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Volume 2 Number 4
Week in, Week out
A Pre & Primary School publication

Our students main focus of the week has been 'Wellness' and Sports Day. Following on from the events of the previous week, it was our key Stage 2 students turn for their annual Sports Day on Friday and our Key Stage 1 students took to the Botanical Gardens to experience the Wellness Day activities. We received great feedback from our Key stage 2 students who had their first Wellness Day the week before, so we were excited to do the same again on Friday for our younger students. Thank you to all the parents and staff for their support during Sports Day and to our student helpers who were on hand again to help the day run smoothly. 

Also coming up this week, we have updates from the City Campus from their climbing wall experience and our Year 4 students who have been speaking with international students about Extreme Earth & weather types. 

It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through the first term already, but it's amazing how time flies when each week is packed with lots of events and activities. 

Here's to a great final week before mid-term break!

We hope you enjoy the read.
Boulderhane ECA - City Campus

Mr Appleby: Primary School PE Teacher (City Campus)

I think the children all enjoyed themselves! The workshop was led by two English speaking instructors. They showed all the different climbing holds on the walls and tried to explain the colour-coding system. They talked about how the children should try to climb with their legs as well as their arms; they should adopt a 'sitting' position when initially grips the holds and push up with the legs to find the next hold. Next, the children explored different coloured routes to a target hold at the top of the walls, increasing in difficulty as they progressed at their own individual rates. Underneath the walls are specialist 'crash' mats; the instructors explained that instead of climbing all the way back down when jumping off after completing a route, they should try to absorb the landing with their legs. The children were also given time to free-climb, exploring any of the holds to make their own routes higher up the walls.
Key Stage 1 Wellness Day

Following on from the successful events of the week before, our Key Stage 1 students headed to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy a selection of activities to teach them about 'Wellness' and how that can look. As mentioned in our introduction, our students and staff gave great feedback to the previous week's events, encouraging for these types of activities to be introduced on a more regular basis.
Key Stage 2 Sports Day
Year 4 International Communications - Zek Campus

Miss Lincoln and Miss Newman. Year 4- Year 4 Class Teacher at Zek Campus:

Today, Year 4's had a very interesting communications with a school in Colchester, Essex, England.

The 198 prep school, Year 3 children who are doing a unit about Extreme Earth and weather types, disasters and difficulties we face wanted to interview Year 4 about our recent Earthquake.

They had prepared many questions about what it was like, what we have to do and how it affected Istanbul.

Our Year 4's were able to answer with enthusiasm and plenty of information.

We then asked lots of Questions about their school.
It was great fun to contact with a school in another part of the world.

Miss Lincoln and Miss Newman. Year 4.

Happy Halloween  

Next Friday (24 October) we invite all of our Pre & Primary School students at both campuses to dress up in Halloween costume for the day and to join us for our annual 'Halloween Yucky Lunch' 

Will it be a 'Trick or Treat'...we'll let our students decide!

Pictures of all the fun to follow in next week's edition.
And that brings us to the end of another week!

Don't forget that school will be closed between 28 October and 1 November for mid-term break. Our school calendar is available on the website for anyone who wants to check the term times for the rest of the year. 

Another week to go though and lots of fun Halloween activities for our students to end with next Friday. 

We hope you've enjoyed another week of being a fly on the wall at BISI.

Until next time...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 

Richard I'Anson
Director of Pre & Primary School

Victoria Sykes