Summer Camp Pre-Registration Form

Summer Camp 2021 Pre-Registration Form


Please note that this is a pre-registration form. Due to the pandemic period, it can be canceled within the scope of the rules to be taken by the state regarding Covid 19. Nevertheless, if there are not enough participants due to the current situation or due to the quota, the summer camp may not be opened. You will be notified about the latest developments.

For your registration to be valid you have to fill out the form completely and correctly.

If our quota for applicants has been filled, your application then will be put on our waiting list in order of application.

If you are on our main pre-registration list, you will be sent a “Registration Completion Form” and the payment information by e-mail. Payments done outside the BISI Summer registration and payment procedure will be invalid.


Pre-registration Information

School Information
Family Information

Separate forms should be filled out for each sibling on the same day.

Your child's English level

It is important for the participant to have basic listening and understanding English skills in order to benefit fully from the program and understand all instructions and information given for his / her safety and enjoyment.


Registration Contact Info

If you are on our first pre-registration list, the 'Registration Completion Form' will be sent to this person by e- mail and we will be in contact with this person if necessary.


I accept that all the information in the pre-registration form above is correct.