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Volume 2 Number 17
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Dear readers,

While school has closed until further notice and remote teaching has taken over, we would like to thank all of our BISI community; parents, students, teachers and staff members for all of your cooperation during this challenging time. Everyone has worked extremely hard to ensure a smooth transition over the following weeks and we can't thank you all enough for your willingness to adapt so quickly and effectively. . 

We will be keeping you up to date with important information and hope that this situation doesn't continue for too long. 

In our 'Week out' section we share with you the secondary school closure plans, which were shared on Friday initially,  and also a note from the Board of Governors on staying safe during this period. 

While the situation surrounding coronavirus has rapidly developed over the past couple of weeks, we still want to share with you the work and dedication of our students and staff over the past month. In keeping up with our usual publications, we share with you this week a selection of the events here at BISI which took place in late February & early March, and hope to welcome our students back to school soon for more activities in our events calendar. 

Until then, we hope you all stay healthy and calm while this situation slows down. 

Stay safe, be kind, and look after one another!
Creativity for Maths or Maths for Creativity

Dr Taylan Çeltik - Head of Mathematics 


Mathematical creativity is rooted in the intellectual abilities and personality traits of each individual, in which the direct influence of education is only moderate. We at BISI secondary school, are using the structure of IGCSE and IB's new syllabus maths to have more influence on three important components of creativity: expertise, original thinking, and intrinsic motivation, which underlie individual creative potential. At BISI, the development of the students’ creative potential actually starts at early ages with the support of expert and creative mathematics teachers of our department. Thus this teaching environment provides the appropriate tools for developing students’ creativity. To develop their original thinking, students should have the opportunity to work with ill-posed and open-ended problems, to go wrong and make mistakes, and to find different solutions to the same problems. Through these experiences, associated with positive emotions, students should develop an intrinsic motivation for creativity in mathematics.

With our year IGCSE International Maths students (year 10 and year 9 accelerated), we used the geometry unit of symmetry to intensify and hence expose their products at the end. They learned two different symmetries; rotational and linear ones. Particularly rotational symmetry (with order 2) requires lots of practice and thinking to settle. 

 We started with and it was really fun and satisfying to draw lots of images on it, not only for students but also for adults. this was followed by a flower activity as shown below: 

We, as maths department will continue to use mathematics to grow more creative students in the future. 
Eco Tips!
Global Community Day  

On Tuesday 11 February we celebrated Global Community Day, during which, our primary building was turned in to an international food court which our students and BISI community were invited to join. We had a huge turn-out for the event and students enjoyed visiting each of the classrooms which represented many different countries which form our BISI community. 

Many thanks to our PTA for organising the food court and to our Campus Coordinator, Miss Lynne, for coordinating the activities throughout the day. The full gallery is on our website, but for a snapshot of the day in pictures keep scrolling...
Year 12 Careers Fair Fundraiser

During the parent-teacher meetings held in February, a small group of Year 12 business students showed some great initiative to help raise money. 

Our students sold Chocolate Brownies (which for the record were delicious!) throughout the entire afternoon and made a very impressive 820 TL to help fund our future 2020 Careers Fair. 

Thank you to those who showed support and purchased the sweet treats on Thursday and thank you to our Year 12 students, who stayed at school and ran the stall (when they were in fact allowed to go home at 12pm with all the other students)....great team work!
Year 13 Music Students 

From Mrs. Kelly’s DP Music Class

On Tuesday, February 25 2020 Hiroki Kawaguchi performed two Italian art songs for voice in the BISI theatre. Hiroki was accompanied on piano by Alara Çoban and Mrs. Desireé Uys. Following Hiroki’s performance was Rebecca Uys who performed selections on cello.  Rebecca was accompanied on piano by Mrs. Desireé Uys. The audience for this performance were KS3 students, Year 10 students and Secondary teaching staff.
Humanities Week 

Rob Somers- Head of Humanities

The Humanities Team put together a fun program which celebrated our Humanities subjects and tried to get students involved in world issues.

Mr Leaver and Mr Gusain led our stocks and shares challenge. Students speculated and traded shares throughout the week with Seungjune in Year 11 proving to be the shrewdest investor and winner of a Starbucks treat.

Mr Fieraru and Mr Barnes challenged all our students to locate every single planet on the Earth.

Mr McCullough and Mr Somers devised the fiendish Humanities Quiz. Worthy winners of the pizza lunch were Mr Muller's 8B as top KS3 Form and Ms Pilski's 11I as top KS4/5 Form.

Our Runaround Treasure Hunt tested students' knowledge of the school and Salma and Mila in Year 7 were the quickest team to complete.

The week's break times were punctuated with loud music which challenged the political and social status quo and our corridor exhibition featured Year 9 Middle East projects and political ideology posters.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported us during the week.  
Kyrenia Sports Exchange Trip

Key stage 3 students went on a trip to Kyrenia, Cyprus as part of the ESK Sports exchange event. Here are some photos from the trip.
Year 12 Trip to
Sabancı University

Dr Kathleen Hawthorne- University and Careers Counselor 

Year 12 students spent the day away visiting Sabanci University,
which is currently the highest-ranked Turkish university according to The Times.
The class toured the beautiful, custom-built campus with amazing views of Istanbul and a ring-side seat to planes landing at
Sabiha-Gokcen airport.

We attended a talk on the university and learned about the innovative approaches and cutting-edge equipment.

After getting a taste of the food and how it feels to be a student eating in a busy university cafeteria, the students spent the afternoon in the Makers Lab.

Half the class designed keychains on a computer that will be 3D-printed, while the other half learned how to design virtual circuitry on large curved computer screens.

The day out in beautiful warm weather was a breath of fresh air for us all!
3d Printer
BISI Basketball Academy

Due to the recent school closure, the BISI Basketball Academy will not be running until further notice.

We will notify you with further updates once the situation becomes more clear about the school re-opening.
Coronavirus Secondary Closure Plan

Dear Secondary Parents,

As promised in our previous email this message contains details of our plans for remote teaching during the school closure.
We will be using Google Hangouts for interactive video conferencing lessons for all of our teaching groups. Teachers have already created many of the class groups and have been practicing with some of their classes. Students have been sent this document with information on the plans for remote learning.

We will follow the current two week class schedule (attached to this message) to ensure the content of the curriculum continues to be taught. However, we consider that a whole day of remote learning is too much for students so we will collapse the regular timetable so that teaching only takes place in the morning:

Period 1 9:00 - 9.30

Period 2 9.30 - 10.00

Period 3 10.00 - 10.30


Period 4 11.00 - 11.30

Period 5 11.30 - 12.00

Period 6 12.00 - 12.30


Teachers will be available to respond to student’s questions between 13.30 and 15.30 each weekday. Please note we have students preparing for IGCSE and IB examinations and these students should have priority.


Classes will vary from subject to subject, during the 30 minutes students may not spend the whole time on Hangouts but may be set tasks or projects that they can complete independently. Ideally, students should have a space in which to work without distraction during the morning classes. Students will be expected to share their completed work with their teachers via ManageBac, Google Drive or email for marking, assessment and feedback. Tasks set during this time will contribute to the term grade. If students miss classes their teacher will contact you directly.


Mr Bradley has spoken with all students and staff this morning to give the reasons for the school closure, talk about methods of preventing the spread of coronavirus and to outline our expectations regarding work and timetable during the closure.


We hope that this closure does not last long but we can only be guided by the government.


We hope that all of our community remain safe at this time.


The Secondary Senior Leadership Team

Stay safe during the coronavirus
Stay safe and please keep checking your inbox for updates from the school.

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes