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Volume 1 Number 5
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to the fifth in our weekly newsletter about the events taking place in the Secondary School.  This will be the last Week in, Week out of 2018.  The main event taking place this week is, of course, our annual football match which takes place on the last day of the winter term and sees our staff take on the students. The question is: who will take this year's victory. Read on to find out...

This edition of Week in, Week out, brings us to the end of school term. It's been an incredibly busy month, filled with lots of activities for both staff and students. The school production in early December was an outstanding success and saw a lot of hard work and effort go in to producing the sell out performance over three consecutive evenings, which was followed by our Winter Showcase Parody, which saw our teachers try their hand at the stage, in a bid to portray some of our favourite characters from Alice. Our School Orchestra and Choir also added to the festive cheer of the showcase with an arrangement of Christmas classics which they sang and performed, not to mention the other activities which took place during December such as: the MEF swim team competition, IB & IGCSE Theatre trip, IGCSE Monologue performances, Primary Winter Bazaar, Festive Jumper Day and Aids Awareness MUFTI, Festive Door competition, Awards Assembly and our Christmas Lunch celebration to name but a few.
A few pictures from behind the scenes of our Winter Showcase Staff Parody, including one of Scott Cosnett, on stage in full action as the Mad Hatter!!!
I'm sure everyone is ready for a well deserved winter break and we would like to thank everyone for all their hard work and efforts during this extremely busy and successful term. 

Also, a big thank you goes to all who have contributed to Week in, Week out. Even during the very busy periods, staff have taken the time to share the successes of our students and school. Victoria and I have really appreciated your help and support while we develop our new publication and hope to keep improving and developing the content in the New Year. All new ideas are welcome, so please get in touch if there's something we're not doing that you think would be a great idea. Send your ideas to the email addresses below: 
( or (

We hope you enjoy the last Week in, Week out of 2018 and look forward to seeing you all in the New year. 

William & Victoria 


A brand new student magazine came out this week - following in the footsteps of The BISI Student Times back in 2007, The BISI Times (2008 to 2010), The Lone Pine News (2011 to 2015) and BISI Voice (online)(2015 and 2016), we now have Juice.  Juice is a fantastic full colour shiny paper magazine selling for 15TL.  Well done to all of the students involved in it:
Rebecca Uys, Aral de Moor, Leen Mshasha, Rahaf Kordi, Miriam Weinberger, Camryn Adams, Leo Woolley, Carolina Balbin, Yusra Shahjahan, Allesandro De Petris, Alessandro Cammato Saurya Thakur and Eoghan Lintingre

What a fantastic job you have all done and what a super initiative - the Week in, Week out team wish you every success and we are sure issue 2 will really be something to look forward to
Aral de Moor, Rahaf Kordi and Leen Mshasha pose with their inaugral copy of Juice 
End of term Sports: Staff v Students!

Keeping in line with tradition of previous years, our Staff and Student football and volleyball teams battled it out for end of term victory this week. The Senior volleyball team took on the staff on Wednesday lunchtime and both our Junior and Senior teams took to the pitch on Friday morning
in an attempt to beat our teachers.

After a tense 45 minutes, the staff won the first match against our Senior boy's team, 3-2. 

The second match of the morning against our Junior boys ended with a result of 6-3, to the teachers. An all round victory for the teachers this year!!!

Well done and thank you to all who took part. I'm sure next year will bring the same competitive spirit!!!
Pictured left: Senior boys v Staff and Pictured right: Our Junior boys working hard during today's football match
Dr Taylan Celtik

In our second edition of the Newsletter, we mentioned that our Maths teacher, Dr Taylan Celtik, would be embarking on a one month up-skilling workshop, as next year, the IB syllabus for Mathematics is changing and the names of the new courses will be as follows:

Mathematics - Applications and Interpretation (Standard Level and Higher Level) 
Mathematics - Analysis and Approaches (Standard Level and Higher Level)

We are proud to announce that Dr Celtik has now successfully completed his training course and the course leader had a few words to share with Taylan upon his completion: 

Congratulations you have completed the course and been given “leading”
status which means you can lead both SSS and normal cat 1 & 2 workshops. Thank you for your insightful thoughts and the advice you gave others during the collaborative activity in module 4. 

Please add your final reflection and thank you again for your contributions
over the past 4 weeks. I wish you luck in leading your next workshop and I hope what we have done this past 4 weeks has been useful.

Week in, Week out hopes everyone will join us in saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Celtik.
KS3 & End of Term Awards!!!

The end of term sees many of our students gaining House Certificates!

Points required for an AWARD:
50 points - BRONZE certificate
100 points - SILVER certificate
150 points - GOLD certificate
250 points - PLATINUM certificate

Top Students December 2018:
Year 7 Amelie Cosnett
Year 8 CheHyon Sohn
Year 9 Zeynep Baskaya
Year 10 Shakil Goudy
Year 11 Yoojin Lee
Year 12 Aral de Moor
Year 13 Jemma Ates
End of Term 1 Awards!

These awards are presented for Academic Effort and Academic Achievement in MusicArtDrama and Physical Education.

Also at the End of Term 1 our MUN certificates are presented to our students who have represented BISI at the different conferences held within Istanbul.

Clink on the link to see our full list of award winners:
Festive Door Competition Winners

It was a difficult decision as there were lots of great doors and ideas…but after deliberation...the winners were:

Year 8S - Ms Elemara

Year 10S - Ms Vásquez

Year 12I- Ms Parkinson

Prizes on their way….

Pictured above: One of the winning doors from Ms Elemara's Year 8S Group
Students hard at work in preparation for the Festive Door Challenge. 
(Pictured left) Ms Vasquez's Year 10S Group & (Pictured right) Ms Parkinson's Year 12I Group winning entries.
Christmas Lunch
On Wednesday 19th December the school held a traditional Christmas lunch for all members of staff and students. As done in previous years, our Senior Leadership team, along with the Communications department, donned their aprons and festive hats to serve all members of the school, whilst the Big Choir sang a variety of festive classics accompanied on the piano by Mr Stead, to add to the atmosphere. The dinner included traditional favourites: Turkey, Potatoes & Sprouts, as well as a variety of salads and vegetarian options to cater for all tastes. 
Victoria Sykes, William Bradley, Richard I'Anson and Meltem Pamuk serving Christmas Lunch to our students and below is the team along with the fifth member Richard Robinson who was not in the first photo because he was taking it!
Christmas Potluck Lunch & Secret Santa
On Thursday lunchtime this our Secondary staff held the Secret Santa & Potluck Lunch in the Sports Hall. Contributions of homemade cakes and pastries were made and gifts were exchanged between the staff. 
Pictured: Our Secondary Staff members, David Mayer & Sandra Scotland, exchanging gifts during Secret Santa!
Holiday Homework
A long standing policy of BISI Secondary School is that we do not give students homework over the holiday periods.  The only exceptions to this policy are:

Year 13 and Year 11 who will have lots of revision homework over the holidays and should have a full revision programme in place to prepare for their mock exams which start on 7 January.

Those Year 10 students who are doing early entry IGCSE examinations in May - they also have mock examinations in January and need to ensure they are fully prepared.

So, if you are in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 (and not doing early entry exams) or 12, no homework for you over the break!  But you can always help your parents with your little brother or sister, walk the dog, feed the cat, wash the car, do the washing up or the ironing or both ... just a few festive ideas to stop you getting too bored!
Mock Exams - Year 11 & 13 (and selected Year 10's)
W/C 7th January 2019

The first week back after the Christmas break will see our Year 11 & 13's taking their Mock exams, with a select few Year 10's also sitting some mock exams.  The exams will take place in the basement of the National School building.

Year 10 students taking mock examinations are:
Lauren Ates, Aylin Bavaghar Zami, Hazal Budak, Margherita Cusolito, Tudor Dumitru, Atilla Eren, Salome Gaudin, Vlad Geana, Luka Kameni, Amina Karimova,Sonajemal Kulova, Hanan Mahmoud, Alice Mereyde, Lise Mereyde, Seung June Min, Junga Moon, Yehya Muayad, Tarek Naal, Zaid Nathir, Muzna Shajahan and Kayato Turhan.

The mock exam schedule can be found here.

If any snow days are called during the mock exam period, all exams will be put back by the requisite number of days.  If a snow day is called during the school day, any missed exams for that day will be rescheduled to be taken after the end of the exam period.

Staff v Students:  Ladies football 
Quite rightly miffed at not being part of the last day of term Staff v Students football, our girls football team have challenged the female staff to a match to start the new term off.  Way to go, girls! The game will take place on Wednesday 9 January at 1:15 on the football pitch.  We hope to have lots of support for the staff... or the students! So come along and cheer our ladies football teams on!
Zek PTA Meeting 
Monday the 7th of January 2019 is not only the first day back to school, but it is also the first meeting of the Zek PTA.  9am in the Primary Staff Room for all attendees please.
Uniform Committee Meeting
A group of volunteers representing the School Leadership, Teachers, Parents, Secondary Students and Primary Students will meet in Mr Cosnett's room on the morning of Friday 11 January to discuss the school uniform, and whether any changes should be made.
Snow Days
As the winter weather takes hold, snow days can be expected - they are very unpredictable - we had none last year and four in a row the year before!

BISI will close if we are directed to by the Milli Egitim.  BISI will also close if we consider the weather to be bad enough to present a danger to our students and staff, regardless of a Milli Egitim decision to open other schools.  Zekeriyakoy often gets very different weather to the rest of Istanbul.

If a snow day is called by the Milli Egitim they usually let people know by putting it on TV news sometime in the middle of the night.  We will let you know as soon as we find out.

If there is snow during the night, Mr I'Anson, Mr Robinson and Mr Bradley will make a decision about opening usually between 6 am and 7 am and we will let everyone know as quickly as possible if we are closing.  Please note that we do not let you know if we are opening - the expectation is that school is open unless we tell you otherwise.

If there is snow during the school day we may have to make the decision to close school early and send our students home.  Again we will inform you as soon as we have made such a decision.

We will inform you that we are closing because of snow by sms and by email so please make sure that we have your correct telephone number and email address.  You can check this by sending an email to Victoria ( telling her your name, number and your child(ren)'s names and year group and she will update our records for you.

Staff will provide work for secondary students during snow days using Show My Homework for Years 7 to 11 and ManageBac for Years 12 and 13.

If we have had a snow day but the roads are clear the next day, we will be open, but we will delay the start by an hour to give our wonderful auxiliary staff a chance to clear the snow on pathways between school buildings.
And that brings our fifth edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ to a close; the last of 2018. We hope you have enjoyed reading our Newsletters so far!

Wishing you all a wonderful, festive break and we look forward to seeing you in 2019. 

William Bradley               Victoria Sykes
Director of Secondary      Communications Department: International School
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