The following newsletter highlights the activities and events that took place during last month at BISI. We hope you enjoy the selection of our students' work on the 40th edition of what's been happening.

All the students dressed up in their favourite costumes and took their part in the Halloween parade.
This month we have celebrated spine chilling, spooky Halloween!
Creating Simple Machines
Year 5 students constructed models of 5 different simple machines. The purpose of a simple machine is to reduce the effort (force) required to perform a task. Next time, the students will compare the effort required to perform different tasks with and without using simple machines moving books, cutting bread, lifting a load and walking a ramp.
Black History Month
BISI students raised awareness of Black History month through artwork depicting famous historical figures.
Buddy Benches
City Student Council have started a big project: Buddy Benches.

Zainedeen, Nilsa, Yeonseo, Brandon, Ayse worked hard under the watchful eyes of Mr Andrew to transform the sanded green benches into bright backgrounds for a Buddy Bench design.
Well done, everyone! We look forward to the weather allowing these to be finished and put into each play area.
Sports Day
Students took part in a full range of athletic activities during their Sports Days at the beginning of October. Events included long jump, target throw, ball dribble, ladder relay, sack race, and 'Pirate Ship!' Children moved around the carousel of activities, grouped by their house colours, trying their best to earn points for their house for each effort.
Well done to all children, and thank you very much to all teaching staff who helped out.