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Volume 2 Number 15
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

This week we're sharing some great stories and achievements of our students, including several sporting successes throughout secondary, our new BISI Basketball Academy, a school trip and student reflection and our regular Eco feature from Ms Elemara. 

Mr Kinnear shares with us some amazing feedback following the secondary volleyball tournament which took place, including the results from the final on Friday. 

And one of our students turns writer in this week's edition giving an in depth reflection after visiting the Archaeological museum with fellow art students and art teacher, Ms Cabato. A beautifully written piece which shows how much our students take from these kinds of trips to enrich their learning and development. 

We have more sporting success in the form of Rhythmic Gymnastics, with some fantastic scoring from one of our Year 10 students. Keep scrolling to find out who it is and catch-up on all the details from the competition.

Our BISI Basketball Academy officially opened this week for secondary & primary students. We share a sneak peak at the training with coach, Levent Topsakal. We're excited to see the development of the academy and the other activities it will bring to our school. 

We also make a request from our PTA this week for emergency donations following the devastating earthquake which affected eastern Turkey at the weekend. We provide a full list below of crucial supplies which are needed for donation and of drop-off points at each campus. Every single item can make a huge difference, so please help in any way that you can. 

Thank you to our PTA for coordinating this and to our BISI community for your continual support.

We hope you enjoy this week's edition...
Volleyball Competition

Mr Joshua Kinnear: Physical Education Teacher 

8 teams entered. After some brilliant group stage games 4 teams qualified for the semi finals. The semi final games did not disappoint. With Maxence, Deniz and Konstanty' team and Alex, Youcef and Alex' team narrowly losing. 

The final on Friday break time watched by a big crowd was a thriller that finished 16- 14. A huge congratulations to both team on what was a really competitive final. However, Max, Yehya, Noah and Zaid won with a fantastic comeback against their younger opponents of Beibarys, Sam, Rustam and Giovanni. 

A special mention to Noah who exemplified everything we want from a BISI sportsman when admitting the ball hit his hand when a point was given to his team. It was also the second year in a row he has won the volleyball competition. Two great days of volleyball, well done to everyone who entered. 
Archaeological Museum Trip 

Student Reflection: Giulia Renzi (Year 10)

During our trip to the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, my classmates and I had a fun time diving in all of the different eras and admiring the collections of pre-Islamic items, Ottoman and Byzantine Empire, Babylon, Lebanon and many more.

In our visit we cherished all the different art forms of sarcophagus, stele, mosaics, sphinx, reliefs and statues through which different cultures and religions were represented. For example, the panels portraying the magical and surreal animals like lions, dragons and horses. The main treasure of the museum were the sarcophagus enriched with detailed reliefs that brought the scenes sculptured come alive. Many of the sarcophagus represented confusion, battles, mix of emotions and explored these messages by using people and animals. The most common animals used where horses to symbolize the power of the people, movement and desire to fight for their civilizations.

As we continued our journey through the different time periods in art, we came across impressive statues depicting the beauty and spontaneity of humans and their bodies. The statues showed people in a very realistic way through natural lines to show, for example, how clothes were making smooth curves enveloping the human body in them. Furthermore, the value and textures used made the statues lifelike, for example, the hair of the statues was made more rough to show its curliness.

We also observed the design of other statues like sphinxes, which illustrated a mix between realism and surrealism, depicted in the previous art forms. The sphinx had a lion-like body, its wild side and human head showing its normality.

We also discovered the functions of artifacts, as for cups and vases fused together with mythical creatures. During our trip we captured the essence of the art pieces, by choosing some that inspired us and drew them out to intensify our understanding of the shapes, proportion used and amount of detail incorporated in the art works.

In conclusion, my classmates and I not only developed our creative thinking about the special and unique art pieces that were designed many years ago, but also our critical thinking. Observing all the different, detailed forms of art made us realise how much work and effort people put in expressing themselves through visual forms. The old civilizations were not held back by their disadvantages, as they did not have the precise measuring tools that we have now. We also felt very grateful for this experience as we will now be inspired to combine the past traditions of cultures that we admired in the museum and our own modern touch, to create something that is unique. 

Eco Tip of the Week

From Ms Farah Elemara: Mathematics Teacher & Environmental Committee Member
Savkar Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2020

Huge congratulations go to one of our Year 10 students, Elisa Robinson, for her recent performance in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Representing the UK she was first overall in her category with scores of 13.05 for hoop and 12.80 for clubs.

An amazing achievement, Elisa.


Emergency Earthquake Donations Required

Dear BISI Community,

Following the recent devastating earthquake which affected the eastern part of Turkey (Elazığ) at the weekend, the PTA are making arrangements for emergency supplies and donations to be sent to those in need via UPS & MNG who are transporting items this week to the area. 

We will have drop-off points at both Zek & City Campus:

Zek Campus - At the main reception with Ms Lüset & Ms Aysegül 
City Campus - Outside the ESL rooms

The following baby/child items are most in need at this time and we would appreciate any of the following donations: 
  • Nappies/Diapers
  • Blankets
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Boots
* In addition, ladies personal sanitary pads/items are urgently needed. 

Please could we ask that donations are made by lunchtime, Thursday 30 January and are boxed with a label detailing the items included and the appropriate age group. 

Thank you for your support

BISI Basketball Academy

Our BISI Basketball Academy officially opened on Monday with experienced coach, Levent Topsakal. 

Secondary students were put through their paces during the first few days of practice with their new coach (see below). 

Spaces are limited in the academy, so if anyone is still interested in registering for the academy, please contact us for further details at: 
Q&A with Teddy Wilson - World Renowned Martial Arts Instructor

On Thursday 30 January, we invite parents and students to join us in the Theatre from 1:15pm - 1:50pm for a Q&A with Teddy Wilson, renowned Martial Arts Instructor, as our BISI Academy is looking to expand and offer more activities for students to join. 

Teddy Wilson was born in New York City, graduated from New York University and University of Martial Arts & Science with Master degree in Martial Arts and PhD in Zen Psychology.  He is the holder of the level Kyoshi Shihan 8th Degree Black Belt in Kaizen Aikijutsu, 8th Degree Black Belt in Shang fu Shang  Chinese Kempo, 8th Dan in Black Dragon Aikijutsu, 8th Dan in Aikido, 7th Dan in Chinese Goju Karate and a 7th Dan in Kenjitsu.

With 46 years of practice and 30 years of teaching, Mr. Teddy Wilson is looking forward to meeting all parents and students where he will give information about his teaching techniques and answering all your questions. 

If you're interested in joining this discussion, please confirm your attendance by emailing:
Year 11 IB Taster Day

On 03 February we will be hosting a taster day for our upcoming Year 12 students (for the next academic year), coordinated by our University & Careers Counselor, Dr Hawthorne, and KS5 Coordinator, Mr Marsden. Students will experience a day in the life of an IB student, attending lessons for the whole day. 

Good luck to all our students taking part. We hope this will give you that extra incentive to work hard for your final exams next term. 
Coming up from the PTA

The next PTA meeting will be held on Monday 03 February in the usual place of the primary staff room at 09:00.

All parents are welcome to join us for a coffee and to discuss the February agenda. 

Hope to see you there!

Thank you for having a scroll. We hope you've enjoyed this week's edition and will join us again next week for more!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes