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Volume 2 Number 1
Week in, Week out
A Secondary School publication

Welcome to the first of our secondary publications and the first of our new academic year! We hope you all had a fantastic summer, with lots of time to recover after an extremely busy year. 

To all of the new students and families who have joined us this term; welcome. This is our weekly update for parents and students and your opportunity to be a fly on the wall at BISI and see the wonderful activities and events that our students are doing each week. 

We'll be sharing pictures and write-ups from teachers and other BISI staff and students are always invited to contribute to the school newsletter and share their creative ideas. 

We have lots of new students and families who have joined us this year and the first day of school proved to be a busy one. It was lovely to see so many faces gather on our new green and meet with families, both old and new, before starting our new school year. 

We really value your feedback at BISI and if you'd like to share some tips or suggestions and the things you'd like to read about in the coming months, please do get in touch with our Communications department at:

Happy reading!
School Renovations

While everyone was enjoying the sunshine and relaxation of the school holidays, the school was still open for business, in the way of renovations and improvements. Our biggest project this summer was the renovation of our green. A week after the school doors closed for the summer, work was underway to completely overhaul the green space to lay new foundations for the area. 

As you can see from the pictures below, this was quite the project and our staff worked relentlessly on the area to ensure work was completed for the start of term. Along with the new pergolas which have now been fitted to accompany our picnic benches, this area is now the perfect lunch spot for our students and staff. 
Lunchtime & After-School Clubs 

After-school clubs will commence from this week. Students who have already signed up will join their fellow team mates either during lunch time or after school from 3:40pm - 4:30pm. 

All available clubs are listed on the secondary bulletin board in the secondary building for students to view. If your child is interested in joining a team, please ask them to speak to the relevant sports teacher running the practice. 
Recycled Goods Needed

Here at BISI we have an Environmental Committee, which is made up of staff, students and parents and this week our team needs your help:

Do you have any of the following items you could donate to a good cause?
Recycled goods needed for Pet Toy Crafting 
  • Old drum sticks/other wooden sticks
  • Old t-shirts/other fabric
  • Old/ unused ping pong balls or other balls
  • Unwanted toys etc

If you have any items you can spare, please donate and give to Ms. Elemara (Secondaty Mathematics Teacher & Committee Member). 

Thank you in advance for your support!
Trips Week

On 30th September - 4th October, as in previous years, year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12 students will all be taking a trip with their entire year group to various locations in Turkey, and our year 12 students to Poland. 

For years 11 & 13, they will continue to come to school due to the importance of their IGCSE & IB studies and our students have already received their schedules for that week. 

We will be sharing highlights from each trip in early October and can't wait to hear all of the stories upon their return. 


A big welcome from BISI PTA. It was fabulous to meet everyone at Welcome Day and see so many new and existing faces. Please be introduced to our new team this year:

Chairperson for secondary Tracey Rich
Chairperson for primary Bianca Gommers
Treasurer Kathleen Roelants
Secretary Mehtap Payne
Secretary Hilmiye Arslan 

Our next meeting PTA meeting will be Monday 7 October at 9.00am.

Please come and meet people and see what is happening during the year - we would love to see you!!!

PTA Chair
And that brings us to the end of our first short but sweet newsletter of the 2019-2020 academic year. We look forward to sharing more activities & important information & updates over the coming school year, so stay tuned. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 

William Bradley
Director of Secondary

Victoria Sykes