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Volume 2 Number 1
Week in, Week out
A Pre/Primary School publication

Welcome to our weekly newsletter, covering all things Pre & Primary school related at BISI and the very first of our new academic year. To all of our families, and to those who have joined us for the first time; welcome!

This is our weekly publication which we share with parents to give you a look at the day to day activities and events happening inside and outside of school. We try to show a variety, which will vary greatly over the coming weeks and months. This publication covers all of our pre/primary schools and campuses, including City Campus and our National and International School based at Zek Campus. 

We are always happy to receive feedback from our audiences and would really appreciate your comments or ideas about the things you would like to see and read about. If you would like to share a suggestion, you can contact our Communications department at:  

Happy reading!
Welcome Day

This year, we opened our doors to both BISI Primary & Secondary for our Welcome Day at the end of August, for all of our new and existing families. Many parents and students arrived at school to visit new classroom teachers, Form Tutors, Directors and many key members of staff throughout the different key stages. We were delighted to see such a good turn out and also to see so many families in the BISI community engaging with each other. 

Staff and current BISI students were on hand to direct families to the Theatre for speeches by Mr I'Anson, Mr Bradley & Ms Pamuk and our classroom doors were open for everyone to meet their new teachers. We also had a PTA stand for parents interested in getting involved and volunteering for our upcoming events. As always, our events calendar is packed with fun activities throughout the school year so there will be plenty of opportunity to volunteer if you're interested.  

Big thanks goes to our PTA who designed all of our posters and advertising materials, produced beautiful Istanbul booklets for our new families and helped to coordinate the whole day along with our Senior Leadership Team. 

Thank you to everyone who visited. We hope you all found the day to be useful and a warm welcome to our BISI community. Here's to a great year ahead for 2019 - 2020. 
Pictures by David Mayer 
First Day of Term 

The first day of term proved to be a very busy day here at Zek campus. The green was filled with many new faces as well as our returning students. Following the completion of the refurbishment of the green and newly fitted pergolas, the school all gathered together before students made their way to new classrooms and form groups before the school year officially began. 

Keep scrolling to have a look at our before and after pictures of the transformation of our green space. 
Year 6 Assembly

Year 6 performed the story of how the bear lost his tail - a charming tale in which the bear is tricked by other animals who are jealous of his fine, bushy tail. Poor bear made his claim in court and the offending animals got their comeuppance as the judge and jury contemplated how their actions went against BISI's guiding statements: Investigate, Safe, Unity, Community, Creative, Education, Environment, Daring. 

Ms Zoe - Year 6 Class Teacher 
Pictures by Bianca Gomers
Ms Alison Güzel - Deputy Director of Pre & Primary School 

Some of our BISI community will recognise Ms Guzel from our City Campus, where she was previously the Year 2 classroom teacher until the end of the last academic year. We are delighted to introduce Ms Guzel as our newly appointed Deputy Director of Pre/Primary school, who will work with our Director, Mr I'Anson, between both campuses at City & Zek. Ms Guzel has been with our school for many years and we're delighted to welcome her as part of the Senior Leadership Team. 

We wish you the best of luck in your new role!
Ms Gülşah Döver - Principle of the National Middle School

We would also like to give a warm welcome to Ms Gülşah Döver, our newly appointed National School Principle for the Middle School. The doors to the Middle School will officially open next year, however, Ms Gülşah has joined us this academic year to prepare and plan for the growth of the National School. We wish you every success in your new role. 

Welcome to the BISI family!
New Staff Members at BISI 

We'd also like to extend a very warm welcome to all of our new staff members in the City, Zek International & Zek National schools: 

Michelle Williams - Year 6 Class Teacher - City Campus
Katrine Davidsen - EYFS Teacher - National School 
Şevval Çiçek - EYFS Teacher - National School 
Emilia Battye - Year 4 Class Teacher - National School 
Zehra Yılmaz - Year 4 Class Teacher - National School 
Joseph Duffin - City/Zek Campus Learning Support Department

Wishing you all a great first year at BISI!
Coming up from the PTA

We'd like to give a big welcome from BISI PTA to all of our school community. It was fabulous to meet everyone at Welcome Day and see so many new and existing faces.

Please be introduced to our new team:

Chairperson for secondary - Tracey Rich
Chairperson for primary - Bianca Gommers
Treasurer -  Kathleen Roelants
Secretary - Mehtap Payne
Secretary - Hilmiye Arslan 

Our next PTA meeting will be held Monday 7 October at 9.00am at Zek Campus. 

Please come and meet people and see what is happening during the year - we would love to see you!!!

And that brings our first edition of ‘Week in, Week out’ of the new academic year to a close. We hope you have enjoyed reading and we look forward to sharing many more activities over the coming weeks and months. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. 

Richard I'Anson
Director of Pre School & Primary

Victoria Sykes