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Volume 1 Number 9
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to edition 9 of our secondary publication. Our weekly newsletter to share the events happening during the week and the week ahead. Welcome, to all of our newcomers in the school community, and to our regular readers, welcome back! We hope this newsletter brings you up to speed with the fast paced environment of the secondary school and everything that goes on behind the scenes. 

This week has been full of many activities, including taster sessions for our current year 9's to sample subjects before confirming their final IGCSE options, basketball tournaments for both our girls and boys teams and Yoga for our year 10 PSHE students, to help encourage mindfulness & become more aware of mental health. And let's not forget our usual Friday activities keeping everyone across the school busy and the MUFTI fundraiser held on Friday with the theme this time being: 'dress as your favourite historical character' which you can see more of in our Newsletter. There's never a dull moment in our school and we hope you enjoy reading about our daily events as much as we enjoy putting our newsletter together to share with you each week. 

Enjoy the read!
Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday, our girls and boys basketball teams competed in a local tournament against MEF & IGA schools, with great results from both teams. Mr Huegel, Head of Physical Education, captured a few snapshots from the event pictured below. Both our teams won at least one match each with amazing efforts shown by both of our basketball teams.
Pictured above: Our girls & boys basketball teams during the tournament on Wednesday. 

Girls Team: Lise, Nora, Nike, Andriana, Sadet, Derya, Riddaa, Zeynep

Boys Team: Giovanni, Beybars, Oleg, Mohammed (Y8), Mohammed (Y7), Kerem, Khalid

Well done to all of you!

Year 9 Animal Farm

Four Legs Good!

Ms. Lewis - English Teacher

Fur was flying in the English corridor earlier this week when the students of Year 9 enacted a leadership contest among the characters of George Orwell’s classic political allegory, ‘Animal Farm’. Each student was tasked with representing a different animal and had to prove their fitness to lead through several rounds of fierce debating. The first round saw strong bids from the two boars Snowball (Ridaa) and Napoleon (Andriana), as well as a fiery performance from the Cat (Beybars). Early eliminations left the field open to the mare Clover (Derya) with her vision of an animal matriarchy, and Benjamin the donkey (Saadet) who lived down a reputation for grumpiness to inspire with his slogan of ‘Work smarter, not harder’. The mud-slinging and propaganda continued with bids from Moses, the raven (Huiyeon) and flirtatious mare Mollie (Nike), whose campaign promises included, respectively, a trip to Sugar Candy Mountain and free sugar cubes for all workers. Exiled tyrant Mr. Jones (Giulia) made a shock return to the farm in the final round in a daring attempt to convince the other species of his reformed character. However, it was Boxer (Zeynep) who emerged as overall winner, persuading the animals with his work ethic, bravery and sheer physical strength to join him on the virtuous path of Animalism. 

Well done, Year 9s, for your brilliant deployment of ethos, logos and pathos and for proving that some animals are, indeed, more equal than others. 

Ms Lewis
Some of our students in character during Ms Lewis' lesson
PSHE - Year 10 Yoga

Ms Scotland - Dean of Students & Physical Education Teacher :

As part of the PSHE program and how to deal with stress the 10's have had a session on 'mindfulness' with Mr Bemi and a 25 min 'yoga session' with Ms Scotland.
These new activities in PSHE are to help make our students aware that there are many ways to help reduce stress and mental health.

Some 10's need to work on their flexibility!
MUFTI - Favourite Historical Character!!!

Our Friday MUFTI today came with the theme: 'dress as your favourite historical character'.

Take a look at some of our students and staff who took part in this month's MUFTI, in support of our student led MUN conference to be held at BISI. We're always delighted to see the time and effort spent on costumes and the fun and creative atmosphere it brings to a Friday in school.

Thank you to all who took part and made donations.

Keep scrolling and see if you can guess some of these famous characters...
Street & Animal Shelter Fundraising

Ms Elemara - Maths Teacher :

A massive thanks to Meghan and Amelie (7I) for raising a huge 270 TL for street and shelter animals. The funds have been donated to a project led by Ms. Elemara and Ms. Frigeri aimed at providing urgent veterinary care to vulnerable cats and dogs as well as improving sanitation and living standards at our partner shelter. The money was raised during the winter bazaar last term through the sale of handmade crafts, and their commitment and hard work is massively appreciated. If you would like to learn more or get involved with Project Pawprint, please speak to Ms. Elemara, Ms. Frigeri or of course Meghan and Amelie. P.s. .. Adopt don't shop ! 
Pictured Left: Some of the animals from the recent shelter visit

Pictured Right: Amelie & Meghan (7l) who donated their wonderful fundraising total to the project led by Ms Elemara & Ms Frigeri. 
Year 9 IGCSE Taster Sessions 

This week our Year 9's were given the opportunity to sample some taster lesson before confirming their final subject choices for IGCSE studies in years 10 & 11. Students sampled two shorter lessons within one lesson period to help make their final decisions for the next 2 years. 

Thank you to our teachers and coordinators for organising these activities for the students and for working to such a tight schedule -- not an easy task in a school -- but our students looked to have enjoyed the variety of subjects on offer. 
And thank you to Mr Robinson, our Deputy Director, for capturing some pictures during the day. 
Mock Exams Results

And last, but not least, today is the day the mock exam results are sent home for our year 10, 11 & 13's who sat exams over the first three weeks back in term 2. We hope you all attained the grades you were hoping for, but continue to work hard over the coming months, and we're certain you'll be more than prepared for your final exams in term 3. 
TISSL Basketball Tournament in Ankara

Our secondary girls and boys basketball teams will be travelling next Thursday to compete over two days in the TISSL Basketball tournament in Ankara. Our teams are made up of the following students: 

Nora Woolley
Margherita Cusolito
Hanan Mahmoud
Lise Mereyde
Lauren Ates
Junga Moon
Alice Mereyde
Salome Gaudin
Kayato Turhan
Louis Dereboy
Noah Roosevelt
Youcef Abderahmane
Hiroki Kawaguchi
Naoki Kawaguchi
Shakil Goudy
Zaid Nathir
Atilla Eren

I'm sure you will join us in wishing both of our teams heaps of good luck! We wish you every success in your games and hope you have a fantastic experience, whatever the results.

We're really looking forward to hearing about your travels upon your return and will be sharing the results and pictures with the school community in a few weeks!
Coming up from the PTA

On Monday 4th February Zek campus PTA meeting will take place at 9:00am in the primary building staff room. 
And that brings us to the weekend. We hope you've all enjoyed this week's edition and wish you a very wonderful weekend. 

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes 
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