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Volume 2 Number 11
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome back for another edition of our weekly newsletter. We've got a whole team of exhausted students and staff this week following a magnificent 3 night run of our big school production: War of the Worlds. Primary & Secondary Students performed to a packed out theatre each night and showcased some seriously impressive acting, thanks to months of hard work and dedication. Music, lighting, costumes, set design and a foyer filled with lost children searching for their parents after an alien invasion...what an entrance! and not a scene or student was out of place during the 2.5 hour show. Take a bow production team because you absolutely stole the show!

Friday saw school life return to normal with a steady day of school work and an Aids Awareness Mufti which saw our students and staff wear red in support of this cause.

Is anyone else ready for the end of term break?!.. not before our Winter Bazaar on Friday 13th though and of course the final week of school which will have lots of fun activities planned, including: the traditional Christmas Lunch, the Festive Door Challenge and end of term assembly where we'll hear which house has been victorious in Term One.

The countdown begins...

Happy reading!
Inquiry Based Mathematics

Dr Taylan Çeltik - Head of Mathematics 

Inquiry-based mathematics is the best when it comes to learning for sure. Inquiry-based learning is an approach to learning that emphasizes the student’s role in the learning process. Rather than the teacher telling students what they need to know, students are encouraged to explore the material, ask questions, and share ideas.


Inquiry-based learning uses different approaches to learning, including small-group discussion and guided learning. Instead of memorizing facts and material, students learn by doing. This allows them to build knowledge through exploration, experience, and discussion. 


Finding an area of a shape can sound like a simple processes but when you dig deeper you can see very different perspectives-thus it can be related to trigonometry, algebra or even calculus or statistics.

With the year 9 accelerated and year 10 students we worked on an investigation to calculate the area of a triangle given by using rulers, protractors and various formulas in groups and recorded our data on a google sheet document.


We reached the value of 10.4 cm^2 as the whole group. 

ECO Tip of the Week

Ms Elemara: Mathematics Teacher and Environmental Committee Member
School Production: War of the Worlds

Our Priamry and Secondary Students gave the ultimate performance during the 3 night run of War of the Worlds this week. Since the start of term, Mr Cosnett, along with our Creative Arts Team and talented studnets have been working tirelessly on this adaptation of the Wells classic. 

The show explored themes which we are facing in modern-day life such as corruption, global warming and inequality. 

Every detail was rehearsed with fine precision. Lines were memorised, stage design, costumes, make-up and music were all perfected and our students did us very proud with such professionalism exhibited from of all ages and year groups. 

Collectively, we had approximately 80 students who formed the cast and crew of War of the Worlds. A tremendous and proud moment for us at BISI as we watched what our students (and staff) are capable of. 

Once again a huge thank you is owed to all of our Creative Arts Team and to Mr Scott Cosnett (Head of Secondary Creative Arts) for creating such a wonderful scrıpt and making all of this possible. 

Until next term...
Pictures by Lisa Mayer 
Photos below by Richard Robinson 
Winter Bazaar at Zek Campus

Friday 13 December (10am - 2pm)

We're looking for donations of sweet and savoury baked goods for the PTA Cafe. If you would like to bring a donation, please bring it along to the Sports Hall on Friday morning (with an ingredient slip from reception) from 9am. Why not stay for a hot drink and a snack from our PTA Cafe which will open at 9am before the official opening of the Bazaar at 10am. 

Festive Door Competition

For the past 2 weeks we've encouraged our students to decorate their form room doors in a bid to become Festive Door Champions of 2019.

The deadline for entries is 17 December, after which, Ms Skoudy will be announcing the top three winners. 

The halls of Zek Campus are starting to look rather festive already!
And there we have it. Another week done and a week closer to winter break. Here's to a great couple of weeks ahead filled with festive cheer and spirit!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes