The following newsletter highlights the activities and events that took place during the last month at BISI. We hope you enjoy the selection of our students' work on the 41st edition of what's been happening.
Team-Building Activities
For the first two weeks of November, in PSHE lessons Year 7 learned about Emotions and Relationships. Linking with this topic, our students had a team-building session with the Outdoorturk training group ( We would like to thank Yusuf Ozkaya for his support and we look forward to working with him again.
Ball Drop Experiment

Year 9 have been performing the ball drop experiment in Science class with Mr. Clark. They had already planned their experiment, making sure it was a fair test. The students had to choose their own independent variable and decide on exactly how they would measure the outcome - the speed at which the ball drops. Some students investigated the effect of changing the liquid the ball was dropped into, others changed the size of the steel ball bearing and yet others investigated the effect of changing the material the ball was made from. They aim to collect at least 15 points of data, repeating each experiment at least three times to make sure their data is reliable. 

IGCSE Geography

IGCSE Geography students completed fieldwork in Sariyer Merkez as part of their IGCSE course. Students were out in the field collecting various types of data including traffic counts, pedestrian counts and environmental quality surveys. Collecting data and being outside during the global pandemic has not been able to be completed for some time so it was a very enjoyable experience for the students. All covid protocols were adhered to ensure student safety. When students returned to school they collated the data to analyse and write up their findings. We hope to be able to carry out more fieldwork in the future. 

Geology Class
Year 7 students have been learning about geology. They are currently undertaking a creative project where they are creating 'landscapes in a box'. To accompany their creations they will create FlipGrid videos outlining their research. Once the landscapes are created, students' work will be displayed in a museum for all students and staff in the school to visit. 
ICT Lessons
Y9 in ICT lessons learned the basics of securing their device from outside interference and cyber-criminals, in order to protect their data and identity online. The ultimate idea of this lesson is for students to understand the state of current cyber-threats occurring in our world and leave knowing how to manage their own risk to help reduce this global loss.
Spirit Week
Sena, Year 11

"I organized spirit week to lift students’ spirits and have fun with different themes for outfits and be comfortable. I wanted students to socialize with one another about their outfit ideas and be creative with it. I had the thought to raise awareness this week as well and asked students and teachers to donate money anytime throughout the week for the people in need. We have raised approximately 2,276 Turkish Lira and I’m planning to buy winter clothing with this money and donate the clothing for families in need during this cold winter season."
November Food Drive
Secondary joined up with the primary student council to help support the November Food drive.

All food will go to the charity TIDER to help those in need in Istanbul. 

Sporting Achievements This Month
Year 11 students Deniz and William took part in the Istanbul short course swimming trials for qualification to compete in the Turkish Championships. Both qualified in various strokes and distances.

Deniz also took part in an international competition in Azerbaijan placing 3rd in both 50m and 100m freestyle.

Harry (Year 10) and Monty (Year 7) both achieved third place in their most recent tennis tournament.
Year 9 student, Markus, achieved 5th place in the Turkish Windsurf Federation IQ Foil Championship in Çeşme.

Year 12 student Elisa participated in two international rhythmic gymnastics competitions this month, the first in Budapest and the second in Belgium.

Art Class
Students have taken part in different activities in Art class, some of them took their brushes and decided to loosen their creative imagination, the outcome was great. on the other hand, some of the students were making some creative creations on the board with the use of strings and nails.
Technology Activity
Year 9 students had an in-class activity to enlighten themselves regarding technology and robotics. The students were able to collect the pieces they were given to make an electronic vehicle.
Teachers' Day
To show their immense love and gratitude, our secondary school students have surprised our teachers on Teachers' Day with symbolic gifts appreciating their precious efforts.
Remembrance Service
The Directors of Primary and Secondary attended the annual remembrance service at Haydarpaşa Cemetery on 11 November. Alexander (Year 8) and Rianna (Year 7) also represented BISI and took part in the service.
IGCSE Awards Ceremony
On Tuesday 23rd November 2021 an IGCSE Awards Ceremony took place during the PSHE session to celebrate the achievements of our current year 12 students and some of our current year 11 students who had been entered for IGCSE examinations in June 2021
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