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Volume 2 Number 16
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

This week we have had a real variety of activities and events going on inside and outside of school. 

Our Careers Fair Committee visited Manna Boutique Hotel on Tuesday for their first official conference before the upcoming event in March. A select group of volunteer students are currently working very hard organising everything from the theme, budget, marketing, to communications with guest speakers and publishing materials for the event. There's a lot of incredible work going on behind the scenes and this week our guest writer shares their experiences with you of the conference day. Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to the event. 

Our KS3 students competed in the TISL Basketball Tournament, whilst our year 10 Chemistry students have been designing their own experiments with Mr Clark. 

On Thursday & Friday our PTA and several school volunteers gathered together to prepare and organise the donations our BISI community kindly donated following the earthquake appeal. We had an enormous response to our appeal on Monday and can't thank you all enough for your kind donations at both campuses. 

We hope you enjoy catching up on the week's events. 

Happy reading!
Careers Fair

Our biennial Careers Fair is coming soon! In preparation for the “Careers Fair 2020”, 27 members of the committee, students and members of the PTA held a formal executive meeting at the Boutique Hotel, Manna. With all the members dressed sharply, talks and presentations were given on the upcoming events for the Careers Fair. The day began with our very own Dr Hawthorne welcoming all the members and introducing each team. The opening was followed by Ms Tracey Rich and Ms Zena Habboush talking about the world of work.

After we had been inspired, each team got up and presented the great work they had already accomplished and the tasks that lie ahead. This allowed the entire committee to be aware of what everyone was doing and where the entire planning procedure is. The Finance Directors (Tai Bekar and Derin Alemdar) gave us an insightful overview of what the role of a finance department is and how each team can work with them to stick to the budget. Communications (Leen Mshasha, Seungjune Min, Giulia Renzi) talked about which speakers had been contacted and how important the role of Communications is to the success of any project. The Marketing team (Vlad Geana, Maksut O’Connor, Anisia Petruccelli, Muzna Shahjahan, Bara’a El-Shafie) showed us all the work they had done on the logo and even detailed the fonts and colours to be used in order to attain a professional, corporate look. The Publishing and Media team (Ashton Hawthorne Sommers, Asad Haider, Asiye Kanatlar, Stefan Fieraru, Genavieve Rich) gave us a glimpse of the new, more student-friendly booklet and played a trailer movie of the fair that will be going out this week. Finally, the Operating Directors (Enis Sharshari, Eren I'Anson, Pablo Estela, Daghan Isil) gave an overview of the booking and planning for the day and proposed a theme for the day and an afternoon activity.

We then had a short coffee break, where we were presented with delicious sweets and snacks, so much so that all of us for sure went for round two.

After that relaxing time, it was time to discuss as a group the official Theme and Logo of the 2020 Careers Fair, along with what tasks laid ahead. During this session, everyone gave their input and spoke their minds. We all discussed in great detail the logo, its connection to the theme and also the activities before and on the Careers Fair Day.

This day was extremely enjoyable and productive. It allowed everyone to see that the only way to succeed was to collaborate and act as one entity, rather than individual units. We all look forward to the Careers Fair and hope to make it the best one so far, for all of you guys and ourselves. Special thanks to Ms Aycan Al-gethami for kindly offering the use of the Boutique Hotel Manna in Sisli and the delicious snacks!

Year 10 Chemistry 

Mr Darren Clark - Chemistry Teacher

This week, Year 10 have been carrying out their experiments in Chemistry, after designing them from scratch the week before.
Eco Tip of the Week
Earthquake Donations 

A huge thank you to everyone in in our BISI community for your donations and support following the earthquake appeal on Monday. 

Our PTA and school volunteers sorted through donations and boxed items ready for collection on Friday. We had so many donations we needed to arrange for a bigger vehicle to transport all the boxes! 

Many thanks to Ms Mehtap from our PTA Committee who set up the appeal and to everyone who helped bring everything together and get these items to where they are needed most. 

Your support is overwhelming and we are very grateful to you all for your continual support and genorosity. 

Thank you!
KS3 TISL Tournament

Ms Laura Powell: Physical Education Teacher 

Our KS3 studnts had a busy week of basketball, at the end of last week they played in the MEF competition and travelled to Ankara this past weekend for the annual TISL competition. Both the girls and boys teams played well against difficult opponents, the girls team played particularly well winning all their games and placing second overall. Congratulations to both the boys and girls teams for all their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament.  
Secondary Ski Trip

Our Secondary students will be going away on their annual ski trip and this year are heading to Kartalkaya. We wish you all a fabulous week on the slopes and will share updates with you in next week's edition. 
Coming up from the PTA

Global Community Day is fast approaching – Tuesday, 11 February 2020.
A wonderful day with fabulous food and a wonderful cultural experience!!
This year we are focussing heavily on environmental awareness and non waste.
We ask you to please give your children a re-useable plastic plate (not a container) to collect their food samples and a small re-useable plastic fork or spoon which they can easily put in their pockets when not needed.
BISI thanks you very much for helping to support such a very important aspect of our life today, for the future and for the education of our children.
Thank you
BISI Careers Fair is approaching and we would like to ask our parents to help donate craft items which you might have lying about such as:
  • old cd’s
  • egg cartons
  • Christmas decorations
  • left over plastic plates
  • take away chop sticks
  • cotton stuffing
  • clean stockings or socks
  • foil
  • felt
  • material samples
  • poster card board
If you can possibly help please take your items to reception.   Any help is most appreciated!
Thank you
That's it for another week. We'll have more updates from the ski trip next week along with all the other activities happening in secondary. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes