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Volume 2 Number 14
Week in, Week out
A Pre & Primary School publication

This week, our Primary School students are picking up from where they left off - especially with clubs and trips!  The weather might be cold and the skies might be dark but this won't stop our students from enjoying school trips and learning new things. 

In this week's edition, we share with you the wonderful photos of  National School Year 1 students who recently took a trip to the Koç Museum and the EYFS students of City Campus who were learning about transport. 

Scrolling down, you will also see news from our sports teachers telling us how successful Badminton Club has been.  We wish our students best luck and hope to see more of their improvement. 
Year 1 Trip to the Koç Museum

Last week Year 1 had an exciting trip to the Koc Museum!  Our first workshop told us all about transport in Turkey in the past, we got to explore different types of transport too!

We then spent time looking around the museum, looking at different types of dolls houses, model trains, bikes, fishing and other types of occupations in the past.  

Our second workshop was a hands on experience where we had multiple real life science investigations!  We stood inside a big bubble, we built bridges and we investigated how sound travels. 

What an interesting day!

Ms. Lauren Walsh, National School Teacher
Learning about Transport

This week, the EYFS students at City Campus have been learning about how letters and parcels are transported around the city.  As part of their studies, each student wrote a letter to their family and later the class took a trip to the post office in Etiler and posted their letters. We are excited for their arrival in a few days!
Learning about transport didn't stop there though! Students also got a chance to explore what happens when they order food. They ordered a Pizza from a local restaurant and asked the delivery man questions about how it got school. They found out that it was cooked in the restaurant and then he brought it to us on his motorbike. The students  said thank you to the delivery man and then shared the pizza with their friends. Yummy!
Badminton Club

This week on Monday, over 35 kids came to year 4-6 Badminton Club. It was  an excellent  first week with some impressive  skills. The sports teachers look forward to seeing all the improvements the students will make over the coming weeks. 
Global Community Day

Dear Parents, the annual Global Community Day will be held on 11th of February this year. Stay tuned for details!
Cobis Art Competition

Dear Parents, please find below the details for this year's COBIS Art Competition. The deadline is February 14th. 
And that brings us to the end of another week!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! 

Richard I'Anson
Director of Pre & Primary School

Leyla Gambarova