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Volume 2 Number 16
Week in, Week out
A Pre & Primary School publication

Welcome back to another edition of the Week-In, Week-Out! 
As you know, last week our Year 1 students took a trip to the Türkiye İş Bankası Museum. Well this week, the lucky ones were the Year 2 students who got to experience the interesting workshops and learn about the banking system. The EYFS students at City Campus are learning about transportation and as part of their studies, they visited the Rahmi Koç Museum today. 

Another interesting trip this week was made by the Year 6 students of Zek and City Campus.  As part of their studies about the Silk Road, they visited the Grand Bazaar. The students explored the the historic bazaar and even used their bargaining skills with the local shop owners.

This week has also been about donations. As you may know, there was a massive earthquake last week where many people lost their families and homes. Our PTA quickly took action and collected donations throughout the week for the families in need. Once again, we are reminded of the  importance of unity and help in times of hardship. Thank you PTA and everyone who  helped and donated!

Enjoy the read!
Year 2 Trip to Türkiye İş Bankası Museum

This week, Year 2 National class went to Türkiye İş Bankası Museum!

The students explored the history of banking in Turkey and how money and saving has changed over the years.  The students also attended a very interesting workshop where they made their own money with the tehcniques they learned while exploring the museum!

Ms. Lauren Walsh & Ms. Nurgul Yaman,  National School Teachers
Trip to Grand Bazaar

This week, our Year 6 students of Zek and City Campus took a grand trip to the Grand Bazaar as part of their studies on the Silk Road.

In the Bazaar, we were able to talk about the items that were traded, past and present, and about their origins.

We also visited a ‘Han’-a place where weary travelers could rest and after a long journey- within the Bazaar.

Alsop,  the children were able to try out their haggling skills with the traders as they tried to secure themselves as bargain.

Marcus McCann, Year 6 Teacher at Zekeriyaköy Campus
EYFS trip to the Rahmi Koç Museum

Today, we went to visit the Rahmi Koç transport Museum. We saw lots of different modes of transport, past and present. The children also enjoyed joining in with a workshop about different types of trams, and investigating a range of hands on exhibits. It was a fantastic day out! 

Emma Feltham, EYFS teacher at City Campus
Donations for the earthquake victims

Dear parents, as you know, there was a very strong earthquake last Friday in Elazığ, a city in the Eastern Anatolian side of Turkey. Many families lost their loved ones and their homes in this tragic event.  In order to help the families in need, our PTA quickly took action and organized a donation where they collected items  througout the week and as you can see from the photos below, results were heartwarming! Both Zek and City campus did a marvelous job in collecting items and we would like to thank everyone who organized this event and made donations for this good cause. 
Global Community Day

Dear Parents, the annual Global Community Day will be held on 11th of February this year. Please contact the PTA if you wish to get involved. 
Cobis Art Competition

Dear Parents, please find below the details for this year's COBIS Art Competition. The deadline is February 14th. 
And that brings us to the end of another week!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! 

Richard I'Anson
Director of Pre & Primary School

Leyla Gambarova