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Volume 1 Number 11
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to our 11th edition of the Secondary newsletter with all the events and pictures over the past week. Can you believe we have reached the half-way mark of term two already! After an incredibly busy first half, we are sure all of our students and staff are looking forward to a week to rest and recover, before completing the last of our second term. 

Our sports department have shown no signs of slowing down just yet. There was the basketball tournament in Ankara, which finished on Saturday and it sounds like our students had a wonderful experience.  Ms Scotland has shared a few words and pictures for you all to enjoy in this weeks letter. In addition there was the final school tournament of our Volleyball teams; you can read more about that later on. 

Tuesday saw a very busy day in school with our Parent Teacher Conferences; we were very happy to see parents and students interacting with teaching staff throughout the afternoon. We hope you found the conference useful and informative and that you were able to talk with as many teachers as possible. 

The school will be closed next week and re-opens on Monday 25th February for the final part of term two. Week in, Week out will also take a break and be back for the next edition on Friday 1st March. Thank you to all of our staff and students for the excellent contributions over the first half of term 2. It's been wonderful to catch a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes events and to see the hard work and efforts that go in to school activities, events, competitions and general day-to-day teaching. 

Enjoy the read and we'll be back in 2 weeks!
New (old) Staff
It was a pleasure this week to welcome back Ozlem and Fatos.  Ozlem has taken over in her old position as Campus Manager and Fatos is once again leading our auxiliary team at the Zekeriyakoy Campus.
TISSL Basketball Tournament in Ankara

Ms Scotland: Physical Education Teacher & Dean of Students 

On Thursday 7th February 13 students and 2 staff travelled to Ankara to participate in the Turkish International Schools League Basketball Tournament held at Oasis International School.12 teams were involved in this competition with schools from Istanbul, Ankara and Erzurum.
The girls team played 4 matches in total against: IICS (Istanbul International Community School), BLIS (Bilkent Laboratory International School), IGA (Istanbul Gateway Academy) and OIS (Oasis International School)
All 4 games were pretty tough for us with a high standard of basketball being played, the girls team managed to score some great baskets, improving in confidence with each game.
The boys team, captained by an inspired Kayato also played against some top teams. In their most exciting game, Zaid scored a last second free throw to gain a credible draw. The boys attitude, work rate and maturity was fantastic all weekend. 
Overall the teams had an amazing 2 days of sport, met lots of other international students and definitely had a positive experience.
They should be very proud of themselves.
We look forward to next year!

And when we say we want to bring you behind-the-scenes events happening in the school, we really mean it. Mr Huegel, Head of Physical Education, captured this picture of Mr Kinnear during the school day. With timetabled lessons, lunchtime practices, after-school clubs and out of school tournaments, there really isn't a dull moment for our sports department!
Year 9 Music Class

Ms Kelly - Secondary Music Teacher:

Iroha Hayashi from Year 9S performed several songs on her Koto this Monday in class. A Koto is a Japanese zither about 1.5-2 meter long, with thirteen strings passed over small movable bridges. Iroha has been playing the Koto for about two years. Iroha demonstrated several techniques and explained the instrument to My Year 10 IGCSE Music class in preparation for their unit on Japanese traditional music.

Volleyball Lunchtime Competition

Mr Kinnear: Physical Education Teacher

After a very successful 6 weeks of Volleyball in PE, students had the chance to show off their skills in a lunch time competition. Students from every year group took part and 11 teams were involved in total.

After some fantastic and close games 3 teams qualified for our finals. The 3 teams were - Giovanni, Adil and Beybars from year 9. Luka, Max, Zaid and Pablo from year 10 and 11 and Noah, Yousef, Atilla and Kayato from year 10 and 12. However, everyone who signed up and played can be proud of their efforts and their contribution towards an exciting event. 

The eventual winners , as pictured below with their trophies were Atilla, Yousef, Kayato and Noah. Well done to them! 

Up next term in our sports lunch time competitions we have inter-house Rugby and Table Tennis. 
Year 7s need YOU!

Ms. Fiona Lewis -  Secondary English Teacher 

As part of their study of non-fiction texts, 7I have been analysing the effectiveness of NGO campaign materials in raising awareness of local and global issues. The students soon decided that they could do a better job than the professionals and so went ahead and chose their own charity campaigns to research and promote. I was impressed at the range of causes they chose, ranging from habitat destruction to the humanitarian crisis facing the Rohingya. They produced some thought-provoking leaflets and did a great job in evaluating each other’s work. Here are some of the results.  I hope you agree that they are highly persuasive.
Valentine's MUFTI & Bake Sale

Today the school held a Mufti with a Valentine theme where our students and staff dressed to impress!

The total amount raised was: 1693 TL, of which, 1095 TL was from the Mufti & 598 TL from the Bake Sale. Thank you to everyone who contributed today.

The Bake Sale held at lunchtime today was organised by our School Council in aid of PROJECT PAW PRINT Istanbul, run by our Primary & Secondary teachers, Ms Elemara and Ms Frigeri, to support cats and dogs in an animal shelter in Yedikule. An amazing selection of beautifully decorated baked goods were donated by students and their families. The smell of baked goods in the Secondary building was incredible!!!

Special thanks go to the following students and staff for their hard work and efforts today:


Khalid, Meghan & Amelie 


Fatima, TaeWan, Jemma, Meghan, Alvaro, Carolina & Selin

Help on the day

Rahaf & Ms Elemara
Ms Elemara (pictured centre) with Amelie & Meghan who contributed towards today's Mufti & Bake Sale activities.
Pictured: The beautiful and delicious selection of baked items donated by our students and their families. 

Mr Paddy Williams, our Head of Mathematics (pictured here)

Thank you for your continual efforts with every Mufti the school holds and for making sure every single penny is counted!!!
Project Paw-print Istanbul

Ms Elemara kindly provided the following information for anyone interested in learning more about today's chosen charity for the Mufti & Bake Sale: 

Project Paw-print Istanbul was started by myself and Ms. Frigeri along with another woman living here in Istanbul. Our current mission is three-fold; improve sanitation within our partner shelter, provide urgent veterinary treatment, and most importantly, find warm and loving homes for our fluffy friends.
If you would like to find out more about our project, get involved, or if you're interested in adopting one of the many cats and dogs in need of a loving home, please e-mail, or speak to myself (Ms. Elemara) or Ms. Frigeri. 

Thanks again for all the support the school has given so far, with special thanks to Meghan and Amelie (7I) for their fantastic contributions in the form of fundraising and poster-making. Also to Asiye (9I) for her generous donation. And of course, a huge thanks to the student council for arranging the Valentine’s Fundraiser!
Finally, if you are able to donate, every little helps and can go a long way in improving the life chances and standard of living for animals in urgent need. Please visit
Year 8S - Simple act of Kindness

Ms Elemara: Secondary Maths Teacher

This Valentine's, 8S were spreading the love with a simple act of kindness. They were each given a rose with the simple task of giving it to someone else. An unnamed rose recipient remarked 'it made my day' ! Well done 8S for bringing a beam of sunshine to hearts of many on a rainy February day. 
Mr Bemi

And finally, we would like to wish Mr Marien Bemi & Sirin Akbayir, all the very best for their special day tomorrow.

We hope you have a beautiful wedding day and wish you every happiness for the future.

School Closed for Half-Term (Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February). 

School will be closed next week for the mid-term holiday and re-opens on Monday 25th February. We wish you all a wonderful week off and hope you have some fun activities planned, with some time for relaxation, too. 

Week out - Monday 25th February to Friday 1 March
is currently the only week in the school year with no events on the events calendar!  We wonder how long that will last?
And that brings our eleventh edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ to a close.

Week in, Week out will be back in 2 weeks.

We hope you have enjoyed reading it and we hope you all have a lovely holiday whether it is a staycation or a vacation. As for us... one of us is off on a skiing holiday and the other is working!  Even in the school holidays the school continues to tick over so, while your are enjoying yourself please spare a thought for all our administrative and auxiliary staff for whom this will be just a quieter version of a normal week!

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes
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