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Volume 2 Number 11
Week in, Week out
A Pre & Primary School publication

This week was full activities and holiday preparation for our primary students. 
Our year 3 students took a trip to the Sülemymaniye Mosque. The students had a wonderful time learning about  the history and origins of this grand mosque. 

Our Year 4 students took a trip to a glass furnace. They were quite impressed  to see how glass take form. Make sure to take a look at the photos below. 

We are also congratulating our Year 1 students at National School in this week's issue because they are now able to understand what they read and form sentences!

Our final and most exciting event this week was the annual Winter Bazaar! The children and parents had a great time walking around various holiday-themed stalls and enjoyed a warm cup of coffee with delicious cake at the PTA Cafe. 

Have a great weekend! ☃️
Year 3 Trip to Süleymaniye    Mosque

On Wednesday, Year 3 Zek International and  National Students braved the cold and wet weather to learn more about this wonderous site. Equipped with clipboards, maps and worksheets, the tour commenced inside and outside the Mosque as the students learned about the Mosque's history, origins and the changes that have taken place across time.

Reading and Writing Progress
National School Year 1 students are coming to a close with their reading and writing studies.  They are now able to understand what they read as well as form sentences. As you can see from the photos, students completed their studies with fun activities
Year 4 Trip to the Glass Furnace
This week, Year 4 students had a trip to glass furnace.  The kids were very curious to see how glass can become so liquid and take various shapes as it dries.  
Winter Bazaar
Today, we held our annual winter Bazaar at both campuses. We had lots of stalls, a wonderful chorus and even a PTA cafe to keep students and parents entertained. Here are some photos for you to enjoy!  We thank everyone who helped us put together this marvelous event as well as those who came to support us. 
Winter Break!

Dear Parents, please be reminded that next week December 20th, school with finish at 12:00.
And that brings us to the end of another week!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! 

Richard I'Anson
Director of Pre & Primary School

Leyla Gambarova