The following newsletter highlights the activities and events that took place during last month at BISI. We hope you enjoy the selection of our students' work on the 42nd edition of what's been happening.

To celebrate the beginning of winter and end of the year, students were engaged in a variety of festive activities with teachers and friends. From decorating trees to creating snowflakes to sipping hot cocoa, much fun was had by all. We are excited for the new year ahead! Wishing you and Happy and Healthy 2022! 

New Year Decoration

Students became Santa’s little helpers in Elf Express. By working together in pairs they were able to move around the garden space, collectıng presents. Once all the presents were collected, children then delivered a present to each ‘chimney’. Each present delivered earned them a house point each!

Winter Fun Masks
Winter Fun
In-class Activity
In the first half of the term, we had a fantastic time in art learning about different kinds of lines and warm and cool colors. We focused on improving our drawing skills by observing carefully, and we worked hard at trying to share different emotions in our work. We practised using different art pencils, charcoal, pastels, paint, and even mixing them together in mixed media pieces.

Here are our class pieces in the styles of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. We really enjoyed the playful side of both artists!
3-D snowflakes
Year 5-6 student shows a great talent in making 3-D snowflakes. 
Pom Pom Ball Making
I'm Reading - Writing Activity

I'm Reading-Writing Activity", which was planned by our National School as a surprise for our Year 1 students. The ceremony was held in our school's theatre hall. The students participated in the celebration by receiving their certificates and small gifts prepared for them. After the event in the theatre, this beautiful day would be remembered as an unforgettable memory by allowing our students to watch movies accompanied by pop corn in their classrooms and play the games they enjoy. 


To celebrate the diversity among our Y1 students, we asked families to share a favorite recipe from their home country. Here, students were able to apply meaningful literary and mathematical skills. Children worked collaboratively to assemble a cookbook reflective of our different cultures and favorite foods!