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Volume 2 Number 10
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

This week we celebrated the achievement of our IGCSE students of last year with the annual ceremony where we invited parents, KS4 students, Board members and staff to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our students. Ms Katya has written a full piece on the events for you all to enjoy. 

In other news, Dr Çeltik shares with us some more Maths updates and this week we delve in to one of the lessons of our Year 9 accelerated Maths group. 

KS3 Science students have been doing some interesting experiments with Mr Rudd and our dedicated Environmental Committee member & Maths teacher, Ms Elemara, shares this week's ECO tip for us all to practice a little 'mindfulness'. 

Next week we will have a full update on the school production which starts tomorrow. Good luck to all of our students and staff involved in the production this year. Months of hard work and commitment have gone in to this performance, from learning lines, stage production, music, sound & lighting, to costumes & make-up and I'm sure a whole host of other jobs which are required to make these performances so successful. It's a huge undertaking and you've all managed this on top of your regular school schedule...amazing work!

A big thank you to our Creative Arts Department, and to Mr Scott Cosnett (Head of Creative Arts for Secondary) for your continual dedication to the school production every year. We can't wait to see the show this week.

Happy reading! 
The 2019 IGCSE Awards Ceremony

Ms Katya Skoudy - KS4 & IGCSE Coordinator 

On Tuesday 26th November, proud parents, the school’s board members, teachers and students gathered in the theatre to celebrate the fantastic achievements and successes of the class of 2019. Green, blue and white balloons and a huge congratulations sign greeted our IGCSE awardees on this sunny Tuesday afternoon.

As it has now become a tradition, at the beginning of the previous academic year, during the very first assembly of the year, Mr. Bradley challenged all the year 11 students to achieve even better than their predecessors… A challenge that the 18 students embraced and took on. What a great set of results we had: this summer 83% of exam grades were between A*and C. 64 A and A* grades were awarded and 7 students gained 5 or more A* and A grades.  The average grade score for the class of 2019 was a B. Let’s not forget their 20 younger peers who were brave enough to sit some early entry IGCSE examinations and also achieved a fantastic set of results.

Leen Mshasha (piano) opened the ceremony with a beautiful piano piece “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. Hiroki Kawaguchi (voice) accompanied by Tudor Dumitru on the piano delighted us with his beautiful rendition of Caro Mio by Tommaso Giordani just before our guest speaker was invited on to the stage and the current year 12's came on the stage to receive their certificates.

This year we were very lucky to have a guest speaker, Ms Jane Grady from the British Consulate, who came to talk about her experiences and give us her insights about careers and the future. Let’s not forget Mr. Gunnell’s contribution with a very enlightening speech.

It turned out to be, I hope, a ceremony for which the current year 12 and year 11 will have memorable and cherished memories - when the students were acknowledged and rewarded for their achievements. 
The IGCSE class of 2019 were a delightfully friendly, creative, artistic, occasionally disorganised, occasionally competitive, sporty diverse group of individuals.  They are a talented bunch: we have wonderful musicians, actors, linguists, mathematicians, designers, sports people and the list of their talents goes on. They certainly understood that success is much about hard work and team work. The best thing about them was their camaraderie and their support of one another. Their effort and hard work really paid off- The current year 11 have a lot to live up to – previous IGCSE results set the standard and no less will be expected!

A year ago, they took on the challenge of the IGCSE examinations.. and I am sure that as I predicted during the ceremony,  they will be set another challenge,  a year from now, the challenge to do even better than before….

 As the speeches were written, the students came on stage to receive their IGCSE certificates and their well-deserved toffee apple and then gathered outside the theatre for an extremely short celebration with friends and family..  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PTA especially Tracey Rich, and Kathleen Roetlants; Victoria Sykes and Selay, who all gave me invaluable help, Caroline Barnett for designing the invitations and programme, David Mayer for taking photos, the Creative Arts Department – in particular Ms Kpusuzoglu and Ms. Cabato - for organizing the wonderful musical pieces and Art displays, our talented musicians for the wonderful performances, Hasan Bey and his team, the maids, the kitchen staff, Yusuf and Mesut without whose help and contribution this ceremony would not have been possible. 

Year 9 Accelerated Mathematics 

Dr Taylan Çeltik - Head of Mathematics 

Year 9 accelerated maths students have been trying hard to find the area between the three externally tangent circles. This beautiful shape looks like a triangle but actually is not. Using the previous trigonometry A=(1/2)*bcsinA, and another formula they learned in the year 8 accelerated class, area of a sector is (x/360)*pi*r^2 and combining all these skills to find the area of the shape.

You can find the extension of the problem on:


Defining other shapes, ecstatically beautiful, and being able to find the area of them forces students to dig deeper to solve the inquiry-based problems. One of the most useful parts of maths is that praticing helps you to improve your neurons. It basically turns you into a better thinker, it triggers the secret to more chemicals called neurotransmitters and enriches the dendrites of neurons and enables you to solve the next problem you encounter, even in your real life. It is similar to when you exercise and your muscles improve. One of the greatest reasons for brain circulating is mathematics, without a doubt. Mathematics is all about fun. It is all about applying new formulas and theorems to the newly encountered problems. 

Eco Tip of the Week
KS3 Science 

Mr Rudd - Science & Maths Teacher 

A busy lesson in the Science Laboratory for my Year 7 class.

First of all a demonstration of what happens to sugar when sulphuric acid is added. 

* Note because of the nature of the chemicals used this was conducted in a fume cupboard.

They have also been testing household chemicals to see whether they are acidic or alkaline.

A surprise result was my toothpaste with a ph of 10. Other items tested were: Bleach, Vinegar, Soap, Water, Baking Soda and Tea.

Dear members of BISI,

The Student Council is proud to announce that after the eco-friendly themed mufti which took place on Friday 22nd November, we raised up to 1568TL thanks to the bake sale and mufti.

The entirety of the profit gained has now been invested in the TeamTrees project in the name of the British International School of Istanbul. 

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, especially those who wore green and bought / brought baked goods.

The Student Council
           War of the Worlds

Don't forget to get your tickets for the upcoming school production of War of the Worlds.

Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th December. 

40TL for Adults
20TL for Children

6:45pm in Zekeriyakoy Theatre

The show is expected to finish at approx 9:15pm



Next week we'll be bringing you all the highlights of the school production, which we're sure is going to be another spectacular performance!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes