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Volume 1 Number 14
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

We got off to another beautifully sunny day on Monday at Zek campus, which set the tone for a high energy week. Last week was Maths week for our Secondary school, which meant daily activities for all the students and staff to get involved in, from daily quizzes to scavenger hunts, to Pi day on Thursday (more on that later) and many more activities around the school. On Monday morning our students and staff were greeted in reception by Polly Pi-athon, who was our Mathematical muse for the week. All of our students and staff members were given a number, which had to be placed in the correct order and in a timely manner...not an easy task between the entire Secondary school. Our Maths department have been working very hard behind the scenes in preparation for the week. Regardless of their Maths ability, everyone was encouraged to be involved in the planned activities...staff included!
Thursday was the day we celebrated pi....and pies, with donations of mathematical pies with a variety of fillings made and donated by our wonderful school community. Pi Day has been running for many years now and is coordinated by Dr Celtik of our Maths department. Students and staff gathered in the Secondary building to celebrate and take part in this delicious activity (definitely one of the most fun ways to enjoy Pi). Thank you to all who donated and contributed their time and efforts to this tradition in the school. We really appreciate your kindness and support. Please keep reading to see the results of Maths week, with pictures and articles to keep you amused. 

But it wasn't all just about Maths, as you will see from our weekly features. We have Gymnastics & Swimming achievements and Zombie Apocalypses...

Just another normal week at Zek, really!

Enjoy the read...
Year 8 Zombie Apocalypse

Mrs. Kelly: Creative Arts Department

Year 8 Drama classes presented three devised comedic zombie apocalypse pieces for assembly. Students from 8B performed a work entitled ‘That is why we don’t drink water’. Students from 8I performed a work entitled ‘To all the zombies I’ve loved B-4’ and students from 8S performed ‘Z Wars’. The performances were accompanied by original electronic music created by Ashton Somers from 7S.
Ms Dana Elemara - Talk on Maths, Career Devlopment & Life in London

On Friday our students had the opportunity to attend a guest speech from Dana Elemara, a former Mathematics graduate of King's College London, who talked with our students on how Maths has helped her career development since graduation. This opportunity was brought to the students in conjunction with Maths week, which has provided many different aspects of Maths for the students to digest and think about. Ms Elemara's classroom was full with our students keen to listen and ask questions during the talk. 
Pictured: Ms Dana Elemara talking with our students about studying Maths at University, career opportunities and life in London as a student and young professional. 
Pictured above: Ms Dana Elemara & Ms Farah Elemara 

Many thanks to our Maths teacher, Ms Elemara,  for organising the event and to Ms Dana for taking the time out to talk with our students. 
What does it take to get in to a top university? 

Are you starting to think about university and where you might like to study? Do you have your sights set on a University in the UK or US? 

Dr Hawthorne, our University Counselor, has shared some top tips below to help with your University plans. 
What does it take to get into a top UK or US university?

  • Aim for mostly As and A*s in your IGCSE exams
  • Choose your IB HL subjects according to what universities require for that subject
  • Meet the entry requirements (IB total points and HL points: 38-42 overall, with 7,7,6 – 6,6,6 HL)
  • Do well on external entrance exams such as STEP, MAP, TSA etc…
  • Have a strong personal statement in your application, as well as demonstrate interest in subject outside the classroom (uni project, work experience, competitions, EE, etc..)
  • Pass the interview – to do well in an interview at Oxbridge, you need both a high level of subject knowledge beyond school curriculum level, plus an active curiosity about the world around you and the ability to connect new ideas in different areas of knowledge. Being a reader is key.
  • Have enough funds to pay circa UK18,000-UK30,000 own money per year
  • Achieve very good grades in your term reports (all term grades from Years 10-13 are sent to unis)
  • Aim for mostly As and A*s in your IGCSE exams
  • Perform well on the SAT (1350-1600) or ACT (33-36)
  • Demonstrate interest in subject outside classroom
  • Invest time and effort into extra-curricular activities – excelling at one (competing at national or international level, published work, successful own business, running own charity, etc.) is better than taking on many different things and not excelling at any.
  • Write a stand-out personal essay on your application
  • Have enough funds to pay circa $30,000-$70,000 own money per year
  • Sports scholarship may be available to nationally or internationally competing athletes
Maths Week

Our main event this week (or events) we should say, have definitely centred around Maths week. 

Our Maths faculty have been working extremely hard behind the scenes in preparation for this week and have worked non-stop everyday to provide a whole range of activities, in varying Mathematical form, to involve students and staff!

Pictured below are our Maths teachers who have coordinated the week and all the events, and not forgetting all of our other staff and students, who have also volunteered their time to help with Maths activities throughout the week.

A huge thank you to all of you for your amazing efforts to make Maths week a brilliant success. 
Pictured Left to Right: Ms Elemara, Mr Williams, Dr Celtik & Mr Marsden

Thank you for all your hard work before & during Maths week!
Pi(e) Day! 

Dr Taylan Celtik held Pi(e) Day on Thursday in our Secondary building with lots of food to share with our students and teachers. Generous donations of pie shaped goods; pies, cupcakes, pizzas and other delicious baked goods were shared around the attendees, as well as fun activities created by Dr Celtik, where the students competed to gain tokens in exchange for pies and pizza. The students lined up in their dozens, both Primary & Secondary, while our PTA volunteers manned the guess papers and handed out tokens to participants.

Our Catering staff handed out a variety of delicious pies, all carefully crafted for the occasion. No two pies were alike, as you can see from the beautiful displays below. 
A big thank you from BISI to all of those who made great efforts to bake: parents, students, teachers and our amazing Catering staff, our PTA volunteers who helped supervise the students during the Maths activities and to Dr Celtik for all of your efforts in Pi Day this year and every year.

That's another successful event to add to BISI Pi Day's to many many more ahead!

Afiyet Olsun!
Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition

Here at BISI we have very dedicated students who partake in a variety of sports both inside and outside of school and this week's congratulations go to Elisa Robinson, one of out Year 9 students, who came 3rd in the Istanbul Schools Rhythmic Gymnastics competition representing BISI

Congratulations from all of us at BISI on this fantastic result. We hope you're extremely proud of your achievement!
Turkish Swimming Championship Qualifiers

And continuing on from these sporting achievements, Deniz, Stella and William, our Year 8 students, have all qualified for and will be competing in the Turkish Swimming Championships in Mersin - 23rd to 25th March.

BISI congratulates you all on this impressive achievement and wishes you the best of luck for the competition. We look forward to sharing your achievements at the end of March. 

Good Luck!!!
IGCSE Speaking Exams

A number of our students will begin their IGCSE speaking exams this week. Good luck to those partaking; we hope it's a successful week for you. 
Best of luck!
Maths Puzzles Winners to be Announced

On Monday the Maths celebrations will come to an end with the winners of our daily Maths puzzles to be announced by Head of Mathematics, Mr Paddy Williams. 

Friday MUFTI...Dress as your favourite teacher!

Next Friday our MUFTI theme will be to dress as your favourite teacher. I'm sure we'll have some brilliant pictures to share with you all next week and we're excited to see our students creations. 

Stay tuned for features in next week's edition...

It's been a very busy week at Zek and we've really enjoyed sharing the activities and events that have taken place. Hopefully you've all enjoyed this week's content and we look forward to sharing with you again next week. 

Wishing you all a wonderful (and hopefully sunny) week ahead. 

Thanks again for reading. 

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes
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