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Volume 1 Number 1

Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to a new weekly magazine telling you about the events in the Secondary School.  This magazine is possible following a change in our bulk email provider – we recently joined Mailchimp and this allows us to send you this kind of publication directly rather than via a link.  I very happily acknowledge “The Weekly Outlook” a publication by The Marist School in the UK upon which Week in, Week out is modelled.

Week in, week out has two parts.  It will take a look back at the week we have had with short articles on what we have been doing (this is the ‘week in’ to publication) and will look forward to the events planned for the week coming (the ‘week out’ from publication); hence the title, “Week in, Week out”.
So, without further ado, let’s get Volume 1 Number 1 underway.
Week in
Literacy Week
The 19th to the 23rd of November was Literacy Week in the Secondary School.  The English department worked hard to produce some excellent displays of student work around the school and especially in the main corridor in the Secondary building, all on the theme of literacy.  Teacher’s doors had posters giving details of their favourite book, there were competitions on a literacy theme with both teachers and students alike competing to find the names of twenty books from the dingbat clues on display, or to solve the fifteen fiendish riddles on another page. 
At some time during Lesson 3 and 4 each day Mr Gunnell ran around the school buildings ringing a hand bell to signal the start of 15 minutes of silent reading – all teaching was suspended, students and teachers took whatever book they are reading at the moment and spent 15 minutes reading until Mr G repeated the operation to signal a return to normal lessons.
You may have noticed several of the male members of staff growing facial hair for most of this month.  The Movember Foundation encourages males around the world to grow moustaches to raise money for men’s health charities and to draw attention to men’s health issues.  Led by Mr Williams, the teachers growing a ‘tache this month talked to the whole Secondary School about the issues of testicular and prostate cancer and men’s mental health issues during our Tuesday assembly.  Our message and the message of the Movember Foundation was “don’t bottle up your emotions and worries, talk about them, talk to your doctor, your partner, your friends, there is no shame in men showing their emotions”.
Model United Nations
Also in the Tuesday Assembly Reyad Dardar talked about a planned MUN event to be held at BISI.  Reyad and Aral de Moor are spearheading a drive to bring the MUN to BISI – after making a pitch to a group of Secondary teachers with an interest in the MUN, the boys were given a green light to plan the event.  Reyad is looking for volunteers from our younger secondary students to help during the event and he is also looking for BISI delegates to take part in the event.
Melisa Ekin also addressed the students, giving a talk about KASEV.  KASEV is a nursing home for 110 elderly people in Kadikoy.  They also provide medical care for patients suffering from dementia.  Melisa volunteers for an agency which organises fund raising activities and KASEV reached out to the organisation to ask for help.  BISI will be holding a mufti day (see below) to support KASEV.
Yes We Care
This half term the Year 10 students at BISI are part of the social awareness project ‘’YES, WE CARE’’, conducted in collaboration with Ms. Delizia Flaccavento and Ms. Aysegul Selenga Taskent, award winning documentary makers.
On Wednesday, the 21st of November our year 10 students visited the First Step Women’s Environmental Cultural and Business Cooperative (in Turkish, İlk Adım Kadın Çevre Kültür ve İşletme Kooperatifi), which is part of the network of cooperatives supported by the Foundation for theSupport of Women’s work (in Turkish, Kadin Emeğini Değenderlime Vakfı or KEDV). The cooperative helps women from the underprivileged neighborhood of Nurtepe to earn an honourable living through the handy crafts they produce. It also runs a nursery and kindergarten to allow women with very small children to work.
Our students were provided with an opportunity to become aware of social and cultural issues in Istanbul, to come in contact with unprivileged people, to listen to their life stories, to interview them and to take photos and videos which they will later use to write their articles.  The students were really involved, curious to find more about the achievements of these extraordinary, courageous women. They also played with the kindergarten students and got involved in their daily activities.
Everybody complimented the year 10 students for their behavior, politeness and for being such carrying individuals, quite a rare attribute at this young age. Reading through their end of the day reflections I was really impressed with some of the deep, considerate comments. Most of the students were impressed with what they have seen and got a perspective of how the life of other people can be.
A follow up workshop with Delizia and Aysegul took place on Friday during our scheduled activities time and was attended by students in Year 10.
Mufti Day
For those not in the know, mufti days are non-school uniform days.  The word mufti, in this context, is an old military slang term meaning civilian clothes rather than uniform.  During the run in to the winter break the Secondary School has several mufti days for various events – some of them are free, others there is a charge of 10 TL for both students and teachers with the money going to worthwhile causes.  Some of our mufti days have a specific theme, others don’t.  On Friday we had a mufti day with no theme to support KASEV and we raised 1860 TL. This will be used to purchase much needed items such as stretchers, wheel chairs and blankets.
Cognitive Ability Testing
Each year, Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12 undergo Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT).  Unfortunately, due to technical problems we have been unable to carry out any CATs for the last eighteen months but these problems are now behind us.  Year 7 students sat their CAT last Friday and this Friday was the turn of Year 10.  The CAT is not a test in the normal academic sense, it is a non-curriculum based test of a student’s ability. We use it in school as an indicator of a student’s potential.  CATs cannot be revised for and the tests are designed in such a way that repeating the test on several occasions will not significantly improve a student’s performance.
Teacher’s Day
Teacher’s day takes place on Saturday the 24th of November this year.  Having Teacher’s Day fall on a weekend didn’t stop it from being celebrated though.  Our wonderful auxiliary staff marked the day by providing a spread for both the Primary teachers and the Secondary teachers on Friday the 23rd to demonstrate how much our wonderful teachers are appreciated.
Week out
Teacher’s Day
Teacher’s day takes place on Saturday the 24th of November this year.  Having Teacher’s Day fall on a weekend didn’t stop it from being celebrated though.  Our wonderful parents will mark the day by providing a spread for both the Primary teachers and the Secondary teachers on Monday the 26th to demonstrate how much our wonderful teachers are appreciated.
The IIMUN Conference starts on Friday 23rd November.  A group of twelve students, from Year 8 and Year 12, accompanied by Mr Taylor will be leaving school early to arrive at IELEV in Çekmeköy at 16.00 in order to represent the school at this conference. 
Alice is Coming!

The Hatter has been imprisoned by the Red Queen. All of Wonderland lies under a blanket of darkness and fear spread by the evil tyrant and her pet, the Jabberwocky. But as all seems lost, a girl called Alice mysteriously appears. Knowing little about who she is or why she is there, she sets out on a journey to discover a truth - a truth that the Red Queen wants to keep hidden at all costs…..

The School Production is very soon going to be upon us – 4th, 5th and 6th of December starting at 7pm.  The whole cast and crew are working very hard on this wonderful production so now is the time to reserve your ticket by emailing Mr Cosnett.  Send your email to:
Say how many you want, what night/s you want to come and of course who you are. You will receive a confirmation email with e-ticket. Simply, pay on the performance night. Those that reserve seats prior to the performance days will have a programme sent to them to download. All to save paper and become a greener BISI. 15TL Students/ Children. 30 TL Adults.
IGCSE Awards Ceremony
On Wednesday we will be celebrating the achievements of all those students who sat their IGCSE examinations in May and June of the last academic year.  Year 10, 11 and 12 students will all attend the ceremony and parents of all the students receiving an IGCSE certificate are invited to attend.  The ceremony will end with a celebration in the foyer area of the theatre for parents and for Year 12 students and those Year 11 students who received certificates.
Movember Mufti
On Friday, 30th November, we will have a Movember moustachioed mufti day.  We ask all our Secondary students to come in sporting a moustache on the day.  We hope they will let their imagination run free with the moustache they choose to wear.  Cost 10TL, all proceeds to men’s health charities.
And that brings our first edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ to a close.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
William Bradley
Director of Secondary