The following newsletter highlights the activities and events that took place during last month at BISI. We hope you enjoy the selection of our students' work on the 41st edition of what's been happening.

Cast Fossils
This month, students investigated Rocks, Soils, and Fossils in our Y3 Science unit. To allow students to explore how fossils are formed and uncovered, we made cast fossils of our using classroom objects and plaster.
Body Parts
In Year 4 the students learned about the body parts and were also given the chance to show their skills at drawing. The activity was of great value to the students to remember the parts well.
In-class Activity
EYFS students have taken part in an in-class activity organized by our beloved teacher. the activity went smooth as everybody interacted and showed great vibes and energy and willingness to learn.
In-flight Entertainment
To support our students’ learnings in our study on transportation, we transformed our classroom into an airport! Students had the opportunity to purchase a ticket, have their passports stamped, check their baggage, and sit on a “flight”, complete with snacks and in-flight entertainment. The children had a wonderful time immersing themselves in this role play where they were able to make meaningful connections between travel and their own lives.
Buddy Bench
For a vibrant and charming campus, our students participated in the painting campaign "Buddy Bench" of the school benches with our respected teachers. The students exposed an absolute eagerness to give a hand and make the place a better environment. 
Frog Life Cycle
Y2 National students were learning about frog life cycles this month! They researched how frogs grow in the classroom and then explored outdoors. Students were delighted to see frogs in our botanical garden pond. Here students were able to make observations about the growth of frogs in their natural habitat! 
Learning About Shapes And Homes
Primary KS1 ESL students have been busy learning about shapes and homes this month! Students participated in a shape hunt around our school where they identified and counted various shapes. We made connections between shapes in our world and shapes we can use to create faces and pictures. Students were also busy learning about different rooms in a house and the various items and activities associated with each room. Students created maps of their homes and shared with classmates using new vocabulary words.
Class Project
In their most recent art unit, Year 3 students contributed to a class project inspired by Keith Haring. Afterwards, Year 3 students explored street artist Jad el-Khoury's "War Peace" installations and experimented with his "potato-nose" characters' style before comparing his work to Keith Haring's. Finally, students adopted their own style and ventured across the BISI campus to create their own installations with chalk in just a few minutes--just like Keith Haring!
The BISI City Campus Kindness Day

As part of our schools Guiding Statement of Community and our Autumn ‘NOT ME’ guidelines, the Student Council hosted a non-uniform day. The day’s theme was ‘Colour the World with Kindness’ so we asked for children to come to school in colourful clothes and odd socks. As this was a fundraising event for Student Council led projects, we asked for a small donation of 10TL which was left in the donation box on entry.

During the day, there were several opportunities for children to engage in acts of kindness and moments of reflection. As a school, we are keen for community action to be student-led and guided. Therefore, the Student Council have decided to use the funds raised to help our community cats and kittens which have made the streets around BISI City Campus their home. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous food donations for our chosen charity, TIDER.

Explore Light And Shadow

Year 3 begins to explore light and shadow by identifying sources of light, designing a dark room using transparent, translucent and opaque materials, and manipulating reflected light with mirrors.

Egyptian Party

Year 3 class was turned into an Egyptian party, where students have got the chance to embrace the Egyptian culture and learn more about the ancient pharaohs and their civilizations.

In year 6, we have been looking at paintings and sculptures by the artist Okuda San Miguel. He combines elements of nature with geometric shapes and bright colours. We then created our own artwork in his style. 
School Activities
The below attachments show some of in and out-class activities that occurred during last month. The students have learned many things which they added to their knowledge baggage.