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Volume 2 Number 3
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

This week, Zek campus has been a much emptier place with most of our secondary students away for Trips week around Turkey, and our year 12 students who are currently in Krakow. 

Trip leaders have been keeping in touch with parents with regular SMS updates and it sounds like our students are having a great time. We'll have a dedicated newsletter to all things from the trips next week, where our teachers will share lots of pictures from the week's events. 

Our year 11 and 13 students are still in school this week, working hard on their IGCSE & IB studies, but with a very important year ahead, it's a necessary sacrifice for the greater good. 

This week, we're introducing you to our new ECO Wednesday feature and also update you on all sporting events which happened with TISSL football last week & the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. 

There's never a dull moment at BISI...

Happy reading!

Eco Wednesdays are now a regular feature in secondary, thanks to our Environmental Committee. We will be featuring this in the newsletter on a weekly basis going forward, with a weekly incentive for our students, staff and of course, you, to get actively involved in. 
Ms Elemara (Mathematics Teacher & Environmental Committee member) is heading the project and sharing with our secondary students every week. Hit one of the links below to see the Eco Wednesday challenges so far:

At BISI, we are now aware that in order to protect our future, each of us must act to save our planet. Each week we bring you handy tips and suggestions to help you make small changes that have huge impacts. - Ms Elemara


TISSL Football Tournament in Ankara

15 students traveled to Ankara this weekend to participate in the International Schools League Tournament.

6 schools in total were represented:

OIS (Oasis International School), LCDG (Charles de Gaulle Ankara), BLIS (Bilkent Lisesi Ankara), IGA (International Gateway Academy Istanbul) and  IICS (International Community School Istanbul) and of course us - BISI

Some great football and lots of FUN, we look forward to the next competition being held at IICS next month.

Kaan Kafkasli, Youcef Ait Mehdi, Baara El Shafie, Noah Roosevelt, Max Gunnell, Yehya Muayad, Zaid Nathir, Alex Richardson

Georgina Gunnell, Zilan Nathir, Kamand Cheraghi, Derya Kukhlenko, Zeynep Baskaya, Asiye Kanatlar, Andrianna Lymperopoulou


Ms Scotland & Mr Kinnear - Physical Education Teachers 
IB Talk with Year 13 Parents

Last Thursday parents of Year 13 students attended a talk in the library by Mr Marsden, IB co-ordinator and Dr Hawthorne, the university ccounselor about what to expect in their children's final year. Mr Marsden explained the IB procedures and important deadlines such as registering for IBIS, mock exams and final exams. Dr Hawthorne presented an overview of how the university application process is run here at BISI. Afterwards, parents were given an info pack and had the chance to ask questions and chat to the Year 13 tutors Ms Gemma Parkinson and Mr Michael Barns, as well as Ms Sandra Scotland, our Dean of Students and social and emotional wellness counselor. Thanks to all the parents who attended.

Dr Kathleen Hawthorne - Careers & University Counselor
Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
Ms Nursena Kamaş (DofE Leader) shares with you a few pictures from the latest Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
Year 8 Trip to Edremit
Mr Bradley shared a quick update of our Year 8 students during a lunch stop on their way to Edremit. Looks like everyone is having a great time!
PTA Meeting 

The next PTA meeting will be held on Monday 7th October at 9:00am in the usal place of the primary building. 

For anyone joining who is new to the BISI community, please make your way to main reception and you will be directed from there. 

Best wishes
And that brings our newsletter to an end. We'll be back next week with a full summary of Trips week to share with you all. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes