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Volume 2 Number 3
Week in, Week out
A Pre/Primary School Publication

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly newsletter. This week, our students have been focusing on Wellness Week with a range of activities in our Botanical Garden, as well as the annual Key Stage 1 Sports Day, which was held earlier this morning. It was wonderful to see the energy from all of our students who have been working very hard on their techniques all term in preparation for today. Thank you to all of our BISI parents and staff for all the support today and to our Year 6 & Year 12 students for helping guide our Key Stage 1 students through the day. Lots of medals were won and the parent race proved to be a close call with 4 gold medals awarded in the father's race!

Well done everyone, what a great day!

We also share with you some updates from the Origami Club and the EYFS school trip to Miniaturk. 

Enjoy the read!
Origami Club

In the origami club we have a lively group who all enjoy the process of working on and creating things with their hands. Not only is making and decorating origami figures engaging for the students, using and playing with their creations afterwards provides for a very rewarding experience.
The students certainly keep Ms Gwillim and Ms Zehra on their toes! In week one they made a corner bookmark, in week two a fortune teller and a little book, and most recently, in week three, the students made fish and a swan. Next time birds!

Ms. Dorothy Gwillim
Head of ESL and Languages Primary School

EYFS School Trip to Miniaturk

As part of our 'Ourselves' topic, some of our  EYFS children have been learning about the city where we live. To support this learning, last week they visited Miniaturk in Eyup with their teachers. The children were very exited to visit a new place and interested to look at models of places in Istanbul that they knew. We then enjoyed having lunch together with friends from across the different campuses. Of course, we couldn't leave without time to play in the playground together. 

Ms. Emma Feltham
City Campus EYFS Teacher

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Mr Huegel - Head of Physical Education

Thank you to all teachers, parents TAs and  photographers helping and supporting today! It ran very smoothly and lots of happy faces all round!  A special thanks to the 12 house captains today, they did an amazing job!!!! 
Results :

1st Cedar 9000Points 
2nd Maple 6000Points 
3rd Oak 5000Points

Key Stage 2 Wellness Day 
Private Clubs

City Campus
Tuesday - Street Dance
Wednesday - Art Club(KS 1), Ballroom Dance, Dutch Club
Thursday - Art Club(KS 2) 
Friday - Sports Club(KS 1 & 2)

Zek Campus
Monday - Swimming (Year 5-6)
Tuesday - Modern Dance (KS 2), Ceramic (KS 1), football (Year 2-4), Orchestra (Year 1-6)
Wednesday - Street Dance (Year 3-6) Big Choir (Year 3-6)
Thursday - Painting(Year 3-6), Modern Dance (KS 1)

September Birthdays
Here's hoping all of our students who celebrated birthdays in September had a lovely day. Belated birthday wishes to you all! 
Key Stage 2 Sports Day

On Friday October 11th, we will host Sports Day for all of our Key Stage 2 students. 

All children will be required to come to school in their navy blue P.E. shorts/jogging bottoms with their house colour t-shirts and trainers.

All parents are welcome to attend and the event will start at 10:15 am.
Hope to see you all there!
Key Stage 1 Wellness Day

On Friday October 11th, we will host Wellness Day for all of our Key Stage 1 students in the Botanical Gardens as we did for Key Stage 2 students today. 

There will be a number of activities for our students to explore, from Yoga & dancing, discussion time and insect hunting around the garden to name a few. 
Coming up From the PTA

Our monthly PTA meeting takes place this Monday, October 7th at 9am in the Primary building.  All are welcome.
Hope to see you there,
And that brings our third edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ to a close. We hope you have enjoyed reading it!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Richard I'Anson
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes & Leyla Gambarova
Communications: International & National