of happy moments in the school, some extremely busy ones and definitely a lot of fun memories to take with us in to the new year. We're excited to see the start of 2020 and all the new challenges it will bring. 

Thank you to all parents for your continual support throughout the year. 

Happy Holidays to all in the BISI community; we wish you a wonderful time with your nearest and dearest, wherever you are over the holiday season. Enjoy your winter break, Happy New Year and we'll see you on 06 January at the usual time of 8:45am. 

2020...we're ready for you!

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes