2019-20 Results

2019-2020 Results

After weeks of waiting, the June 2020 results were finally published for our 19 year 11 students and our 16 year 10 students on the morning of August 11th.  This year's anxiety was greater still given the strange and difficult turn of events shaking the world in 2020. Our cohort faced uncertainty caused by COVID19.

Despite this adversity, students have done well: consistent hard work and focus over the last two years has paid off with some excellent grades being awarded. Many congratulations to the IGCSE Class of 2019- 2020 (and to the year 10 students who took early exams) on their results and for their resilience in coping with such unusual circumstances. It highlighted the importance of consistent and hard work throughout the two-year course.

This is another successful set of results for the British International School of Istanbul with 92% pass rate where pass is measured as C or better.  Our cohort achieved the following: a 78.9% pass rate with 5 or more A* to C grades including English and Mathematics.  94/7 % of students were awarded 5 or more A* to C grades. 

8 students with 5 or more A* and A and, if we include the early entries (June 2019), 9 students with 5 or more A*/A.

18 students, out of a cohort of 19, have been awarded 5 or more A* to C grades in June 2020

15 students out of 19, have been awarded 5 or more A* to C grades, including Mathematics and English.

Several of our students have achieved  5 or more A*/A grades and we offer our special congratulations to 


Muzna Shanahjanan 10 A*/A (including early entries)

Amina Karimova with 10 A*/A and 2 B grades (including early entries)

Seungjune Min with 9 A*/A grades and 1 B grade (including early entries)

Noah Roosevelt   with 9 A*/A  grades

Margherita Cusolito with 9 A*/ A grades and 2 B grades (including early entries)

Deekshita Deep  with 8 A*/A grades and 2 B grades (including early entries)

Alice Mereyde with 7 A*/A and 4 B grades (including early entries)


We are very proud of all of our students in the IGCSE Class of 2020. Some of our students will move on to different countries to complete the final stage of their secondary education and for those leaving, they leave with our very best wishes for the future. Those who are staying will be joining our IB Diploma Programme and have two years of hard work in front of them before they finally graduate.


It has been a collaborative effort between our students, their parents and our teachers.  BISI would like to thank all of our parents whose support has been invaluable throughout the course.  We would also like, especially, to thank our teachers for the excellent job they have done in preparing our students and encouraging them at all times to achieve their full academic potential.