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Volume 2 Number 5
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome back to another week of life here at BISI. It's been another busy one, with a whole range of activities taking place throughout secondary in the run-up to the end of the first half term. 

Our Science department was a full house on Friday for the Group 4 Projects which our Year 12 students presented during Thursday & Friday, as part of their IB programme. Mr Mayer captured our students during presentations and experiements which we've shared with you further on in the newsletter. 

We had a great turn-out for our pink themed mufti on Friday, where we raised funds for Breast Cancer Awareness and enjoyed some delicious baked goods, courtesy of our amazing BISI community. Thank you to everyone who contributed and to our students for running the stall over break. All funds raised from the mufti and bake sale will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Also coming up this week is the first of our parent-teacher meetings this academic year and also an open morning for parents, which will take place on Wednesday 23 October. Keep scrolling for the full details and timings below. 

Happy reading!
JMUN at Hisar

Last week, our Key Stage 3 students, along wıth JMUN leader Mr Rob Somers, travelled to Hisar to take part in the annual JMUN debate. Mr Somers captured a moment from the event, where our Key Stage 3 student Selin de Moor, took to the stand to present her excellent speech. 

We are very proud of the contributions and determination of our students who attended the event on Thursday, Friday and during the whole weekend. Excellent work and dedication all round, I'm sure you'll agree.
Our Key Stage 3 student, Selin de Moor, at Hisar for the JMUN taking to the stage for her speech. 
Breast Cancer Awareness Day

On Friday Zek Campus came in an array of beautiful shades of pink, as staff and students attended school in their finest pink clothing in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Our student Council also took charge of the Bake Sale at break time and lunch to help raise funds for this important cause. 

Total funds raised was: 1784 TL

Thank you to everyone who took the time to bake items and contribute to the school. We really do appreciate your efforts for such occasions, it really makes a difference.
Science Group 4 Projects

The science department was very busy on Thursday and Friday last week with our year 12 students presenting their Group 4 projects as part of their assessments. 

The purpose of the project is for students from different subject areas to work collaboratively in using the scientific method with the aim of researching a theme. This is a compulsory part of all Experimental Science courses including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Sports, Exercise and Health Science and Environmental System and Societies.

Mr Tarbuck - Head of Science 

Mr Mayer (science teacher & school photographer) captured some of our students (pictured below) at work during experimentations and presentations. 
Eco Wednesdays

This week, Ms Elemara shares with us our weekly ECO Wednesday challenge of calculating our Carbon Footprint. 

Follow the link below for more information and to catch up on previous weeks if you haven't already. 

Eco - Wednesday Links:

Friday Afternoon Yoga

Ms Powell, Physical Education teacher, shared with us a picture of our secondary students enjoying some Friday afternoon yoga, as part of their selected Friday Afternoon Activities. 

Our students are able to select from a wide range of activities each term to take part in every Friday afternoon during periods 5 & 6, ranging from Yoga, Horse Riding, Motor Cross & Swimming, to Paper Modelling, Chess & Mindfulness, to name only a few. The perfect way to see our students in to the weekend. 
Parent Teacher Meetings & Open Morning

There will be parent-teacher meetings held on Wednesday 23 October between 1- 6pm. Please make sure you have made appointments with your chosen teachers prior to Wednesday. Students were given sign-up sheets last week to make appointments on behalf of their parents. Lessons will finish at 12pm and students can either stay at school to attend with parents or go home from 12pm. 

In addition, we also have an Open Morning the same day between 9 - 12pm for all parents in both primary & secondary. Please see the below details of what to expect during the morning:


  • The morning will be held on a normal school day with no special events or classes organised.
  • The ethos of the morning will be completely positive.
  • Parents are asked not to interrupt the teaching taking place.
  • Parents are asked not to distract their own children by greeting them in class.
  • Parents are asked not to open children’s books and files
  • Parents are asked to simply observe the teaching and learning taking place.
  • Pre/Primary and Secondary parents are invited to visit any classes.
  • Parents are asked not to use mobile phones in classrooms
  • Parents are asked not to take photographs or make videos around the school

 We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. 

Halloween Mufti

This week we're looking forward to seeing our students in their finest Halloween dress-up for Friday mufti; also the last day of term!

Get your creative hats on, students...

Our photo gallery awaits your efforts!
Happy Halloween 
Secondary Second-Hand Uniform Sale 
Mid-Term Break

Can you believe we've almost completed the first half of term one!

I'm sure our students would say 'yes' given the amount of work and activities they've packed in to the first half. It's been a great start to the year and we thank you all for your support so far. Don't forget, the school will be closed next week and will re-open on Monday 4 Nov at the usual time of 08:45. 

Friday 25 October school opening hours will be as normal (08:45 - 15:30)
And just like that, another week is upon us. Thank you for reading and we hope you all have a good rest during the mid-term break next week, returning refreshed and ready for the last part of 2019. 

When we're back after the holidays, we'll be sharing pictures and results of the annual Sports Day at Enka track, which took place earlier today, as well as our Halloween gallery. 

But until then...

We wish you all a wonderful week ahead and a great holiday next week. 

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes