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Volume 1 Number 17
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of Week in, Week out and our last before a two week break to signal the end of term two. What an incredibly busy term it's been and it showed no signs of slowing before the end of term at 12pm on Friday 12th April. A significant date for all of our Year 11 & 13 students as it marked their last day at school. Study leave will now commence before they take their final examinations at the start of term 3. On behalf of all of BISI we wish you all the very best of luck and hope your successes are what you are hoping for. We would also like to give special thanks to our teachers, KS Coordinators and staff members for all your hard work and efforts in preparing our students for this moment. We look forward to hearing all the successes of our students on results day.

The last week of term had a sports theme, with a daily dose of physical activity every morning in addition to: Dodgeball, Badminton, Volleyball, Hockey, Racket Sports and Cross-Country to name but a few. Our PE department have been incredibly busy and encouraging, welcoming all sporting abilities to get moving, and most importantly....enjoy sports!

And for anyone who hasn't visited the school over the past 2 weeks, our halls have displayed arrays of beautiful artwork from all of our year groups throughout the school. It's always a pleasure for us to see the work our students are producing inside the classroom and to share it with our school and wider community. This week you will get a glimpse in to the displays on show in our gallery below. 

And in addition to the displays in the halls, our Creative Arts department have been very busy in the final part of term 2, rehearsing and performing a Murder Mystery evening for all to see on Wednesday 10th April in Zek campus Theatre. This also included a preview for City campus Year 6 students in the run-up to the evening performance. 

The school environment has certainly been buzzing with lots of energy from all departments and I'm sure everyone is now ready for a little break. 

We hope you all have a lovely break ahead planned, whatever that may involve, and come back feeling refreshed and ready for the final term of the academic year. Term 3 will be packed with lots of events, which I'm sure won't surpise you, and we're looking forward to sharing lots more stories and events with you after the holidays. 

So, here it is...the last for a few weeks. Let's hope it's a good one!

Happy reading!
Mr Kinnear: Physical Education Teacher 

Sports week started with a bang with 19 senior students travelling to MEF to play volleyball.

The girls team showed a great deal of determination and worked really well together to sneak a narrow 2-1 win against IGA in their first game. Unfortunately they then lost against a very strong MEF team. 

Girls team- Hanan, Nora, Lauren, Lise, Salome, Junga, Sona, Khadijah, Hazal, Margherita.

The boys team lead by two inspirational seniors Louis and Tomasso won the first set against MEF comfortably but unfortunately lost the next 2 sets. They then went on to beat MEF girls and lose to Robert College.

Boys team - Kayato, Luka, Noah, Naoki, Hiroki, Yousef, Kaan, Louis and Tomasso

A great day for everyone involved with lots of fantastic volleyball played.
Art Displays

The halls of BISI have been adorned with beautiful displays of artwork form all year groups across BISI for the past 2 weeks, including pieces from out IGCSE & IB examination entries. From paintings on canvas, print work, to pencil sketching and sculpture; we have loved seeing all of our students talented work on display and sharing it with the school community and visitors to the school. Special thanks to our Creative Arts department & students for sharing these pieces with us. 

Take a look below at our gallery for a glimpse in to our school halls...
Sports Week

The last week of term had a sporting theme, with a variety of sports on offer for students and teachers everyday. Our sports department worked hard to coordinate events, along with the annual cross-country events which took place at the end of the week. Mr Kinnear shared his special thanks to all staff and students who helped make the week a brilliant success. 

Mr Josh Kinnear: Physical Education Teacher at BISI:

This week was Sports week! And what a week it has been! Every morning from 8-8.45 there have been different sports on. We have had some great games, highlights include Mr Bradley's volleyball performance, Andrian's all round enthusiasm and ability in every sport and Henan's powerful shooting in football.

However, the sports have definitely not stopped at 8.45. Every lunch we have had different sports on. On Monday and Tuesday we had Badminton and Basketball. On Wednesday we had Mid School Hockey and also inter-house Volleyball for seniors. A very strong undefeated Cedar team came out on top in this competition. 

We also had whole school Dodgeball in PSHE time. Honourable mentions must go to Mr Taylor, Mr Mcculloch and Miss Elemara who lead by example with loads of enthusiasm even when being hit by dodgeballs from all angles. 

As always Sports Week finished with our annual cross country event in Belgrade Forrest. Weeks of training clearly paid off with many people beating personal bests.

A massive thank you from the sports department to every student who took part in our Sports Week and made it such a success.
All photos by Mr David Mayer
Our students preparing for a game of Touch Rugby during Sports Week

With sporting events taking place all week, the last Thursday of term saw our Secondary students take to the forest to complete the annual Cross-Country events, with teachers tagging along to join in the fun. See below for our top performers & their times. 

Cross country 3.5k Results - 

Y7 Boys 
1- Max 16.45                 
2 - Eoghan 17.09           
3 - Mao17.50
Y7 girls
1- Amelie 17.50              
2 - Meghan 23.01           
3 - Maryam 24.30
Y8 Boys 
1 -  Ali V 17.13               
2 - Karem 17.14             
3 - Maxence 19.27
Y8 girls 
1 - Stella 17.33               
2 - Zilan 21.31               
3 - Selin 21.37
Y9 boys 
1- Samuel 18.28             
2- Yarub / Giovanni 20.05
Y9 girls 
1 - Ayda 21.27                
2 - Nike                           
3 - Derya 22.20
Y10 Boys 
1 - Max 14.05                 
2 - Noah 14.28                 
3 - Yehya 17.01
Y10 girls 
1- Lauren 18.13             
2- Hannah 20.47             
3- Lise and Salome  24.10
Y11 boys
1- Derrin  30.28
Y12/13 boys
1 - Yousef. 12.55           
2 - Louis 20.00                 
3- Tommasso 20.02
Y12/13 girls 
1 - Jemma 27.09            
2- Nadia 27.10

Staff results 

1- Mr Taylor 14.00          
2 - Mr Kinnear 14.35        
3 - Mr Sunil 18.05
1- Miss Elemara 18.36    
2 - Miss Perez 19.35
Whole school 6k results 
1 - Yousef 23.32             
2 - Louis 26.05                 
3 - Deniz K. 32.30
1 - Lauren 32.50              
2 - Nadia 32.51               
3 - Amelie 38.50

House results overall 1st place scoring 10 Points, 10th place scoring 1 point all races scored

1- Oak 216
2- Maple 145
3 - Cedar 115

Overall stars of the day
1 -  Yousef  - 2 wins and a school record!
2 -  Max - Race of the day. Excellent tactically run in the 3.5k against teachers
3 -  Lauren -  2 wins in 6k and 3.5k
Scroll down to see the events of the day captured by Mr David Mayer
All photos by David Mayer
ISL Cross-Country

Our secondary students have been very busy with Cross-Country in the run up to the end of term. In addition to the final week of term activities, they also entered the ISL Cross-Country the week before, along with our Primary students, who competed in their own categories. Below, Mr Huegel shares the results of the day. 

Y7 Amelie, Meghan & Leila
Y7 Prokop MEF, Max, Eogan

Y8 Stella, Zilan 
Y8 Ali V. Deniz

Y9 Ayda, Nike
Y9 Christoph MEF, Antonio MEF, Sam 

Y10 Lauren, Margherita, Lise
Y10 Max

Y12 Yusuf, Louis, Samir MEF
Thank you to Atakan for taking this great team photo for us to share!
Year 8 CAS - Creative Activity Service

Year 8 Recycled Orchestra - Photos provided by Ms Lisa Mayer: Music teacher at BISI

(linked with the Year 8 Friday afternoon Service Activities project ‘Yes, We Care’ with Miss. Delizia and Miss. Aysegul)

Year 8 Student Reflection: Ziva 
Year 8 CAS - Creative Activity Service 
Ms Irina Fieraru : CAS Coordinator

What a nicer way to finish the year 8 exciting ''chapter'' of the YES, WE CARE project if not with creating a small piece of art?
We had the pleasure to have with us Ms. Cieko, a beautiful, gentle and very talented Japanese Origami artist who taught the year 8 students how to make an origami piece.
We all thought it would be an easy business, but we came to discover that even finding the right origami paper in Istanbul can be a story in itself...
We have to give a special thank you to Mr. David Mayer who put a lot of his time and energy, but did not give up until we had the correct paper for the Origami workshop.
The students got more excited as the session time passed and in the end most of them have managed to have a piece of Japanese art assembled to take home.
I would say that all of us have learned that even small things require time, dedication and patience to be made and maybe, too often, we take everything for granted...
Pictures by Ms. Delizia

Year 8 Student Reflection: Carolina Balbin

I really enjoyed learning about women rights, gender equality and recycling .I enjoyed the speakers, who came and spoke about what they do. For example, Mrs.Sema Murat who is a longtime activist from the association for the contemporary living. She talked about the female illiteracy in Turkey.I also enjoyed the visit of Mrs. Petra Holzer, who is the director of Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary. She told us all about the film festival she organises with her husband. Mrs. Petra also showed us some clips of other students documentary on importance of recycling and the impact on individual lives. I found it very interesting in service, when we were making instruments out of recycled material. For example you can make a guitar out of a recycled box and some rubber bands. It was interesting seeing students use different types of recycled materials to make instruments and play a song with it.

You can do something to change our world, even though it's something small. Even though you only did a small thing , at least you tried helping rather than doing nothing. An example we saw in the service was the compost that the community in Madrid was doing. People from the community where coming together and composting their scraps from their  food. Another thing I learnt was what you can actually do with recycled material and how it is so easy to just change some of your habits to become more environmental friendly. Just change few of your habits like not using plastics bag in the grocery and just using a reusable bag or don't use plastic straws but steel straws. Simple changes that you can do in your daily life.

One thing you do to help others is just helping people if they ask you too. An example is translating for a stranger in the street. A stranger may not know english but you can help them.

Turkish Swimming Championships

As mentioned in previous Newsletters, our students don't just partake in sports within the school, but are often competing in their own time during weekends, dedicating time to their chosen sports.

Richard Robinson: Deputy Director of Secondary

This is a photo of our student Stella in year 8. She qualified for and took part in the Turkish Swimming Championships in Mersin on 22nd - 24th March. She was 3rd in the 100m backstroke and a part of the 4x100 medley team that took 2nd place.

Congratulations Stella on behalf of everyone at BISI!
Istanbul Half Marathon & 10K

Ms Irina Fieraru : Physics Teacher & CAS Coordinator at BISI:

The BISI students continue to surprise us with their skills and talents, with their dedication and commitment for various cases.

On Sunday, the 7th of April, now the traditional Istanbul Half Marathon (Istanbul Yari Maratonu) took place.
Our year 10 student Lauren Ates ran the 10 km race (the race that she could register for her age) and we were all so proud of her courage and achievement.

The extended BISI community was also represented by Laura Atkins, Bianca Gomers, Jolanda Aucott, mothers of three primary students and Mr. Ates, Lauren"s father.

Well done to all of them! 
Pictures by Susie Ates 
Key Stage 4 - Merit Awards

Ms Katya Skoudy:

"This term winning form groups and students in KS4 are:

KEY STAGE 4 MERIT AWARD WINNERS –  Term at the moment…

Year 10 Winners – 10S 831 points

Noah 10I:  158 points

Shakil 10S :133 points

Kayato 10S: 129 points


Year 11 Winners – 11B 548 points

Yoojin 11I :127 points

Eren I’Anson 11B:  77 points

Pablo Estela 11B: 76 points

Congratulations to 10S, and 11B who are winning this term but it is not over yet to be the overall key stage 4 Champions  

The competition still continues ..

10I  753 points

10B 687 points

11I  411 points..

University Scholarships

With exam season upon us and students preparing for the next steps in their academic future, Dr Kathleen Hawthorne, our University Counsellor, has shared a handy guide to University Scholarships. 

Click the link below for your easy-read guide on scholarships.


Exam Time

Monday 29th April will see the school re-open after the end of term break and the start of the examination season for some of our students. Our Year 11 & 13 students will be returning only to take their examinations during the start of term 3 and we wish them every success in their examinations. 

Good luck from all of us at BISI!

And that brings us to the end of term 2 and to the end of a very, very busy term. Thank you to everyone in the school for all your hard work; to all of our teachers, coordinators & staff members for arranging activities, productions and displays and to all of our students for your consistent dedication throughout the school year. 

And to all of our Year 11 & 13 students: Good luck, thank you and best wishes to you all for the coming weeks. Make these next few weeks count and give it your all...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

We wish you all a wonderful break and we'll be back in Term 3 to share the final term of the academic year with you.

See you in 2 weeks!...

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes
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