Secondary Newsletter

Year 7 students prepared a project for theır French class with Ms. Skoudy after weeks of learning to talk about family members and how to describe their house, the rooms in the house, and furniture. They had a choice of either creating a PowerPoint or creating a video. There were some amazing projects - I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their families (and pets) and having a virtual tour of their lodgings!

Students in year 10 have returned from the holidays to commence work on their fluvial morphology unit as part of IGCSE Geography. Retrieval practice is an important technique in enabling students to dig deep into their working memory to enhance their understanding. In this lesson, students played the competitive game 'Connect 4' with a difference. Their teacher, Ms. Habib, had designed a broad game with questions from the unit. students had to guess the correct answer to use a color token. Students Mao Berthoud commented "I enjoyed this game because there is a real competition. I enjoyed the fact that strategy is mixed with knowledge" Alexis Sunday added "I found it useful because it forced us to answer the questions even if we didn't know them, also it was a fun way to learn the terms from both yourself and your partner.

Students in year 7 have completed their landscapes in a box. They have reflected on their learning and made insightful understandings about how they learn. There was a range of landscapes chosen by the students such as 'The Chocolate Hills' in the Philippines to a New York City landscape.

Students in year 9 have started their cold environments unit. They have been learning new key terms to explain how glaciated landscapes are formed. Here, students were using PlayDoh to recreate a key term and their peers had to explain what the term was and how it affects the landscape.

Our staff did an excellent job of cleaning the snow and making the campus safe during the snowstorm.

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