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Volume 1 Number 6
Week in, Week out
A Pre/Primary School publication

Welcome to our sixth edition of the weekly Newsletter, which is filled with lots of fun activities our students have been partaking in over the past couple of weeks in the run-up to end of term break and this week. We hope you all had a very enjoyable and restful break, wherever you were, and enjoyed some quality time with family and friends.

The halls of City campus are certainly looking wonderful following another beautiful art lesson with Ms Fulya, where our students learned about Frida Kahlo. Ms Fulya shared some lovely pictures with us of our students work which you can see more of later. Other highlights this week include our students who headed out in search of some colourful and delicious eggs before the end of term break, not to mention Children's Day activities at Zek campus, a history trip for our City campus students, end of term assembly and Digital Citizenship with Ms Frigeri. 

Our students over in the national school have continued to work hard on their garden project with Ms Lloyd and have shared an update with us of their progress. Hopefully the warmer weather will continue so our students can spend as much time as possible tending to the garden before the summer break. 

It's certainly been a busy couple of weeks and we really hope you enjoy this latest edition of the newsletter. 

Happy reading!
City Campus Egg Hunt

Ms Alison Guzel: City Campus Year 2 teacher:

Our City Campus EYFS and KS1 students had a great time searching for eggs in Sanatcilari Park. They searched high and low to find the eggs and win their eggciting prizes!
How to re-cycle/up-cycle an Egg Box...

And keeping in line with the egg-theme, whilst also encouraging our students to be creative and environmentally aware, Ms Lynne set our students the task on behalf of the Student Council, of creating/re-cycling/up-cycling empty egg boxes, which were judged by the Student Council at the end of term and the winners announced in the last Friday assembly before the holidays. 

Keep scrolling to see some of our students work at Zek campus. 
City Campus Year 2 School Trip 

Ms Alison Guzel: Year 2 City campus Teacher:

As part of History work about 1453 - The Conquest of Constantinople we visited the Panoramic Museum. Here we saw, heard and felt what the battle for Constantinople would have been like. We were then very excited to go outside and see the actual walls where the battle took place.
City Campus Art Club
Miss Fulya: City campus Art teacher:

FRIDA KAHLO inspiration in Etiler Art Club
One of the world's most famous female artists, Frida Kahlo's legacy burns as bright today as ever. She had a distinct look and a fascinating life. 

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist who lost part of her leg due to a bus accident, famously said. Her vivid, often surreal imagery, poignant self-portraits and vibrant sense of style, made her one of the most influential artists of the last century.

Once Etiler Art Club children learned about this incredible artist, they were ready to create portraits based on whatever touched them the most about her story. They were affected by how Frida derived strength from the bad events in her life.

The first step of this art project was to create a portrait that would be coloured in with pastels inspired by Kahlo’s original paintings. Following Frida’s painting as their guide, they created their unique portraits. 
Frida’s personal style was very distinct and powerful and she actually used her appearance to make a statement. She was also proud of the way she was – unibrow, moustache and all. She painted herself with brutal honesty, and never hid the unique details that made her who she was. One of the most identifying features of Frida Kahlo’s appearance was the flowers she used in her hair, piled high. Her love for flowers is evident when she said, “I paint flowers so they will not die.” 

The costumes were based off beautiful Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits. The key to a good Frida look is the flowers in the hair, unibrow and moustache.
Pictures by Miss Fulya
National School Garden Project

In April before the Easter holidays, EYFS to Year 3 children in the National School were helped to plant up our National School garden with help of our wonderful parent volunteer Kathleen Roelants. The garden looks amazing now. It was a real joy to see the children getting muddy and wet as they watered seeds and dug holes for planting. Through hands on experiences such as digging and picking up soil to find worms, young children develop curiosity and skills of questioning, as well as  an appreciation for Mother Earth. Please continue to send in donations of plants, seeds and saplings for our garden because our students will be making regular visits there this term. 

Thank you for your support,

Miss Karen

Ms Karen & Ms Simge's Year 3 class hard at work in the garden. 
The national school garden is looking great!!!
Ms Neslihan's Year 2 Class
Ms Eda & Ms Lauren's Year 1 class.
Pictured above and below: Ms Rachael & Ms Zeynep's EYFS class
Pictured above and below: Ms Doreen and Ms Gökçenur's EYFS class
Thank you to Ms Lloyd for sharing these pictures and for all the hard work from the national school. Please keep the updates coming for us to share in term 3. 
Children's Day Celebrations 

On Friday, our national school hosted a fun-filled activities morning at Zek campus for primary school students in celebration of Children's Day. The sun was shining and everyone was having lots of fun as the children, parents and staff took part in lots of games and activities on offer.

Keep scrolling to take a look at the event in pictures. 
Digital Citizenship WOW Challenge

Ms Cara set our students a challenge in Friday's assembly with the WOW challenge, which will see our students taking on the task of reducing the amount of digital time they have each day. 

Here's a reminder of the letter which was mailed to all parents last week in the run-up to the challenge: 

For our final term of this year, we would like to challenge the children in our very last I-
SUCCEED Challenge for House Points, the WOW Challenge (Who is Operating Who).
For the next three weeks, the children will have one challenge per week:

Week 1: Less than 1 hour of screen time per day
Week 2: Turn all devices to greyscale
Week 3: Have at least 3 digital/screen-free days

Your child will receive a chart for them to record their progress with the challenge. They can
write a reflective sentence on how they did each day with the challenge. At the end of the three
weeks, they can return their WOW Challenge to myself to receive their house points.
Please note the following:

● Parents are more than welcome to join in the challenge and any completed parental
chart will receive house points for their child’s house team.
● Week 1’s screen time does not include time in computing lessons or in the classroom
with the projectors. If you choose to participate, screen time will not include time spent
at the office working on the computer!
● Week 3’s digital/screen time likewise does not include time spent in computing lessons,
classroom projectors and for you, time spent at the office working on the computer.
With all the research emerging regarding the damaging effects of screen time on the brain and
the growing trend we are seeing for children (and parents) to be spending large amounts of
time at a screen, we are really looking forward to this drive to break screen-time patterns and
support our students with finding alternative ways to explore, entertain and enjoy their world.

Thanking you for all your support with this,
Cara Frigeri, Key Stage 1 and 2 Coordinator
Ms Cara Frigeri in Friday's assembly engaging with our students on this important topic.
Happy Birthday to our students who celebrated birthdays in April and early May.

Don't forget to make a wish before you blow out the candles...

Arda (8th)
Seung Su (8th)
Azra (9th)
Kayra (11th)
Kimin (11th)
Naira (14th)        
Nezah (14th)
Titan (14th)
Stefania (15th)
Behraam (18th)
Jueun (18th)
Gianluca (20th)
Ahsam (21st)
Pars (24th)         
Malik (25th)
Manuela (26th)
Elliott (27th)
Jiho (2nd May)
Dimitra (3rd May)

End of Term Assembly

On the last Friday of term our Zek campus assembly was a musical masterpiece, which saw all of our year groups performing songs, playing instruments and dancing the morning away accompanied by Mr Stead, our Zek campus Primary Music teacher, on the piano. 

Thank you to all of our students and to Mr Stead for working so hard on the performance pieces...what a lovely way to see out the end of the term!
English Day

This week, our pre/primary schools at City and Zek will be celebrating English Day, with a whole host of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. 

Thursday 9th May - City Campus English Day Activities
Friday 10th May - Zek Campus English Day Activities (ALL EYFS & Primary)

And don't forget, students can come dressed as their favourite book characters on English Day. We're looking forward to guessing everyone's favourite characters and will share all the fun activities with you in the next Newsletter. 

Anyone who would still like to donate some 'gently used' books for Book Swap still has time before the events on Thursday and Friday. Please hand any donations in to class teachers. 
EYFS Sports Day

On Thursday 16th May Zek campus will host the EYFS Sports Day for both City and Zek students, which will be held in our Botanical Gardens, followed by a barbecue. 

Please note that all students should come to school in their class colours for Sports Day. 
And that brings our latest edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ to a close. We hope you have enjoyed reading it!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 

Richard I'Anson
Director or Pre/Primary

Victoria Sykes
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