2020-21 Results

2020-2021 Results

This year, following the cancellation of the IGCSE exams in Turkey, the grades were awarded based on three pieces of work completed by the candidates, followed by a quality assurance check by Cambridge International. The pieces of work used to award the grades had to be of substance and as broad as possible in terms of course skills, content and significant learning objectives.  

This year was full of anxiety for students, parents and staff alike, given that  the exams were cancelled only a couple of weeks before they were due to start. It meant that our students had to switch focus from exam preparation to ensure class assignments and assessments already produced reflected their best possible effort and attainment. Such a last moment shift in perspective was not experienced by many of their peers in other countries who had been told earlier in the year that they would not be sitting exams and should be developing class assignments instead.

Despite this adversity, and having to endure over a year of online learning, our students have done well and been awarded with some excellent grades well-deserved. This highlights the importance of consistent focus and sustaining a good working ethic over the duration of the two-year course. Yet again, this year has been an incredibly demanding and challenging year, and students need to be congratulated wholeheartedly for their resilience and successes. 

Many congratulations to the IGCSE Class of 2020-2021. Congratulations also to our Year 10 students who were registered for early entry exams and did remarkably well considering such adverse circumstances.  

Our highest achievers this year were:


Giulia Renzi 10 A*/A grades and 1B grade (including early entries)

Zeynep Ba┼čkaya 10 A*/A grades (including early entries)

Andriana Lymperopoulou  9 A*/A grades and 2 B grades

Nike Hugel  9 A*/A grades (including early entries)

Flóra Lea Grenczer with 8 A*/A grades and 1 B grade

Ridaa Khawar 8 A*/A grades and 1 B grade

Adil Tauseef 7A*/A and 2 B grades

Sam Dvorak  7A*/A and 3 B grades (including early entries)

BISI would like to thank all of our parents whose support has been invaluable throughout the course. We would also like to especially thank our teachers for the excellent job they have done in preparing our students and encouraging them at all times to achieve their full academic potential.

Some of our students will move on to different countries to complete the final stage of their secondary education. To those who are leaving us, they leave with our very best wishes for their futures. Those who are staying will join our IB Diploma Programme and have two more years of hard work in front of them before they finally graduate.