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Volume 1 Number 6
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to the sixth of our weekly letters and the first of 2019.

Happy New Year to you all!!! We hope you had a wonderful break over the winter holidays, whether you celebrated Christmas and New Year, or simply relaxed with family and friends and took advantage of some essential revision time. Hopefully everyone has returned this week full of energy, ready to start the new term, which I'm sure will be just as busy as the last. 

December was an extremely busy month for the school, with many activities taking place. January will see us getting back to a regular routine and for our Year 11 & 13's (and a select group of Year 10's) the mock exam season has begun. While most of our students will have enjoyed some homework-free time away from school during the holidays, our students taking mock exams this week didn't have the same luck in that department. We hope the holidays provided some quality revision time for you all and that your exams weren't as bad as you had anticipated.

Six editions in to our Newsletter and we're slowly starting to get the hang of things. We are continuing to receive lots of contributions to celebrate our successes in the school, which has given us a lot of variety to share with you every week. The last edition published before Christmas was our busiest yet and we hope to continue with this enthusiasm in to 2019. We really do appreciate the time taken to produce and send us your write-ups on top of your already-busy-schedules. Every week we are working on your news articles, right up to the moment we press that 'send' button on a Friday afternoon, so please keep the contributions coming as often as possible, even the last-minute stories and events. 

And to all of our wonderful students: Is there something you've been working on, in or out of class that you'd like to share? perhaps a group or class project, or a personal achievement that deserves sharing? We want to hear about what you've been up to, so please get in touch with us: Mr Bradley ( or Victoria ( to share the great news. We'd love to hear from you all!

We hope you enjoy the first edition of 2019...
Year 11 & 13 Mock Exams
The first week back saw our year 11, 13 (and a select group of Year 10's) take their mock exams over the course of the week. While the snow threatened to cause huge delays in the schedule, only minor adjustments were required to the planned timetable. Our students have been working hard (including during the winter holidays) in preparation for this week, where all of the knowledge that's been gathered over the past 15 months has been tested in preparation for the final exams in term 3. I'm sure the exams have proved to be somewhat of a challenge, but we're confident our students were fully prepared for it and will continue to work hard for the next two terms. 
Society & Fairness - Miss Farah Elemara (Year 8)

An extract shared by Farah Elemara:

In PSHE, year 8 are learning about society and fairness. When my form (8S) entered the room, I told them to sit where they liked. Little did they know, their seating choice would soon dictate their likelihood of success. A big bag of sweets was quickly spotted and the students eagerly listened in as I told them how to win it. All you had to do was get the paper ball into the bin, without moving from your seat. Easy, right? Well for Maxence, who was sat just next to the bin, it certainly was easy. He was the only one to get the ball in, making him the proud winner of a delicious bag of treats. This activity brought about a fantastic discussion in the area of Society and Fairness. Students identified that this wasn't a fair system, and that Maxence should distribute his newfound wealth, as he clearly had an unfair advantage. Alvaro pointed out that being far from the bin only made him more determined to work harder on his aim, and that those closer to the box would lack passion and drive in their lives, as things always came easy to them. Luckily, Maxence was aware of his privilege and decided to share his sweets amongst the class while heated discussion ensued!
Farah Elemara's class attempting to throw their paper balls in the bin...
Mock Exams

Next week will bring the last of the mock exams for our Year 11 & 13 students. A big well done to everyone so far for your efforts. It's been a challenging start to the year for you, but we believe you will be more than prepared for the final exams when they arrive in the third term.
New Year Ladies Football Match : Staff v Students!!!

On the last Friday of term in 2018, the staff took on the students in both Junior & Secondary categories for the annual end of term football match. A few noted that there appeared to be a distinct lack of ladies on the pitch and it was put forward that an equally competitive match should be offered for our willing candidates in the New Year.

Next Wednesday, seven of our staff members, along with Junior and Senior girls from the school, will head to the football pitch to battle it out over two separate matches. So if anyone wants to get involved and enjoy, what I'm sure will be a very competitive match, please make your way to the football pitch and show some support. 

Hopefully the weather conditions will improve, following a snowy, wet & windy week, so we can avoid any further postponements. 

Fingers crossed!
And that brings our first edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ for 2019 to a close. Although it's been short and sweet this week, we will have many more articles to share with you as the term begins to get busier. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and we look forward to sharing more news and updates with you next week!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend.

William Bradley             
Director of Secondary     

Victoria Sykes
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