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Volume 2 Number 4
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

The Trips Week Special
Welcome to WiWo volume 2 number 4 - The Trips Week Special.  Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and half of year 12 were out of school on trips to various parts of Turkey and, in the case of Year 12, to Krakow in Poland.  Whilst all this was going on, Year 11 and 13 were in school having a special timetable devised by Mr Robinson to maximise their studies in the areas of Creative Arts, Humanities, Science and (for Year 13), ToK.  The other half of Year 12 were also in school, but not in the Secondary School ~ they were working in the Primary School, some in the City and some in Zekeriyakoy gaining valuable experience working with the younger members of our community. I hope you will enjoy reading about the adventures our students had and I hope you like our photographic offerings showing the activities they took part in.  Special thanks go to Mila Coum of 7B who wrote the report for the Year 7 trip - well done, Mila!

We'll start with those who didn't travel, enjoy the read,

Year 11 Qualitative Tests

Mr Darren Clark - Chemistry Teacher:

These are year 11 doing their qualitative tests in iGCSE Chemistry this week. They had to test 6 anions and 8 cations by mixing small samples of the solutions with sodium hydroxide and then ammonia solutions. That had to carefully observe the colour changes and see if a precipatate formed in the test tube. If a precipitate formed they then had to add excess to see if it dissolved. 
Arabic Drumming for IGCSE Music

Ms Kelly Kapusuzoglu - Creative Arts Teacher:

Students in IGCSE music performed several rhythms common to Arabic drumming.  Tudor, Noah and Shakil created an ‘Iqa’ or rhythm cycle by combining several of the rhythm patterns or rhythmic ostinati they learned in class. The world focus for examination in 2020 is Arabic music and this was part of a world music traditions review lesson.
Mid School Football IICS Competition

Mr Josh Kinnear - Physical Education Teacher:

An excellent weekend of football for our Mid school Football team. On Friday they won both games convincingly, 6-0 and 7-0. On Saturday we won 5-1 and drew 1-1 with a strong Oasis team to top the group. We then had a final with the undefeated Brittish Embassy School of Ankara. 

Lead by captain Mohammed and an inspired Junior BISI managed to come back to get a 2-2 draw with Besa and take the game to penalties. 

A nervous and exciting finish to the weekend saw BISI score all 6 of their penalties whilst Besa could only score 5. 

Making BISI Mid school football champions for 2019! An excellent effort from all the players involved (Listed below) 

Year7- Junior
Year 8 - Eoghan, Mohammed, Mao, Harry

Year 9- Maxence, Fynn, William, Mohammed, Ali A, Deniz, Konstanty 
Year 12 Working in the Primary School
I always thought that CAS experiences must be a combination of challenge and joy, must mean going out of your comfort zone in order to gain new skills to last a lifetime.  This is how I can define what some of our year 12 students did for a week shadowing and helping some of the teachers in the primary sections of our school.

As anything new to be undertaken, the idea of working with our young children made some of the year 12 students quiet and anxious when they discussed the opportunity with Mr. Bradley. They were unaware of their skills, but mostly, of their willingness to learn and make themselves useful in any way was needed. However, the feedback I got from many of the teachers, without even asking, was generally positive and in some cases outstanding. The year 12 students proved once more how caring, creative, patient and polite they can be.  The photos taken during the week by Mr. Robinson show the fun they all had.   Being given permission to use the Staff Room is solid proof that they were all taken seriously in their TA jobs.

The fact that some of the students have asked to continue helping in the primary school makes me think that the initiative was brilliant!  This is what CAS really is - try new experiences to discover who you are or who you can be!
A quote from Mr I'Anson, Director of Primary:

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting some of our Year Twelve students in our Primary School at both campuses. Ten students were allocated year groups and their task was to support the teachers and students in the classroom. Some of the activities they took part in included reading to the younger students, group work, supporting students in their writing and playground duties. Some of the less interesting activities included pencil sharpening, photocopying and a multitude of similar tasks that would normally be carried out by our teachers and teaching assistants.

On behalf of the Primary School teachers, I would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment during the week. All the teachers appreciated the work that they did to support them and I know that the students also enjoyed having them in their class. Congratulations to these Year Twelve students and maybe this experience has inspired some of them to become teachers in the future.
Year 7 School Trip to Köprülü Canyon National Park in Antalya 
The Antalya trip was a spectacular and memorable adventure. We stayed in wooden lodges around a lake with a huge waterslide and lots of ducks. The water was freezing cold but that didn’t stop us from jumping in!  There were little balconies and we would get the feeling of the wind breezing past when the sun was about to set. The temperature would drop at night but the lodges were cosy and warm. 
We did many outdoor activities, such as rope climbing, archery and river-rafting. It was all quite challenging but at the end we felt like we’d really achieved something. Probably the most exciting part was the rafting as many of us had never done this before. We rowed as fast as we could over the rocks and down the river. Some of us swam in the water, which was like ice!

We also had a great day trekking in the mountains and visiting an ancient amphitheatre. The ladies from the village sold us souvenirs like bracelets and necklaces.
Back at the hotel we made huge mosaics and had a cardboard regatta activity in which groups had to build boats out of cardboard and race them on the lake. Everyone put their best effort into it and spray-painted their boats, even if they all ended up sinking! On the last night we camped out at Nova Raft and everyone had a blast! The next morning we were thrilled to make delicious chocolate.
I really recommend the Antalya trip because we all had an amazing time and got to know each other better.
Mila Coum, 7B
Year 7 trip awards:
For team spirit – Sewon and Seoyeon
For being a good friend and supporting others – Harry and Aameneh
For historical knowledge and curiosity – Lucas and Sophia
For bravery – Maitreyi, Joosung and Stefan
For the spirit of adventure – Markus and Maya
For leadership - Tiara
For kindness and helpfulness – Mila
For skill at archery – Taehyun and Julian
For skill at rafting – Ryan
For entertainment – Juriki
For interest and enthusiasm – Angelo
For skill at climbing – Junior and So Yi
For generosity – Wylie
For creativity – Mouna
For gratitude and affection – James
For patience and integrating with others – Sara and Alsu
Year 8 School Trip to Edremit (Kazdağları Parkı & Cunda Island)
26 students joined Mr Somers, Mr Rudd, Ms Vasquez, Ms Cankurt and Mr Bradley for the trip down to Edremit on Monday morning and settled in for a coach journey which turned out to be considerably shorter than we had imagined due to using the new Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge and the Osman Gazi bridge (which is, apparently the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world!)
A scheduled stop for lunch on the way to Edremit.
What followed the journey was three full days and four evenings of activities which left everyone completely exhausted... the journey back on Friday was considerably quieter than the the journey down had been on Monday.  We are all back at school now and I am sure our students and staff have some very happy memories of the Year 8 Trip 2019.  Below are some of the photographs we took and the link to more photos and videos has been shared with our Year 8 parents and students.
Monday was a night for some very silly balloon and ball games and the noisiest game of rounders ever!

Tuesday morning saw us enjoying a jeep safari, a walk along a forest trail and a swim in a very cold mountain pool which was fed by a waterfall!

After lunch, a short bus journey took us to the start of a nature trail from where we walked up the hill to a viewpoint giving us the most magnificent views of the Aegean coast.
Wednesday was, for most people, the highlight of the trip, a gentle boat trip to Cunda Island with a stop for swimming in the beautiful clear, cool waters of the Aegean sea
Thursday, apart from being Khalid's birthday, was culture day.  We visited the ancient Greek city of Pergamon where the amphitheatre has to be one of the steepest in the world!
The original frieze which surrounded the Altar of Zeus is now in a museum in Berlin so our students and staff
decided to act out some of the scenes from the frieze to give you an idea of what you are missing!
Year 9 to Dalyan & Marmaris
This year’s trip was as successful as ever. Blue skies, clear water, high spirits and laughter were aplenty. There was never a dull moment with students busying themselves with outdoor adventure and activity. In Daylan we swam in all types of water and experienced thermal hot alongside numbingly mountain cold. We jumped into lakes, rivers, spa pools, and the sea of course, but after trekking nothing beat swinging from a tree into clear ice-cold water. The shock was head clearing and refreshing and so very different from the sulphur smelling mud baths enjoyed by all the day before.
Year 9 and the teachers pose for a mid-trip photo
The serenity and natural beauty of Dalyan was swapped with petrol fumes and off-road dust in Marmaris though as all students jumped not into water but onto quad bikes to blaze in glory along paths, designated tracks, and a challenging trench and ditch course that tested coordination and metal. Mix this with Canyoning, hiking, more jumping into rock pools from trees, an off-road jeep expedition and the longest water fight ever! and the majestic slow beauty of large turtles coming in for breakfast in Daylan soon faded. Good times, good food, good company and plenty of smiles made this trip an experience our Y9 students will not easily forget.
Year 10 to Lycia & Fethiye
23 students from Year 10 had an amazing trip to Lykia and Fethiye through the Turkish Maldives, Salda Lake. The theme of the trip was "Picturesquely beautiful places of Turkey". In order to practise and develop our social skills mingling old and new students and starting new friendships, we let students learn and observe but also relax, chill and socialise. They all gave very positive feedback about the trip and wished they could stay there longer!   It was a bonus to be able to celebrate Alex's 16th birthday whilst on the trip. 

All of the students followed the instructions to complete the trip successfully. We visited many antique cities and rural areas and learned the myths and history behind them.  One of the ancient cities we visited was Pinara,  located 45 km away from Fethiye. This ancient city, built on a rounded hill, takes its name from the Pinara dialect meaning round in the Lycian language. Even though it has been damaged over time by earthquakes, many rocks, sarcophagi, baths, theatres and other structures that are worth seeing are still standing.  According to mythology, Pınara Ancient City is also one of the 6 important Lycia cities with three voting rights in its era... While visiting this ancient city on the Lycian Way filled with hidden treasures, we were really impressed and took many photos.
Year 12 Trip to Krakow

Ms Irina Fieraru: CAS Coodinator and Physics Teacher:
The CAS trip to Krakow offered our year 12 IB students the opportunities to explore a beautiful city, quietly healing from its tragic past, to engage in various experiences within an international context and to support the local community.

There were seven days full of experiences that covered all three strands of CAS. The students toured the city several times admiring the old historical buildings, following Spielberg's path around the Jewish quarter and discovering the hidden messages of some of the world acclaimed pieces of street art.

Dominika, our guide and group coordinator during the trip, had the power and the knowledge to inspire even those students perhaps less interested in the creative arts or history.

During the week everybody became ''certified'' in manufacturing obwarzanki (the 'cousin' of the Turkish simit), had so much fun making Polish dolls to support the Help for Homeless foundation and got some drama skills during the Theatre workshop, just to mention a few of the activities.

There were emotional moments as well... The students visited Auschwitz and Birkenau camps and did a short clean up around the once campgrounds in Krakow. Places are now strangely peaceful and green as nature has been allowed to take over helping to block the memories and to aid the healing...

For Mr. Seef and I, the highlight of this experience was by far the group of students we travelled with! I have organised trips for and with students of this age for 25 years but I cannot remember having more joy and more sense of accomplishment than I had this week seeing how positive, interested, well behaved, polite, knowledgeable and reflective our year 12 students are. Not to mention that we all walked around 120 km (over 155000 steps) in seven days and there were rarely any complains!
The highlight of the trip for our students was the once in a lifetime meeting with Ms. Lidia Maksymovicz, the longest living child survivor from Birkenau. There was nobody who could hide the tears and the old lady was extremely impressed with our students attitude; every single one went to hug her and thank her personally. She agreed to have photos taken with the students, something that, we found out later, she rarely does.
Q&A Parent Meeting with Mr Bradley- Wednesday 16 October at 9 am

On Wednesday 16 October Mr Bradley will be hosting a Q&A in the theatre, primarily aimed at Year 9 & Year 11 parents. All parents are welcome to join!

Breast Cancer Awareness Mufti

On Friday, we will be hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Day and the theme for the mufti will be pink. All students taking part in mufti will contribute 10 TL to go towards this important cause. 
Sports Day - Monday 21 October 

Next week it's our secondary students turn for Sports Day which will take place at the Enka track from 10:00am until approximately 2:30pm. 

Students should wear their school sports kit with house colour t-shirts for the day. Registration will take place as usual and the school bus will transport shortly after to the venue. 

Parents are more than welcome to come along and show support for our students. School buses will bring all students back to school after the event and the school day will finish at the usual time of 3:30pm. 

We hope to see you all there!
And that brings this busy edition to a close. Thank you to all of our teachers & students for the pictures and article contributions this week. We hope you've enjoyed catching up on all the Trips week activities and all the other events and achievements which make up our daily life here at BISI. 

Thanks for taking the time to read. We hope you enjoyed it!

We wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes